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Dh got a wonderful Father’s Day present.... - Page 4

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Originally Posted by mom22girls View Post
Amy - how wonderful for you! Hope you're all doing well this weekend.
Thanks..we are actually. My inlaws came for a few days. I just was finding it hard to handle trying to be home w/the girls and be at the hosp. So they've been a great help. I feel bad..this time and last they've stayed in a hotel. But it's just two more people to deal w/if they stay here. They don't mind tho. Last time we asked them..this time they offered. The only thing I'm unsure of is having them here right when we bring the baby home. I wanted some time w/just my girls and dh. But I'm sure it will all work out..just one more thing for me to stress about
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She's coming home!!

We talked w/the doc today and he said we should be home by lunch time on Monday (unless of course something goes wrong between now and then). We are SOOO excited!!
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That's wonderful news!!! You'll be counting the hours (or minutes!).
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She's home!!

Annika's now home where she belongs!!

I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am. It feels so good to have her home. We got home and I had somewhat of an emtional meltdown. I hadn't realized just how rough the last couple wks (and even the few wks before her birth) had been on me. Everything has gone really well all things considered and I tried to keep that in mind..but it's still been very hard. And it wasn't until we got her home and it's now kinda "over" that it really hit me.

Anyhow I'm going to keep this short..I want to get back to my daughter!! This is the first time I've put her down all day. She's lying right next to me..but I want her in my arms!!

Will update more later.
Thanks again for all the support you've given me.
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Yay!!! How exciting for you, and good to get some of that emotional release as well! We'll look forwards to updates and pictures when you get a chance, and as always, you're in my thoughts!!
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That's lovely Amy. Don't let a moment of that baby-head smell go to waste!!!!

Take care of each other!!!!!!
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I'm so glad that your littlest is home with you where she belongs now. You all must be so happy! Hug and cuddle little Annika!
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Oh, yeah mama!! I am so happy she is home with you. Enjoy that sweet baby girl.

I can only imagine what you have been through these last weeks, I hope things settle sown, and having her home now helps get all those feelings resolved.
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Congratulations Amy and welcome home little Annika!!!
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That is so wonderful! Enjoy this beautiful time together.
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Congratulations, Amy! Welcome home little baby Annika!

Take care of yourself and enjoy all of those tiny baby snuggles and milky kisses!
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3 wks

Annika is 3wks old today. Where has the time gone? I can't believe she's 3wks old already. It makes me a little sad. I miss being pg. I'm sad that she's growing up so fast. But we are so thankful to have her. She's doing great! I still can't believe our nicu days are behind us..and so quickly. She's a great fit in our family. As I type this she is nursing..and I'm just filled w/such gratitude that she is here and doing so well. I cry everytime I think about how blessed we are to have her.
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i am so happy for you Amy!!! that is great news that she is home and that things are going well.... i bet it has been a rollercoaster! wow, i am just so happy to hear all about it!
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I am so glad she's home.
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So glad things are going well. Here's to continued success.
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