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Post partum i used prefolds!

Next time i'll make big Postpartum pads that can be used with a belt, as i wasn't keen on wearing panties. well, i never am really.

The Reddy's are really fine for heavy days, never had a leak.

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I started using cloth pads in febuary when I bought some Kristin pads from naturalbabies I just love them. they are so comfortable who needs to have something sticky between there legs not me. They were so comfortable when I had my miscarriage last month they held so well. I was very pleased. Iam looking to try a diffrent brand. just for change.

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I plan on using the Hidden Pearl Creations postpartum/ night time LadyGlows and also the same length and thickness of LadyPads. http://www.hiddenpearlcreations.com and http://www.ladypads.com Gladrags also makes a longer and insert-type postpartum pad so you can adjust the thickness. http://www.gladrags.com Although this is the first time I will be using them for a babymoon, I have used them following two m/c (sorry if that's tmi) but they worked really well.
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Are they easy to come by used? I just would rather spend my $$ on diapers.....

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I don't think I would want to buy used ones! If you don't want to spend alot of money, check out the auctions or buy a sampler pack. I think they would be easy enough to make too--I just don't sew. I read in another thread where a mama bought a few packs of the cheep washcloths at the dollar store and used them and they worked too.
If you have to buy pads and/or tampons every month anyway, the cloth pads will pay for themselves in about a year and they will last for many years. I have some that are over 10 years old and they are just as soft and as absorbent as new ones (actually softer!)--No fraying, no rips or holes either, I only had to throw one out in ten years and that's because it fell off the clothes line and got run over on a a stone drive way and got chewed-up by the stones
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Before I got pregnant I was using lunapads for about 2 years, maybe. they worked well. On heavy days I'd use a disposable panty liner, keeping the same one in as I changed the lunapads during the day, just in case it soaked through at all, though it rarely did.

I have had some laundry issues - I got unbleached white and they were so pretty when new, but they did get stained. I'd rinse them out after using them (or when I got home), and usually put hydrogen peroxide on them, and then soak them in a covered pot dedicated to that purpose. But if I went more than a few days without washing, I didn't like how the water smelled. It would be nice to just go the whole 7-8 days and then launder them altogether at the end.

I like durable goods, which is why I started using them. I like not having to buy disposable pads every so often - one less thing on my mind, I know I'm always prepared. I don't find the cloth pads to be as quite as comfortable as disposies, though - they're a little bulkier.
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I just gave up on my Mooncup -- the fit and my anatomy just didn't get along -- and I have been resigning myself to using tampons plus a huge cloth pad at night. Even the biggest cloth pads just aren't enough for my heaviest nights. But a prefold ... Hey, now that's a great idea! I have some really nice infant-sized 4x8x4s that would work wonders, I'll bet.

Does anyone have any personal experience comparing AF absorbency between hemp fleece and UBCPFs? I'm very familiar with hemp fleece's absorbency for my heavy-wetting DD, but I wonder if AF absorbs differently -- especially during those heavy days, when things can be rather thick ...


Edited to say I like Pandora Pads (although they are a pain to stuff). Luna Pads are comfy and soft -- love the little flannel wings, and the ability to take the soiled top layer/insert out on lighter days is nice -- but they're not quite as absorbent. I have a huge order on the way from Freshies! Check her out, she has some really innovative products.

MomNMe Creations has some pretty packages, but she makes them with PUL. I'm not a big fan of PUL pads because we live in a hot climate, and they get ganky and sweaty. You might could custom order them without PUL.
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I haven't read other replies so forgive any redundancy.

I first "tried out" cloth for padding after the birth of my third. I made them out of soakers from old worn diapers or I folded some gerber prefolds up and used them (bulky but worked) I found washing was not a problem and I hope to buy "nice" momma pads in the future. (as of now AF hasn't returned 7 mos later, and I've only had my period maybe 4-5 times since the birth of my first!! )
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DD loves her little wipes, and the girl I baby sit is rarin' to go on the potty training now that she has used our cloth wipes :LOL. she runs into the bathroom with her pants around her ankles and wipes all by herself. It's just SO much easier for them to use than TP, which shreds sticks to their parts. Ahem, likewise for myself. If there's a messy mess, I'll use TP first then my warm-watered wipes. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! nice, fresh and clean. No dingleberries

I am chuckling to myself at all the "TMI"

We have a basket that hangs from the TP rack, right within dd's reach, and another old juice jug beside the toilet for dd to drop them into. It fills up fast and thus they get washed often, but I am really thinkng about the footpedal wet pail thing. I saw one at the dollar store with a solid removable pail inside.
edit to add that every few weeks I boil all the wipes for 15 mins or so.

Well, I use cloth pads and have never had the idea to use cloth wipes for the toilet but after your post I may seriously think about it. I'm sure dh will think I'm nutso.
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I started using cloth wipes when I was preg, and had to go pee every other minute, and couldnt fathom wasting all that tp.

dh does sometimes (his rational is that he doesnt even USE tp that often...nasty men....I call him drippy lol), and tp is out for guests...

I use mostly handmade wipes from receiving blankets that I use for all of us, baby too...but I put out first and try to wash and replace the few Happy Tushies Velour wipes that came with a set...sooooo gorgeous and soft!

