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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
I also hate Curious George - the first one is awful, and the one with the Pizza shop has a male character (can't remember his name - we'll say John) , and a female character named "John's wife" Grrr. We got that book from the library the same week we got another book about somebody and his wife. but DD loves curious george. and they are long enough and boring enough to put her to sleep .
It's Tony and Tony's wife! You know, because pizza has to be made by Italians, who are almost all named Tony...

DS loves that one too. I think the worst part is that its a book adaptation of a '70's cartoon adaptation of a book.
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I hate the Carl books. In our group of friends they are referred to as the "Crack-mom books" because that mom has to be going to make a buy, otherwise we can't figure out why she would be leaving her baby alone in the house and a department store.

I also hate the "Shy Little Kitten" golden book.

And, I know that I have thought way to much about this, but what the heck is Lowly Worm's status in the Richard Scarrey books? I have finally decided that he must be fostered by the Cat family. He shares Huckles room, it isn't Huckle's and Lowly's room. He call's Mother Cat, Mrs. Cat half the time, but Mrs Cat makes all the arrangements for him at school, he lives with them and recuperates there after he breaks his leg.

I picked up a copy of Curious George for DD and was absolutely horrified. Some classic!
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Originally Posted by ktbug View Post
Oh, bummer, I LOVE Richard Scarry books. At least people are still reading them. They were totally my favorite when I was a kid.

My least favorite childrens' book, sadly, is The Giving Tree. Sneaky misogyny.
Sends a message I just don't like. It took me a quarter of a century to figure that message out, but once I saw it, I got the creeps.

You hit the nail on the head. I hate that book. As well as "Love You Forever". Many of the older Golden books have great illustrations, but the stories seem to either be sexist or they send a social message that I just can't get on board with.

I love anything and everything by Margaret Wise Brown. Her poetry and illustrations were magic to me as a child.

The worst children's books IMO are the ones that reduce the art of children's literature into a money making strategy. Corporations that shall remain nameless (use your imagination) produce utter crap to leech another $5.95 out of parents who's children swoon over the characters. Why anyone would feed that machine is beyond me.
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Originally Posted by silly_scout View Post

I love Boynton board books (say that 3 times fast). I think her books are great for babies, but I think they would get insipid for toddlers.
I just love her illustrations.
I love most of the Boynton books, but "Your Personal Penguin" is about a really creepy one sided, worship like relationship. We hid it.
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Originally Posted by Sali View Post
Dick and Jane built such reading confidence for my ds(I think they're not supposed to be read aloud to kids, but read by the kids when they're learning simple words)

Yep. My dd LOVED Dick and Jane books when she first began reading. Till this thread I'd never even heard of anyone reading them aloud to their dc. Oh, the boredom! :
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Love Song for a Baby - really not a bad book at all and a nice alternative to Love You Forever/On the Day You were Born/etc........ but I think the line "even your burps were bells" is just stupid.
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