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I'll just jump in here, I suppose... I'm about 10 weeks and I feel worse every day that passes. In my past pregnancies weeks 10-12 were the worst so I'm looking forward to being past this stage. I had to make the girls eggs this morning (for brunch, we slept late) and I have no idea how I made it . I had a piece of bread. That's all I could handle. I've not actually thrown up, but I am nauseous pretty much 24 hours a day. Food is evil.

Other than the nausea and mind-numbing fatigue, I'm doing alright. I actually got a couple Braxton Hicks contractions the other night, it was crazy! I get them early anyway, but this is ridiculous! Neat though, so I don't mind.

Nursing my 12 mo is going well, some nipple sensitivity but no pain, and no sign of nursing aversion so far. YAY!
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Had my first midwife visit today and saw a heartbeat and squirmy baby. We couldn't hear the heartbeat with the doppler, so I agreed to have her look real quick and stop as soon as she saw a living baby. That was really all I wanted to know. We are really excited now! I'm feeling a lot less worry.
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i'm only sick when i eat. go figure. although nothing sounds good. except olive garden salad .... yum!

my face & chest look like a 16 year old's .... lovely.

and i'm gaining this big gut (at 9 weeks!!) that looks nothign like "baby belly" lol.
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Hi everyone! Sorry to hear we're all still feeling so awful My ms is actually a little better but I've been getting awful headaches, too. Still pretty tired but not horrible. Actually I could use a nap right now.

except olive garden salad .... yum!
That is so weird, I am seriously craving some Olive Garden salad and breadsticks.

I am still so freakin' hungry all the time. Starving! I am going to gain so much weight. Oh well! Oh speaking of, I have a quite a gut, too. I've been calling it my "baby gut" since its not really a baby belly yet. I'm way past the point of being able to button my pants!

In other news, we just got approved for a home loan and I think we're going to put an offer on a sweet little townhouse. This will be our first home so I'm very excited and very nervous!
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So sorry everyone is still feeling the ick.

I'm alternating between STARVING and wanting to yak. My mom had dd at her house today, while I was at work, and when I went there to pick her up, I actually fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes : So yeah, I'm pretty freaking tired, too.

I think I'd be okay if I could either get a nap during the day or sleep through the night; but I work FT so, no nap, and dd always wakes up overnight. Usually just once, but by the time she's done nursing back down and I fall back asleep.....sometimes I'm up for a couple hours. Sometimes I fall asleep with her in her twin bed, and that's worse. :

DH took her out to dinner tonight. : They went to an Italian place a couple miles away. He's taking her on her new bike seat and she was just beside herself with joy when they were leaving. I'm so grateful that he's so amenable to taking her out to dinner and taking her other places when I feel like crap. I really did marry my Prince Charming :
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Well I've been afraid I have an ear infection or strep- the good news is that I have neither, the bad news is that means it's a cold. We're leaving for Scotland on Monday and I'm really nervous about my ears (they don't fly well). The appointment at the doc was dreadful though- she had to do a swab to test for strep and I gag just opening my mouth, let alone having someone put something in it! The girl was really sweet though and I think it took at least five minutes because I kept having to stop and calm my gag reflex down again. YUCK! I can't wait until this next month is over and I feel "normal" again. Well hopefully.
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today my husband came home from work (late) and right away complained that my DS is watching too much tv. I can't even believe he said that. I do feel guilty about it anyway, but I am just so incredible sick and can't even get off of the couch most of the day. What else am I supposed to do?
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Originally Posted by JunebugsMom View Post
today my husband came home from work (late) and right away complained that my DS is watching too much tv. I can't even believe he said that. I do feel guilty about it anyway, but I am just so incredible sick and can't even get off of the couch most of the day. What else am I supposed to do?
Oh I'm sooooo sorry! Will reminding him that this *should* be over soon help any? Hang in there and keep taking good care of those babies.
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Originally Posted by tyisrrs View Post
Thanks, Freethinker! I did rinse, and knew I should brush, but I couldn't stand the thought of the toothbrush in my mouth at the time. I'll have to force it if it happens again.
But don't brush immediately after! You'll brush off the protective layer as well. Wait about 30 minutes, then it's okay.

