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Ming-Ming the duck: racist? - Page 3

Poll Results: Is it racist that the Wonder Pets duck is named Ming-Ming?

  • 3% (5)
    Yes, it's a stereotype
  • 65% (104)
    No, what's racist about that
  • 31% (51)
    This poll is stupid
160 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
But did you know that Baby Bear can say the "kh" sound in Hebrew perfectly?

I found this out when watching the Elmo's World Holiday Special.
Well I would rather listen to Baby Bear speak Hebrew if he does it without a speech impediment!
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My 5 yr. old DD is a HUGE fan! (See my sig.!) No, I don't think it's racist. We even named our new kitty Ming Ming!
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This reminds me of a show DH and I played for recently. We were in the orchestra for a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado. I do not know when it was written but there are plenty of things in it that would be considered un-PC today. It is set in Japan, and one of the lead character's name is Yum Yum. The names are stereotypical on purpose, its supposed to be funny, kwim? I think a lot of the jokes in the show flew over the audience's head, honestly...People take things too seriously. So no, I don't think the duck's name is racist.
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i feel so clueless, but i don't have any idea what a duck has to do with a chinese name...? i think it's a really cute name and a really sweet show, end of story
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i love the wonder pets. so does peanut. so does dp. i think that it deals with a TON of things that little kids experience, that we as parents might not think of. i mean, the episode with the caterpillar and the inchworm? and the lessons about patience, and change being hard, but not always bad? these are things that i tend to forget that peanut doesn't know.

now, i'll say to her, 'come on! let's get your shoes, so we can get in the carseat and go to the park!' and if she's doing something else, she goes 'be patient mommy! almost done.' which is snarfworthy, but there you have it.

plus, i think in comparison to a lot of other kiddy shows, it's like, oscar material. i'd watch wonderpets 24-7 over farking elmo, or thomas the facist train engine. i mean, i'd rather her lessons from TV be things like, teamwork, and such, than be USEFUL! or, get in the shed cuz you're a naughty engine! (we only watched thomas a few times before i nixed it.)

i dunno. dp says i overthink kiddy programing. i disagree. i feel like, when we use tv, i want it to be educational, but i also want it to reflect, as much as possible, the values that we're trying to raise peanut with. so, for me, i want to raise a daughter with a healthy self image, who thinks for herself, who is kind to others, and so on. i also don't want to watch things with overtly punitive consequences for the characters, like thomas, or noddy.

the bearenstein bears tend to be up my ally, even though the mom wears that awful housecoat/bonnet deal. while i'm not crazy about the typifying roles the parents have, i think the manner in which they deal with their children is fantastic. it's gentle, and kind, and there's no 'you are SO NAUGHTY! GO AWAY!' sort of thing. we like wonderpets, and also the backyardigans (okay. i LOVE the backyardigans. LOVE. THEM. i've been in the car by myself, and listened to the CDs we have. yeah. sad. lame. that's me. i said it.) and kipper, even though they're ALWAYS losing arnold.

i HATE angelina ballerina. i think she's the epitome of the spoiled brat prototype. i like alice, but i wish they'd give her her own spin-off, sans angelina the whiny little sh!t. i HATE make way for noddy, and how the goblins are ALWAYS bad, and tessie bear is ALWAYS good, and mr plod PUNISHES people and puts them in jail and stuff, without trying to determine why the goblins are so bad, and he never tries to help them to be good.

so there you have it. my entirely too long answer. no, ming ming the duck isn't racist. and i lurve the wonderpets.
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Originally Posted by boodafli View Post
i love the wonder pets. so does peanut. so does dp. i think that it deals with a TON of things that little kids experience, that we as parents might not think of. i mean, the episode with the caterpillar and the inchworm?
Oh! I think I walked in on the end of that one. So.. I guess my kid knows these characters but I don't. I know... bad mommy. If I walk through the living room and no one is shooting anyone else she can have her half hour of electronic opium.
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thomas the facist train engine.
: Oh, that's EXACTLY what it is! Arbeit macht frei, Thomas.
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I love the Wonderpets. Both my DD's do (and one is 10), and my DH does as well. They are sweet and funny. It does irk me though that after the Wonderpets save the baby THEN the baby's parents show up. Um, hello? Where were they and why didn't THEY save the baby? ~laughs~ I know I know... just a show. DD2 loves to sing their song.

