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Question for those who dislike Bush?

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1. What don't you like about him?

2. What don't you like about him?

3. And lastly, what don't you like about him?

*edited to add* Feel free to 'vent' here.
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PS I realize we 'Bush enthusiasts' (sp) have a voice here

but...I thought it would be nice to have a place to share given the new thread for Bush supporters.

No desire to take from their 'space' or compete. And, this wasn't started with sarcastic intentions just to clarify...mmmmk??

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Im not posting as much these days, so I may not be back for a while.

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I've known about Bush since before

he was governor of Texas.

I also know about this generation of Bushes sense of entitlement. Shrub has always gotten everything because of his father.

I know about Neil's failures and ripping off the American taxpayer with his Silverado S&L fiasco, plus the >$1.2 million SBA loan guarantee he got because of his name, using crappy geologicals on a Wyoming wildcat drilling scam. He skimmed a few hundred thousand off the top in executive salary. We, the taxpayers paid him that money (and paid off the loan) as the wildcat was predictably dry.

I know about G.W.'s poor service (AWOL) in the Texas Air National Guard to escape the draft to Vietnam. I know about his refusal to go see his daughter in the hospital after an emergency appendectomy, instead telling her she should "clean her room." I know about the young woman he got pregnant and helped her get an abortion prior to Roe v. Wade, and as long as he doesn't need abortion services, he's against them. I 've heard terrible stories that he was an abusive drunk, and no, I don't excuse his arrest for DUI as a "youthful indiscretion" while he wants others to be responsible for their shortcomings. He is known as the foulest potty mouth, and even a senator reported in Time magazine that he witnessed this old bad habit emerging inappropriately in the White House. His coke habit was common knowledge here. I believe his "religious conversion" was born out of a threat from his wife to leave him, and I don't buy into it at all. I believe he uses religion as a political prop. I think he's a dangerous narcissist, requiring coaching as he no longer has the capacity to remember and analyze the information. I despise his smugness and his smirky misuse of language.

I know he did everything he could to cut more kids off the CHIPs program in texas, while giving a green light to polluters while asthma rates went sky high in texas. I know he cut my property taxes by $65 a year while giving corporations multi-million dollar cuts. Then our local govt. had to increase our tax base to make up for the loss. Our school funding system is a disaster, and the teachers despised him, no matter what lovely Miss Laura the Librarian says.

I don't like that he courts and pays lip service to the military while his office submits budgets to cut a) disability pay for disabled vets; b) veterans' medical benefits; c) military housing d) educational funding for school systems that handle mostly military kids and have poor tax base because of non-residency.

I don't like that his Administration does everything possible to keep everything they are doing from the public, as if we work for them, instead of vice-versa. I don't like that he restricted media coverage of KIA soldiers returning to American soil because he's afraid of what it will do to his re-election. I don't like his polluting environmental policies. I don't like how he says he wants less govt., but wants the govt. directing charitable religious programs (through funding), and he wants the govt. in peoples' bedrooms and interfering in their medical treatment with their doctors. The Constitution is a tool he uses for his own agenda, when convenient.

Most of all, I despise his doctrine of pre-emption, and the lies he told the American people about the immediacy of the threat from Iraq. I despise that his buddies' companies get govt. contracts without a bidding process. I hate that he doesn't seem to give a darn that unemployment is going up, as are foreclosures and personal bankruptcies.

I think he's corrupt. And if Clinton had done any of the stuff Bush has done, he would have been tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered.

Other than that, I guess he's okay.
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Why don't I like George W. Bush?

The short answer: because he's a hypocrite.

I look into his eyes when he appears on TV and I see lies. He is pretending to care for human life and talks about "decency" and "compassion" and it's just a big lie. His actions prove that he is a liar. I wouldn't hate him so much if I could catch even a whiff of sincerity from him.
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Delilah, well done!

ITA with daylily also.

