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I am LOSING IT. I need to either START or STOP labor here...!!! - Page 2

Poll Results: Your prediction?

  • 10% (11)
    Baby is on its way. Walk, have sex, get things started.
  • 57% (59)
    It's too early. Have wine, hot baths, something to help you sleep.
  • 27% (28)
    Ignore it. Get worked up about autism threads or whatever to keep your mind off your uterus.
  • 0% (1)
    Go to the hospital, they'll totally induce you.
  • 3% (4)
    This is all a dream--there is no baby.
103 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by ccohenou View Post
Do hands-and-knees, cat and cow stretches, go swimming or floating if you can, try to relax and ignore it. Have a glass of wine if it helps. 36 weeks is early, in terms of breastfeeding, breathing, general neurological maturity. Baby wouldn't be a serious premie of course, but it's early yet. But if s/he is ready, doing ofp exercises might either help things get started or chill them out. When there's lots of prodromal labor it's often an oddly positioned/posterior baby.

This was what happended to me. Babe was posterior. I think that's why the cranal sacral treatmeant helped get things going. It gave him the room to turn.
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Yup. I completely understand your "pain." I had SIX weeks of prodromal labor with both of my pregnancies...it's just plain hell. I was exhausted, frustrated, impatient. In fact, when I realized that I'd hit 36 weeks w/ds, I marched down to the garage and announced that I WAS going to have that baby TODAY and that DH had better just bring himself upstairs and make himself available, because we were GOING to have sex, and right then. Of course, then I turned just a liiiitttle bit to my left and saw our next door neighbor sitting there. He'd been chatting w/dh and was sitting just out of my sight when I was standing in the doorway...but certainly close enough to hear our one sided conversation. I said, "Hey, john. You heard that, huh?" "He just grinned and said, "I think you guys have some work to do...I'll uh, let you go at it!" and ambled off.

It didn't work. Nor did the Evening Primrose Oil, the walking, the nipple stimulation... not till the baby was ready. And instinctively, I knew this would be the case. I am actually just about as "anti-induction" as a person can get. Prodromal labor for weeks on end can change a person, though. I'm testament to that. With dear daughter, for the last three weeks of my pregnancy (starting at three weeks into the prodromal labor, which lasted most of the afternoon and allllllll night, and stopped at about seven in the morning, just in time for dh to leave for work and the sun to come up...), I WALKED the mall...I mean power walked...every night, for five or six miles a night. I figured I'd simply walk the kid out, or at least give it a lot of oxygen in the effort!

Really, get yourself to a massage therapist if you can, then a chiropractor, and then a CST...and relax if you can, and sleep WHENEVER you can (even in fifteen or twenty minute increments). I found that the absolute worst part about prodromal labor was that I was so exhausted AFTER I had the baby because I'd had no rest for so long before they were born. I DO know of Docs and Nurse midwives in the area who will prescribe sleep aids like ambien to women with prodromal labor, to help them get SOME rest. They don't work for me, usually have completely the opposite effect. Sooo, I found that the only place I could get rest was in a very deep, warm bath. I'd have my sister come and study in the bathroom to make sure I didn't drown, and I'd draw a bath and then go comatose for an hour or so, till the water got too cold for comfort. It was the best I could do, but it kept me functioning well enough to get through labor. And, yes, both times my active stages were VERY short...maybe four hours the first time and an hour and a half the second time.

Keep your chin up. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLOCK!!! You'll know hormonally when labor starts. Keep busy. Clean your toilets, wash your floor and baseboards, drink your red raspberry leaf tea (helps to make your contractions more efficient and "in sync" when they start in earnest), do all the laundry you can get your hands on, or volunteer somewhere less physically stressful, whatever, just DO something to keep your mind off of the contractions. When you CAN'T DO LIFE anymore, then call the midwife. You'll do great!
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I voted to try and relax. This is the first decision your child gets to make, when to be born. It's massively annoying, I'm sure (Haven't been there yet, but I'm sure that my DH's child will do that to me, and my mom was in prodromal labor for weeks with my brother). I hope you're able to get some rest and chill out while your baby does his thing.
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I vote try and relax too.