I even made an icon about celery being great after a good pee ~laughs~
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i know, right? i keep waiting for little jackboot shaped wheels.
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The show bugs me, mildly. (I don't really like Wagner.) Sprogly went through a phase where he really liked the show, but thankfully he's over it. Noddy is his current favorite, and it bugs me way more than WP. Oh, and Kipper, which irritated me at first, but I seem to have become desensitized to it.

The one show I absolutely won't have on ever ever ever is Jay Jay Jet Plane. <shudder>

at Thomas the Fascist Engine.
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I'm still not getting the connection b/w chinese and duck.
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OK, the show is just stupid, I think we can all agree on that. Ming ming's character annoys me, b/c he (or she?) speaks with a speech impediment AND has an asian name, the combo of the two bothers me. To me, that seems racist. Why did they choose give the character with a speech impediment an asian name? To be me seems like a way to perpetuate stereotypes of asians speaking pidgin english. No, ming-ming is not technically speaking pidgin english, BUT children are identifying the duck character called ming-ming, which is a name associated with asians, as speaking less than perfect english. It's already planting the seeds of racism, even if it seems innocent.

As rational adults, we all know that speech impediments can affect ppl who speak ALL languages, but this is a show for toddlers and preschoolers who don't know any better. It really strikes me as racist that the character with the asian name has a speech impediment. Why didn't they make one of the other non-asian named characters have the speech impediment? Why the one with the asian name? If ming-ming did not have a speech impediment, that would not be racist to me, but the combo of the two really rubs me the wrong way.

Fire away. I am sure there will be those that tell me I am being super sensitive over a silly children's show that is perfectly harmless. BTW, I am asian american.

The only chinese and duck association I can think of is the famous chinese dish, "peking duck."
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Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
I'm on the fence on this one. I hate that stupid show though. "This is serwious!!!" "Celery is always delicious after a good pee" Gag. My dd loves this show and I can barely stand it. Ugh.
ummmmmmm...just curious, is this supposed to be an educational program...??

i have a 1 yr. old, of course not watching tv yet...but reading about this show is making me nervous about what sort of crap is passing as children's shows these days.
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Originally Posted by tbone View Post
I'm still not getting the connection b/w chinese and duck.
I guess Peking Duck? I don't really know. I don't think her (?) speech impediment sounds like an accent of any kind. It just sounds like she needs a little speech therapy.
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My opinion is No, not racist.
And I will be one of the very few who admits to liking the show. Dd LOVES the idea of "teamwork," and often, when we have a little problem to solve in the house, she sings, "What's gonna work? Teamwork!"
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Not racist.

I've been known to sing "the baby mo-mmy has to go pee-pee!" and my 2 year old will chime in "this is sewious!"

The lost baby joey episode made me cry.

I am a dork. And apparently, I need to start watching the backyardigans.
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Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse View Post
: Oh, that's EXACTLY what it is! Arbeit macht frei, Thomas.
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Is Ping the duck racist too? The Original
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Hmm, Guava Lush, that may be where I'm coming from. I forgot about Ping the duck. But, see, Ping the duck has another defining characteristic other than his Chinese-sounding name: He lives in China. He is specifically a Chinese duck. So, when I see this duck on TV who saves animals and lives in a schoolhouse in the Western world, then I find out this duck's name is Ming-Ming, I scratch my head a bit. The other two animals don't have non-western names - and they also don't have speech impediments or ego problems. I'm telling you, something's off about this Ming-Ming thing.
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I don't think so. I don't think ming-ming is supposed to have a 'speech impediment' I just think its supposed to be talking in toddler talk. I wouldn't be surprised if they picked the name because it fit the song at the beginning best.

I don't like Ming-ming though because my daughter watches this show and then starts talking like ming-ming when she didn't talk that way when she was 18 months old I could always understand her clearly. So I don't like it for that reason.
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