I have to get some yellow or grey crackel or tye dye ones that she has...to match my bathroom!
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I've been using cloth pads since my dd was 4 months old and AF returned(I was not happy about that as I was BF non stop!).

I've tried lunapads, a couple styles of wahm pocket pads, and some of Anne's prettypads. The prettypads are my fav's by far ... the lunapads are my second fav's ...though they tend to bunch up and aren't the most comfy ... and the pocket pads while well made are annoying because of the inserts (nothing like trying to stuff a floppy soaker into a slippery PULand microfleece pocket LOL).


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I use them with a keeper. I have some from a WAHM but now I make my own. BKT anf flannel no snaps or anything just big enough flaps thst they stay put.

I just rinse them and wash them with my towels and other rags.
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I just had my very first period since baby was born (she's 6 months now) and I used mama pads for the first time. I found that the ones I used were sooo much more comfortable than the disposables. I made them myself by using 4 layers of Dingleberryz flannel and backed it with PUL. Never bled through! EVEN OVERNIGHT!! I always had leaks with disposables as I am a heavy bleeder! All I did to clean up was to rinse and wring and hang to dry. There was a few I made with a cutesy knit print on top but I found those to hold blood stains so I used peroxide and they came right out. With the Dingleberryz flannel though, the blood just rinsed right off.

As far as the cloth toilet wipes...any of you ladies care to let me in on how you got your hubbies to do this? I mentioned it and my Hubby about had a fit! LOL!!!!
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I have never used paper pads or tampons...

Growing up, my grandmother made my pads for me as a special gift when I started my period. My mother did not allow tampons, (never really wanted to use them anyway), so I have used mama cloth for let's see, 17 years now. (I am a young mama of 29, but my cycles began early at age 12)

My favorite place to get my cloth for both post-partum and regular cycles (whenever they occur...I haven't had one since the birth of my first boy 5 years ago!) is www.mom-and-me-creations.com

Jen's pads (called Heavenly Mamas) are the closest to the cloudlike pads that my dear grandmother used to make for us, and she (like Grandmother) uses hemp which I LOVE against my skin. I would use nothing else. They become softer with each wash, I can choose the fabric, and wear with or without the inserts. She has a lot of try it out options, and I would highgly recommend her pads for their durability, and softness.

I have a cool pad pot that my aunt made for me that keeps everythig discreet. All I do is cover them with cold water and a drop or two of tea tree oil or lavender, change the cold water daily until I wash with my baby wipes. I have never had stains because I wash often. I keep them in a drawer with a lavender sachet, so they smell lovely when I put them on too.

My friends in high school were always curious, some were downright mean about it, but I didn't care, using cloth tied me to my grandmother who has been so much of an influence on me. And like she used to say, "If they don't get it, it wasn't meant for them..." In college, it wasn't a problem, I actually converted most of my friends to cloth by that point...

I converted quite a few hospital nurses to cloth after I had ds#1, and my midwives were really impressed with the fact that I have never used anything other than hemp.

My dh loves that we never have to go down the diapering or feminine products aisle in the market, and I love that I have never spent $$$ on paper/plastic/who-knows-what-else products that are worn during such a feminine time.
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Originally posted by DandelionCrown
Mom still refers to them as 'things for the ladies'.
My family jokingly calls them "whosie-whatsits," which is what my Grandfather used to call them when he was asking my mom if she needed any at the store.

I'm glad to see info about cloth toilet wipes. I have been giving some thought to it. Man, my in-laws will think I have totally flipped. Poor people...they just can't understand how their midwestern boy married such a granola girl.
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Mochamama, I just wanted to say thanks for your story. I have sometimes wondered what would happen if/when I have a daughter and I introduce her to mama cloth (I plan to buy my own soon). I would love for my daughter to have a story like yours.
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Thanks, funshine! What a nice thing to say!! I enjoy reading your posts here....I think that we have a lot in common.

I plan to do the same with my daughter (if I ever have one), I guess I never fully appreciated my grandmother and mother's wisdom until adulthood, but I love that they were so eager to pass some of it along.

Take care,
Mocha mama to ds 4 years old, ds 2 years old and just waiting, waiting, waiting for my homebirth to happen...ho hum
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how inspiring! should i ever be blessed with a girl, i hope to make her som "things for the ladies". I only recently discovered cloth (during my pregnancy for PP.) and feel ripped off that i was led to spend money on the filth i used to use.

i also began my cycles when i was 12, i remember how awful i thought it was. i love using cloth for wipes, pads, diaper, everything. it makes my life feel more valuable. there are few things thrown away in our house. we use cloth produce sacks when we shop, cloth wipes in the bathroom. i hope i can share this sense of permanence and value with my babies.

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I have been using cloth since my ds1 was born, though haven't had many periods since then...I have never had any specials pads though, just used the kids' old doublers, or a prefold around the house. I think I will make some for myself though...

We use cloth wipes for the toliet too. My husband is not thrilled, but I switched while we were seperated, and he hasn't complain. It really is a waste, and we're washing dipes anyway...

oh, and they really don't smell, we wash evey 2 days or so with dipes, sometimes nightly. Definately not any worse than the diaper pail!
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What a timely thread ...I have just started accumulating some cloth pads & am waiting the arrival of my cycle to try them for the first time....I can't wait! I have bought some flleece topped pads which should be comfy....
Thanks ladies for the good words!
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