36 weeks is still earlier than ideal. Don't do anything that would encourage labor, and hang out at home and off your feet as much as possible. Just another week or two could make all the difference in the baby's health.

If you can, try to change the way you're thinking about the contractions. Your body knows what to do-- your situation is unique and for some reason your body may need this extra time to slooooooooooowly start the labor process. Your body is not doing anything wrong. It's frustrating, it's going to make you irritable, but for some reason, this is how your body needs to do it.

While I usually don't recommend using up all your labor techniques until things are well underway... it might help to do some relaxing and surrendering work into the contractions. Have you tried feeling the contractions and riding them willingly-- rather than getting frustrated or fighting them? Or, using the time your uterus is squeezing to connect deeper with your baby-- there's not many times in pregnancy where you are both feeling the same thing. S/he is being squeezed and so are you. Rub big circles into your belly and mother your baby when you feel the squeezing.

Or, tell me to shut up, you tried all that and it's not working and it hurts!
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I also vote to try and relax. At least try to hang on for another week. It's not easy, but neither is having a baby come early...

love and peace.
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A glass of wine won't hurt. :

I think it's too early. :

Please don't hurt me. :

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Individuation, how's it going? No, not, "Is there a baby yet?!" but, how ARE you?
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Originally Posted by courtenay_e View Post
Individuation, how's it going? No, not, "Is there a baby yet?!" but, how ARE you?
Bitchy. Napping, since 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep seems impossible.

Wondering where my "nesting urge" is... this place is a disaster.

Thanks for asking!
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No problem! Hah! I'm still looking for my nesting urge, and it's been three years! I think it has something to do with being HERE, though, for my house...

Naps are good. Can you do yoga? That helped me have a decent nap now and then, too...

Good luck, I'll be thinking about you!
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i voted that it's too early.

my best advice is to get as much rest as you can (i know, easier said than done i'm sure!)

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I voted ignore your uterus--do something else.
maybe the baby's position is the stimulating factor but not completely labor yet-- some women we belly band and the labor will kick in or stop-

does anything help you to get some rest? I would probably do that.
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I keep *hoping* for some of the early start-stop stuff, because my labors tend to be loooong (2-3 days each, without a break). With my last, my MW recommended trying to sleep as much as possible, but moreover trying to REST. She said that just relaxing your body and clearing your mind - even just between ctxs - is enough to give you a little boost. It REALLY helped me, as I "slept" two nights waking to ctxs every 7-10 minutes.

So, get the rest that you can, but don't fret! Baby will come! I know, I know - it's all A LOT easier said than done!!
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Any news? I hope you are feeling ok. How early can you deliver at home? HUGS!
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thirsting for an update...
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would you consider a glass of wine or even a prescribed sedative to SLEEP?? sleep is good...
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I think the Benedryl is fine and I used it the night before I went into labor and had the best night sleep I had had in 3 months. I'm a student midwife and we have lots of moms who use some combo of wine/benedryl at the end of pregnancy to get rest.

Some other things you could research and try:
Herbs- cramp bark, wild yam, black haw
Extra calcium and magnesium supplement
Warm baths
The good news is that your labor will most probably be short and sweet!
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I always had lots of heavy prodromal labor. The only time I wasn't induced I went at 43w5d, and that was after being in and out of non baby moving labor since something like 34 weeks. I can totally relate!

I voted to ignore it. If you do need the bath and wine, I think that's OK too.

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Well, I was positive this was it for real this morning... serious contractions kept me up since 3am, and I finally woke my husband at 9 after being curled up in the fetal position on the floor for a few of them. We figured, since the midwife is coming at 1 for a checkup anyway, we could just ask her if "this was it" then.

Aaaaand it all stopped at 11 am. I'm having breakfast now.

Thanks for all the support, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to have the neverending prodromal story.
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Wow, you are really getting it good. How did the MW appt go?
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Man, just a for you. I can not imagine going through that!
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