Where do I sign up for the Sucky First Trimester club? I have it all - sickness, fatigue, headaches (although they're more like neckaches for me) and breaking out. Oh, joy.
I'm also hoping this'll be all over soon. With ds, I spent the first 16 weeks in bed, watching TV. Now that's just not possible, so I guess I have to drag myself to the start of the second trimester somehow without going completely insane.

Does anybody else get this, when too much time passes between meals/snack, it feels as if your stomach is trying to eat itself? I get that all the time. Fun. :
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Originally Posted by KittyTheCat View Post
Does anybody else get this, when too much time passes between meals/snack, it feels as if your stomach is trying to eat itself? I get that all the time. Fun. :
if i don't eat in time, i get weak & feel sick like i'm dying, lol. it started when i was pregnant with #1, and it's never stopped. i just assumed it's because i've also been pregnant/nursing the past 4 years since she was born.... it is not a good feeling.
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yeah I get that, too. I actually get shakey and sick if I wait too long before eating. I seem to have solved the problem by eating *constantly*! Its sad, really.
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I'm sorry a lot of you aren't feeling well

I almost feel like I shouldn't post here. My only complaint is extreme fatigue that sets in almost every afternoon around 2pm. Usually I can get the kids to comply and take a nap with me, so fingers crossed that they continue to cooperate.
I hope you all start feeling better soon!
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No need to feel you shouldn't post. Good for you for not feeling as bad, fatigue surely is hard too though. Especially when you already have kids. I'm trying to get mine to take a nap now, no go. So we're "playing quietly" which includes me on the computer and them destroying their room But at least they are "quietly" peeling the paint off the ceiling J/k but I know the fatigue too and it's nothing light.

I'm feeling a bit better today. No more spotting, only one instance of cramping. I was feeling VERY thirsty but as I'd been up and down all morning making food, getting drinks, etc. I was crazy tired (our a/c is out so that doesn't help) and didn't want to get up *just* to get myself something to drink. Forgot about baby for a minute I suppose. After feeling like I was dying from the combined thirst/heat I started thinking of peeling myself up. I didn't want to because every time I stood the boys stopped drawing/playing/whatever and wanted me to toss them in the air or chase them around the room or something else tiring. So, I started cramping a bit and hopped my happy butt up and got some ice water. The cramping went down after awhile and now I'm realizing that I don't drink nearly enough water so I'm changing that. Forcing myself to get at least 10 glasses a day, I sweat nearly that!

Its shameful but I had a coke last night. I've cut caffeine out (except a smidge now and then in the form of chocolate. YUM.) but yesterday I read in TAO about pouring peanuts into Coke. I love Coke, have been craving it. With my others I never gave in to caffeine though I lusted after it so badly. I was in a HORRIBLE mood yesterday (no excuse I know) and so I got dh to pick some up for me. He remembered that I shouldn't have caffeine when he got home though and took half my Coke. He would've taken more if I hadn't poured the nuts in when he left the room He's trying to lose weight (and succeeding the lucky jerk!) so didn't buy himself one so he did the "right" lmao thing and he took mine. But it was so delicious! Now I'm gagging at the thought but at the time, I loved it. I ended up not even finishing what I had left after dh stole from me though b/c it started to make me sick (like everything). My only time I'll slip though

So, who is finding out and who isn't? If you are/aren't, did you find out with your previous kids? Why/why not? And why are/aren't you finding out this time?

I haven't decided. This will likely be our last and we haven't found out ever before. I'm kind of thinking I'd like to but I'm not sure. If we end up having to pay out of pocket, no. But if I can get insurance, then maybe. We didn't find out with the others because we figured we'd know their whole lives what sex they were This time around, I'm making cloth diapers from the start (started my boys when they were a toddler and an older baby) and I'd like to know if I'm making ones with dresses to match or not Of course, I'll likely keep a girl in a onesie/sleeper just as much as a boy (I LOVE sleepers) but it would be cute to make a few matching dresses/diapers. Not to say I'd prefer a girl, I'm actually very evenly split, but I know I won't have the energy to work/take care of a newborn/do the normal kid care/house care AND make cute little matching outfits.
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So, who is finding out and who isn't? If you are/aren't, did you find out with your previous kids? Why/why not? And why are/aren't you finding out this time?
This is a fun question! Maybe we should make a new thread for it...

Please hold while I do so.
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So how is everyone feeling this morning?

