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Yes is now winning! And the main yes reasoning is the "because it's cleaner" answer. ARGHHH!
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i voted again, it's still 47% no....i didn't get past the first 15 comments : but it annoys me the most that for the people that voted yes...50% of those did it b/c it was: CLEANER :
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I voted yesterday. No, was way ahead then.

MSNBC is definitely pro-circ, the same article reads so much different there. They put a clear pro-circ spin. It's all those damn immigrants forcing the circ rate down (just to be clear this is what I think MSNBC is trying to say). : Plus the cute pic of the cut boys, see they are so happy they are missing their foreskin.
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Plus the cute pic of the cut boys, see they are so happy they are missing their foreskin.
I noticed that not-to-subtle photo myself. :
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You will just want to puke if you read the comments. Oh my, I can't believe there are people like that in the world. One comment was about a woman who said she had to have her 2 sons done at 10 and 3 months. The older one because his foreskin didn't grow as fast as the rest of his penis (???) and the 3 month old because his foreskin wasn't large enough and did NOT retract!! At 3 months old!! EGADS, what is wrong with this world?
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I linked directly to the poll the first time and didn't close my browser OR clear my cookies before going there from the article the second time I'm also in a very low-circumcising area of the US. Maybe it's 'cause I'm on a Mac :

love and peace.
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At least it's still pretty much 50/50. There's no clear lead for pro-circumcision which there would have been in years past. I don't know any immigrants and I know almost nobody who circumcised their sons. It's such a rare thing for me to even see a circumcised boy being changed in the swimming pool locker room that it's always a shock when I see one.

I live in a very wealthy, well-educated town and immigrants couldn't really afford to live here. We can barely afford to rent here and won't be living here much longer... we live in the middle-class slums (seriously, terrible rental and our landlord acts like a slum-lord...).

love and peace.
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no problem voting here

a big no thank-you.

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