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How about a sew/craft/knit and show?

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I'd love to see what other people are working on, and IRL there are few people who get a thrill out of my obsessive diaper sewing.

You can look at the diapers and covers I've made recently here

Can't wait to see everyone's beautiful stuff!
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You can see my babyslings at my website, the link is in my siggie.

Those are absolutely beautiful, Barbara!
No way am I showing anyone my first attempts at sewing diapers, though they work just fine. :LOL
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They're beautiful! Did you dye the fabrics yourself?

And I love that Maya Wrap gives you a pattern to make their sling, right there on their website...that kind of thing really gives me respect for a company!
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Thanks! Yup, I used to be real big into tiedye back in the 80's and decided it was time for a comeback. Plus, I needed a new hobby, since my garden time is pretty much zero ever since I got pregnant with #1. I can tiedye while DD sits in her highchair with fingerpaints, and we have lots of fun!
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Stacy, those are cool! I love the idea of the directional stitching to help you with adjusting, I'll have to remember that

Pinky, I always love seeing what you've been making

Oh, forgot to say that my latest new projects were prototypes that aren't fit for viewing, I used the ugliest fabric combinations, lol!
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here's a pic of my very first windpro AIO diaper...It's a variation of one of my side snapping cover patterns. It's dark grey outer and inside is a PRR knit with eskimos and igloos etc. I forgot to photograph the inner ! I took the polar bear from the knit print.

before I added the face to the applique, it looked seriously like a hippopotamus...we were making jokes about the elusive Northern Polarpotamus :LOL

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Everything is beautiful! Wow, I just asked in a post for everyone to show me their homemade diapers... I seriously wasn't thinking they would all be so fancy!!!

I'm inspired now to consider making a sling. I'm tie-dying this next weekend some onsies and stuff. Maybe I'll consider doing a sling next... good idea!

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I've moved on to making tote bags too, now... Got all this leftover upholstery fabric from the late 60's - mid 70's from when Mom was into reupholstering all our furniture. You know, it's not much harder than sewing a sling!
Here's as much of the first one I made as I could fit on the bed of my scanner:

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I make glass and wire "lanterns" (candle and flower holders).. I use glass bottles/jars (new and vintage) and transform them into lanterns with 16 or 19 gauge wire.. trimming them with vintage crystal beads.. I use wire to dress up quite a few things..

here's a few examples




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I'm working on Renn Faire costumes:

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freespiritmom, those are gorgeous!!!

I've been sewing bags like crazy, I've been learning how to sew clothes (for DD) and wool soakers and stuff like that.

I wish I had a digital camera, then I'd show you all what I just finished. I love the two bags I did last night. I did one out of an old pair of jeans...with a really pretty hot pink flowered (small flowers, slightly darker than the background) lining. I appliqued a heart on one of the pockets.

then I got some fairytale fabric, with a unicorn, a castle and stuff like that on it and made a bag, with the coordinating lining (light blue sky with stars and swirls) with pink pockets (same fabric I used for the jean purse) on the inside and on the underside of the strap.

ugh! I'm not making any sense at all : anyway, they are cute!
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my quilt

this is what i'm working on most lately

it's wayyyyyy overdue! i'll be taking a class in Nov. that will let me do a better job quilting it, but i really really want it gone before nov so i dont know...

looking to make some stuff for dd (havent done anything yet this summer)
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forgot to say - i LOVE LOVE LOVE those wire and jar things!!!
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freespiritmom, I think we need to SWAP!!!

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Right now I'm working on some training pants to fit my 18 month old. I'm using wool and hemp. No pictures yet, I'm still working out the pattern

Slip dresses, made from my daughter's great- great grandmother's hand made and hand tatted/crocheted pillowcases! Pink for Mary, red for my 11 year old's sleep shirt!!!

"Em and M" Knit Bag Felted knit bag with cell phone holder!

Lili of Paris knit dress and leggings, Good old Kwik Sew pattern!!

Mama's sleep pants. I LOVE these! Kwik Sew pattern, it worked like a charm. I surged the pants, then topstitched the cuffs at the bottom.

My first attempt at my own pattern design... Bloomers added!

PRR Kitties set with lettuce edged in YLI jeans stitch. Kwik Sew for Babies
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Here aer some of mine...they are older, though!
I haven't uploaded any recent pics!

Waldorf doll

Pillows made of cotton fabric in a letter shape and stuffed with wool and lavender

Some Fairy cards I'm making

Dh made this birdfeeder for me

hmmm...not my most exciting stuff, but it's all I have online at the moment!
Plus I've been doing a lot of graphic work, which is fun!
I have been making some of the Mothering banners and other banners and a design for the upcoming motheirng store...well an image that I modified is all...not really a design! LOL
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Just a quick reminder about posting pictures for the WAHMs on board...

You can post pictures directly by using the links from the individual pictures / properties, but you cannot link to your retail site to show pictures from there.


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wow.. everyone here is very talented! Thank you for the compliments on the lanterns. They are so much fun. I haven't made any since my last son was born 3 months ago.. and I'm missing it.. I am going to start back this week!

LaLa~ a swap sounds good
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I hope I linked to the pictures right, I thought with the "img" tag, they would appear as pics in the posts, but they're just links.

My current obsessions are those embellish overalls and stand up tote bags. I just love to applique, so making embellished overalls let's my creativity flow, lol. I'm working on a cute queen bee pair right now, I just can't wait to put it all together. My next one is going to be Finding Nemo, I have yet to make dd her own pair of embellished overalls, so she's picked finding nemo for herself.

Here's one pair of overalls I just finished, it was inspired by my daughter the tip toe dancer (that is a ballet dancer in toddler speak, lol). THey are kinda frou frou, but she just loves them, lol:


And here's a backpack I designed for a swap. I'm going to have to make myself one out of some gorgeous fairy fabric from laura ashle.:

Here is the back with the sides closed in.
Here is the front with the sides open.

I also have two naked waldorf dolls that have been complete for over a month now that I need to put on ebay, but I am just totally uninspired with their clothes. One is a fairy with pointy ears, and I love to make fairies, but this one I just can't figure out what to make her to wear, lol, so far she just has a pair of white dupioni silk wings. The other is just a regular waldorf doll, I just should put her in a dress, but I haven't found a fabric that just jumps out and says "I'm a dress!" lol!
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