I'm up at this psycho hour (kids wake up late, thankfully) because I was supposed to go to work today. I woke up tired and sick and not feeling as if I could pretend that I feel good. I'm really rethinking this whole "hide my pregnancy" thing. I mean, if they try to fire me, I could sue them or something. It is not a small workplace by any means and it is such that knows the law. So... I might not have the problems I did last time. I'm just going to have to suck it up and tell them because on days like this I can't just keep staying home. If they knew, I could go in and be sick and tired and no one would think twice
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Originally Posted by muttix2 View Post
So how is everyone feeling this morning?
i'm feeling good! ethan's gettign his 2 year molors in, and was a bear sleeping last night. i feel okay, though.

we're leaving for philly in a couple hours. since dh is deploying in a couple weeks, we going to see the fam. before we leave. my oldest turns FOUR!!! saturday, so we're taking her to sesame place. i used to love it there as a kid. i'm sure my two will love it. we even scheduled breakfast with cookie monster and freinds. it's the bathingsuit part i'm not particularly looking forward too, lol!!
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I'm going in for an u/s this morning and am so nervous. My kids are going to be with me and I'm just paranoid something is going to be terribly wrong. I know it's a ridiculous thing to be all in a tizzy about but oh well. I'll feel so much better after I see a healthy alive little kiddo swimming around in there.

My uterus is apparently tipped backwards so I can't even feel it right now. It's hard to believe sometimes (apart from the nausea and exhaustion) that I'm even pregnant.
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I feel okay lately...I have been doing a lot of crying. I have also been having cravings for smoothies and drinking a lot of milk. This morning my tummy was especially upset, and usually eating some toast helps, but I had to practically force myself to eat. It was that, "I know I am starving but my body is too exhausted to chew.

we've been dealing with a flea problem for the last month, so I am momma-scratch-a lot... blah.

Does anyone sometimes feel overwhelmed with wanting to leave their dp/dh?

I feel that way a lot lately. dp and I have only been together 8 months, and I feel so trapped sometimes. Especially if I want to SAH.


I honestly feel pretty good physically, emotionally I feel like a wreck lately.

On the upside, we will hopefully hear baby's little HB on July 3rd. I will be 11 weeks that day.
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Ugh.....fleas. I don't tolerate insect bites well---I was out a little too late weeding the other night and the mosquitoes started to come out---I got one bite before I made it inside, and it is making me crazy! I grew up in a place with TONS of biting insects, but since moving to WA I've grown soft....there's just not that many things around here (it seems) that bite.

We heard baby's HB for the first time yesterday! After we came home, DS wanted an explaination of what the noise was, so we got into hearts and pumps and blood and stuff. Then he wants me to list every animal I can think of that has a heart.....man, that went on for a while. But it was fun seeing him get so excited that EVERYTHING has a heartbeat just like the baby's (and he had fun pretending to do a slow elephant heartbeat).

Hrm....the rain just started. It was a lovely day yesterday and we spent most of it at the park down the street, but I'll have to come up with a plan B for today, it seems. Kiddo wants to go hiking today, but I just don't think I'm up for that in the rain, with him.

We're planning a short backpacking trip this weekend east of the Cascades, though, where it should be drier. I really want to get some backpacking in before I don't feel like I can carry a big load anymore. These few trips will probably be our last for a while---I suspect the summer that Squidget #2 is 1.5 we could do some short things, but next summer DS just won't be old enough to reliably walk the whole way.
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Ooh---I forgot to mention one thing!

Don't shoot me, but it has to start turning around for someone sometime, eh?

I'm 11 weeks now, and on Tuesday I just suddenly had energy! I cleaned out the slow drains in the bathrooms (you don't want to KNOW what those awful clogs looked like!), swept the deck, cleaned the fir pollen off of the deck, cleaned the bathroom sinks, made a nice dinner, etc. Yesterday I cleaned out a cabinet full of junk in the kitchen that was blocking a filing project that DH is dying to get to (long story, won't bore you), put a few of those things up on FreeCycle, cleaned off the kitchen counter (GASP!), and managed to actively play with DS for the rest of the day. I'm just feeling so much better, energy-wise! I've really been looking forward to this 2nd-trimester project-energy that I remember, and I'm finally there! Woo-hoo!
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