FWIW, I didn't like Clinton either. I got a very similar gut reaction every time I heard him sound off ................ it's just much more visceral with Shrub.
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Wow Delilah

You covered pretty much everything.

I did like Clinton El's but did not see him as perfect that's for sure. He was about 20% a$$ and Bush is about 95% a$$ as far as Im concerned.

I'll be back to add my own tidbits...

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Well, my apologies for such

a long rant. I really went off. I have never disliked a president or any politician as much as this one. If I had ever heard of anything, and I mean ANYTHING, he had ever done to help another human being in his adult life, maybe I wouldn't be so bitter about him. But I have never heard a single story about him ever lifting a hand to personally help someone and expect nothing in return (and doing community service to get your police record cleaned up doesn't count).

At least Clinton was willing to take low paying jobs in public service for a number of years even though he had the credentials to go out and make millions.

I forgot to add that I also oppose his tax policies. There is no evidence that drastic tax cuts spur the economy. There are certain types of spending that do spur the economy. But the drastic tax cuts he has made are likely to drive up the national debt. His tax policies push-down everything to local levels, and we all know that not every county or parish has a bunch of businesses or millionaires to support our govt. infrastructure. If we had no federal taxes, how would you feel about having to pay a toll or use fee everytime you used a highway, park, library, or the even the road in front of yur house? That's a very regressive system, and takes more percentage-wise from the poor. I don't consider his tax policy to be the least bit "Christ-like".
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He is a weasel and a liar and a thief, not to mention a liar and a thief. And a weasel. And illiterate. And a liar. And a real, true to life SOB.
Chomsky says it well.. that Bush only cares about his afterlife and being held in rapture... He cares nothing about this life.. or the world his children or grandchildren might inherit... He is born again and this world means nothing to him...Hence his despicable record on the environment, or for children, the elderly, the homeless or any other of the many populations who are in need and at risk. As for healthcare, education, social services... who cares??? Why should he. His purpose is to take care of all his fat cat friends so they will put up the money to reelect him for another 4 years so he can wreak more havok with whatever is left of this place. After which, he will be carried in rapture to his maker and be blessed...HA.
He came to Los Angeles yesterday to raise money for his evil campaign to rule the world to benefit the rich and I was more than happy to show up and protest...
I have such rage toward him and his sneaky lying pad the pockets of his fat butt rich corporate friends ways.
My sign said: "Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing an idiot."
I was happy to yell a little and let off some steam.
Code Pink hung a banner from the hotel window at an opportune time which read "Mr. Bush...You lied. You're fired."
It was great. It hung the length of 3 balconies... Unfortunately, the hotel/secret service went to take it off after only a few minutes but it was a great act...
He raised more than 5 million from a visit to SF and LA...:Puke
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Well, let's just say I'm worried about Bush's stance on some issues such as:
global warming, emissions standards, the Kyoto pact
pollution standards
secularism, and separation of church and state
equal rights for gay and lesbian citizens
education and social services budget cuts
prioritizing and promoting renewable energy over fossil fuel and nuclear energy
foreign policy
social security
and a lot of other issues,

He seems to put the concerns of big business such as the fossil-fuel lobby, the timber lobby, the auto industry over the concerns of environmentalists and the poor.

And I'm afraid he subscribes to a theory that I don't - namely the "trickle down" theory articulated by Reagan. I don't think wealth does trickle down - I think it merely circulates among the elite circles of the ultra-rich. So I am afraid that under him, we will get poorer and poorer while the rich get richer and richer.

And that individual freedoms for women and gays will be curtailed.

And that the environment will be irreparably damaged in a few short years.

That's some of it.
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Thanks to all who responded. Delilah, enjoyed every bit of your rant

I don't even know where to begin, but I will be back with a rant of my own later. Everytime I sit down to type, I get very angry.

It's not just Shrub I dislike but the lies from the 'right' told everyday?!

I will add to that thought at a later date.

