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This is a message of God's hate

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I just had to run downstairs during a commercial to comment on this. The news just interviewed someone from a Kansas group of protesters who've come to our town to picket Pridefest. God hates America b/c we tolerate homosexuality. APparently, they have a picture of Matthew Shepard on their website and a counter of how many days he's been in hell.

So, they've chosen to "grace" our city/state now. They'll picket/protest the gay parade tomorrow morning and then head to several churches over the weekend that appear to be too lenient towards gays. My church is first on the list tomorrow night.

OMG, What a bunch of hateful freaks. How does one to react to the crap they spew? I guess the city plan is to simply try to ignore them.

ah, babe awakes...
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Im a christian & find this truely replusive
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Originally posted by Nikki Christina
Im a christian & find this truely replusive


Words F$%&'n escape me when I hear of crap like that.
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Yes, that is Fred Phelps from Topeka. He brings his hate to our lovely little town on a regular basis to picket whatever and whereever. The worst part is that they actually have young children in their crowds holding those horrid signs.

I used to be a volunteer at our local fine arts theater and they were there almost every performance. It got to be that there was a general "public service announcement" against him, asking people to just ignore his presence.
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Did he really protest outside of Mr. Rogers memorial service?

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I am from Kansas also and very familiar with the Phelps family. Everyone in Kansas HATES that they are from our state. He protests the most bizarre things. Some things that you can't even figure it how it relates to gays or anything else. I went to a University of Kansas football game one time and he was there with his whole family protesting. They protest at lots of funerals including Matthew Shepard (was killed in Wyoming I believe). They have a website and it is the most vile disguisting thing you have ever saw. They are really a bunch of crazies and it is best to just ignore them. I think they really get off on a lot of attention.
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I'm in Kansas too, and this guy is a plague. I remember going to the Topeka zoo as a child and them being out there with there picket signs yelling and carrying on. They are horrible.
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Can you in Kansas contact your media centers and TELL THEM you want a balanced view of the parade????? If they interview one side they should be getting the other also.

It would at least frost his ass if he was followed by a gay spokesperson on the 6:00 news.......................

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oh, I wish I could post how I really feel about this but I'm sure some people would find it quite offensive.

I think these protesters should spend their time on a worthy cause like helping the homeless instead of spreading the shame of their beliefs.
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El, no one (at least here) gives him credibility. Everyone thinks he is nuts. I have never known or heard of a single person that has given him an ounce of positive attention. His picket signs are SO far from JUST anti-homosexual rhetoric. They are so hateful and horrid that I cannot imagine a news crew goin close. AT least around here, everyone just shakes their heads in awe of the stupidity and ignorance of him.
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HOly Cow. Don't people have anything better to do with thier lives then to go around cultivating hatred. This guy needs to find someone to love and leave everyone else alone. what a sad life to be so consumed with hate. just in case it isn't clear, God doesn't hate anyone. Ans as for this phelps guy. he obviously knows nothing of my God.
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Wow that is truly upsetting.Just disgusting.
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Everytime I hear Matthew Shepard's name, tears spring to my eyes. His parents deserve saintly status for not going on a murderous rampage among those who continue to celebrate his death. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.
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I had a friend who ran a fundraiser when he stopped in town here. They looked for people to donate for every minute he spew hate during his "speech" to I believe PFLAG. In his name of course.

That made me very happy to hear.
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Miranda-that's really clever!!
No, this is his first time to our state so people aren't yet trained to ignore him. I'm afraid the shock will garner some attention.

Will let you know if they do anything newsworthy-the parade usually gets good coverage. And, we do plan to head to church tonight.
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Sorry. Somehow I got the idea the pridefest was in KS.

BusyMommy, I would love to hear if your news balances off the interview with better coverage of the event. They always go for the sensational (which, of course, drives idiots like this).
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Yes he/they really did protest in PGH the weekend of the public memorial service for Fred Rogers.

As I recall they got no news coverage, only enough info that people knew they were going to be in town. The suggestion in the letters to the editor was that people show them the kind of love Fred would have.
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moving this to Activism!
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Yuck! Matt Shepard died in my town at the local hospital. For the 5 year anniversary of his death there was a huge pride festival at CSU stadium. The city allowed that a$$ a permit but put him in the corner of the parking field really far away from the festival! He was so POed! We just laughed at him!
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