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In a couple of weeks, I am having foot surgery to remove a Morton's Neuroma (a pinched nerve). It is day surgery, in in the morning, out after about 5 hours.

I also have what is called Chiari Malformation which means part of my cerebellum is squeezed down into my spinal column. Because of this, I have to talk to the anesthesiologist about what they do for generals and intubation (I can't have my head tipped upward for more than a minute or I suffer MAJOR attacks of vertigo which last for hours>days).

I am hoping they can do some kind of regional block (like from the knee down), but I don't hold much hope for this. Because of my allergies to local anesthetics, it may have to be under general sedation (UGH).

Anyway, back to the thyroid question: Is there anything I should be aware of because of the thyroid? I am on Armour Thyroid, 60 mg per day. I feel wonderful since I have been on the "pig pill" (we call it "Babe In A Bottle"!!) and I don't want anything to screw-up this great feeling!

Does surgery mess with thyroid problems??