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Sorry to pop in here so late, but I just had to write. I'm always at a loss to articulate my objections so I just have to say, "Wow!" Delilah, Lunarmomma you are my heroes. All I can ever think of is "He's evil!"
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I just wanted to say I appreciate this thread so much - I thought I was somehow a rarity for having such a rage. I couldn't add anything to it. I see him as a spoiled, superficial, lying, manipulative, power hungry, dry drunk, abusive, ignorant, greedy, rich frat brat. I see him as a GREAT danger to THE WORLD!! And I have also strong feelings for the dangerous people who are willing to look over all that stuff because of one issue that they like about him (ie. abortion). AND that they seem to like him because they are afraid of more violence so they are basing their support of him on fear and one political point they agree with, willing to look over the other dangers he brings! One unmentionable great leader of the past did a great deal of damage to the world but his fellow country people were willing to support him because he brought the stablity, financial health and a lot of other perks. The US is going down economically and Bush's supporters still support him!! How stupid is that?!
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"Bring it on"

Pretty much says it all doesn't it?!

I think ya'll have covered everything, but I'll attempt a less eloquent rational for my feelings.

He's ignorant
He's arrogant
He's a hypocrit
He's a liar
He's obnoxious and vulgar
He's a bully

I could provide facts/stats but I fear I'd go on forever, KWIM?

EL C and others, thanks! Each week there is a new reason to 'hate' Bush, and at times I don't even know where to begin.

You mentioned the reason his supporters like him is because of his loose postion on abortion, (which is inconsistent and didn't apply to himself when he got his girlfriend pregnant in the 70's.)

And, BTW, no one would answer my valid question on 'that' issue in the Bush supporters thread. Go figure...
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At some point it would be good to have a thread that deals with lies from the right. In the spirit of Al Frankens "Lies and the lying liars that who them."

I am trying to cool it in activism and on the net for a while, so I may be scarce.

*edited to correct title of Al's book*
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Originally posted by Devi
I am trying to cool it in activism and on the net for a while
HA! Good luck - I keep trying, too!
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EL C said...HA! Good luck - I keep trying, too!
He he :LOL

Perhaps we'll have to start a thread for Mothering addicts? We'll see who can keep from posting the longest.

"Hello name is Denise and I am a 'Mothering' activism addict...

I started on the light stuff, you know, my local tribal thread, parenting, diggin in the earth. I thought I could handle it but *sniff, sniff* then one day, I found activism ..."

You ladies are the greatest, which is why I find myself here so often.

Quit being so darned interesting would ya, sheesh!

OK, I'm really outta here.

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The Madness of King George

Self-promoting, pat-self-on-the-back, my way or the highway bluster tainted with used car salesman deceptions, and more one-liners than Henny Youngman. Cheer him well America. Whether playing cowboy, combat pilot, championship golfer, high roller or President, he's got his lines down, sort of. Bush has shown himself to be no more responsible for the results of the lines he delivers than an actor in a commercial or a cheesy movie is responsible for real world events
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So why do Americans continue to rally around a President who has been reduced to nothing more than cheesy sound bites? Even Reagan was capable of eliciting warmth, and injecting substance into his speeches. His policies may have been questionable, but at least he gave the impression that he genuinely cared.
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Originally posted by Devi
I started on the light stuff, you know, my local tribal thread, parenting, diggin in the earth. I thought I could handle it but *sniff, sniff* then one day, I found activism ..."

I should have been so lucky! I somehow found activism first!!! It took me weeks to even get to TAO!!!!!!!!!!

You are so right, Hilary. While my formal education wasn't exactly rich in teaching critical thinking skills (although I am sure it was better than today)...my family always discussed political issues at dinner. My father was quite brilliant, extremely well read and he pretty much had something to say about whomever was in office
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i'll try to post without getting edited

i hate, hate bush because he has no idea what he is doing. and he lies. where are these WMD? the war with iraq really pissed me off. he has no regard for human life. he is another hitler.if he could he would round up all muslims, and arabs.
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