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I don't even have a full year under my belt yet, but I think I get some badges lol

the carseat one, totally. Also nursing while buckling her INTO the carseat....

nursing at a sold out baseball game with total strangers next to me.

nursing while feeding chickens at a farm

nursing while playing a dart game at the fair

nursing sitting on a small pumpkin (pumpkin patch......no where else to sit....)

nursing leaning over the shopping cart with her sitting in the front

nursing while hiking in Muir Woods

perhaps soon I might get the nursing another baby badge, my friend is trying to relactate and I offered to help her try to teach her DD to latch :
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plump birthday pinata.

and caught himself on what? My nipple.
: owwww

soooo funny great thread maybe we could sew the badges onto wraps? or somthing
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These are great ...
My badge:
Nursing my almost 3-year-old sitting on the sidewalk in a neck collar while having blood drawn and vitals checked by 3 hunky EMTs after I passed out from falling over a flower bed and came to while overhearing my mother tell my soon-to-be new neighbors that I do this when I have my period. Welcome to the neighborhood

So I guess I get the 911 Badge. DS was hysterical and I knew nursing would let him know it was all okay.
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Oh no! I hope this thread isn't killed. :
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Oh yay!!! It's so awesome to be able to pat yourself on the back once in a while instead of loading up on the mom guilt! My babe is only 4 months old but I'll keep earning badges I'm sure!

I get the Battling Thrush 4 month Badge, for nursing even when it hurt so bad I was crying!

The cruel MIL Badge, for not giving up even when she dropped off formula "just in case" and hoped I would have a hard time nursing because it's "dirty and low born" :

The NIP while my mother is desperately trying to cover me up EVERY time we go out Badge

The Explorative Toddler Badge, for when my 2 1/2 yr old nephew that was weaned very early came over to me while I was nursing my babe and explored my free breast and asked for a taste. To his mother's shock I said yes, and he popped off a couple seconds later and said "Now I know why Brady likes them so much!"

The eye contact Badge, for making eye contact and giving my biggest goofiest grin to every head shakin' glare makin' person I encounter while NIP.

That's all I can think of right now. This is so fun!
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And this reminds me of another one: I was sitting at the computer (logging in to the computer almost stimulates a Pavlovian-style let-down these days) and my son came in and wanted to nurse (I was nursing the baby). So I lifted my shirt and opened my bra so he could have "other side." I was just thinking how this computer chair was just the right height for him to stand next to me and nurse as did this happy little dance in his socks while nursing. Then he slipped (hardwood floors+socks=trouble) and caught himself on what? My nipple.
I'm not nursing any kiddoes right now, but I have to tell you, I laughed so hard at this, I'm crying.
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I get to add another one!

Nursing at teh top of the STL Arch!
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Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma View Post

The Explorative Toddler Badge, for when my 2 1/2 yr old nephew that was weaned very early came over to me while I was nursing my babe and explored my free breast and asked for a taste. To his mother's shock I said yes, and he popped off a couple seconds later and said "Now I know why Brady likes them so much!"
Oh I LOVE that!
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-Nursing while showering
-Nursing while bathing
-Nursing while singing on the praise team at church
-Nursing while leading a praise team rehearsal
-Nursing (in a sling) while walking up front to take communion at a special service our church did (normally the communion is brought to us)
-Nursing in....... (name that store, Costco, Target, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and Every restaurant we ate at till dd was over 3)

-nursing during take off and landing (and often most of the flight) 1-2 round trip flights a year since she was born.

-Nursing all night long for as long as I can remember
-Nursing at the local park
-Nursing in a public pool
-Nursing in front of any and all family members no matter what they thought and actually I think I've changed my fathers opinion somewhat. (He is supportive just doesn't want to see it)
-Now Nursing while pg.

We'll see if I earn the tandem nursing award. That one is up to DD.

-Oh nursing my standing toddler while in a friends hospital room while she was in labor.

-Nursing while cooking more foods than I can count. (but chocolate chip cookies is a favorite memory.)

Thats all the comes to me right now. We have stopped nip at this point mainly because I needed to be able to say no sometimes and that gave a good clear "rule" and I was beginning to get nervous that one of her friends would say something to her and turn what is beautiful into something else. We do still nurse at LLL meetings but other than that keep it at home when there is no company over.

How could I forget!

-Not even considering weaning when it became apparent that my dd has multiple food allergies after the age of 2 which necessitate my completely changing my diet while we figured it all out.
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Oh, I sooo have a good one. I am the freaking eagle scout of nursing.

On Friday I nursed my daughter while getting cervical and uterine curattage wth no anesthetic (had to drive home...).

Now that ought to be one HECK of a badge.
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I just remembered another . . . nursing while in labor
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Hi I'm new to this and still battling to see how it works. I'm a bf mom of ds just turned 3 years. I think I earned a badge for "lying to the nurse about which side my then 18hour old ds nursed to avoid having him given formula or horror-of-horrors -sugar water" I did that for the whole day untill late evening when he nursed of his own will after waking up.
And "trying to board a plane with a cranky, very tired 9 month old-then nursing him to sleep while having my boarding pass stamped"
And the bath badge, the Wimpy badge - that one I got regularly as they were very BF friendly.
The badge I like most is - the "I refuse to bf in a toilet as you don't eat there either" badge.
I enjoy bf my son, and just ignore people's reactions on it.
Better still, I don't talk about it a lot.
It's so nice to bf a toddler over his tantrum. :
Mom to Simeon (3y): : :
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I nursed through three pap smears, during Communion (hello elderly priest, here's my nipple), under the Eiffel Tower.

What do I get for those?
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ok - i think i got a few..

"nurse my ds after his dr appt while signing papers at the front desk" (just moments eariler i tried nursing him in the room cause they pretty much let you stay in there to nurse as long as you need (or find an empty room where you can go) and DS didnt want to nip until we hit the front desk - LOL

Nurse while cooking (the last one was pan cooking chicken and boiling eggs)

nurse thru thrush... twice with ds, once with dd (and man was hers TERRIBLE!)

nurse at the local ice cream shop

nurse at the mall food court with everyone looking on (why dont they just take a picture if they want to look that long?)

nurse while on the tiolet

nurse while i lay on the couch with a bad back and he was cruising the furinture - LOL

that's all i can think of right now
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OMG, I just snorted tea out through my nose! This thread needs a warning label.

I'll add mine:

The "Gymnurstics" badge, awarded for nursing a toddler from 360 degrees in a 3-minute period (jointly awarded to ds)

The "Toy Tandem" badge, for nursing a bear, a dog, a wooden screwdriver, a train, a domino, a pillow, a shoe, a sippy cup, oh, and a ds, at the SAME TIME.

The "Heat Guided Missile" badge, for getting nipple to toddler mouth in pitch black room in 0.7 seconds flat, every time.
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Originally Posted by ChinaDoll View Post
Dumbo should surely count!

I love the "while strapped into the carseat" one - it takes skill and flexibility to earn that one!
Or at least stretchy boobs and nips. BTGTB (been there, got the badge)

how about nursing on a bench in front of the checkout stands in Safeway?
middle of SuperW*M? mall?

nursing on a public beach?

OALD/raw nips/ overbite (iffylatch to this day..)

Looked like Dolly Parton when my milk came in...:

marathon nurser (for 3+ yrs)

nursing to get her head tipped up enough to rinse

nursing in the tub to have enough time to wash her without screaming..

having thrush for 2 mos

done the nursing while trying to get her/myself dressed...

nursed while sitting in comp chair as she spun us around (she was walking and nursing lol)

nursing while using the bathroom (at home!) when she was a nb and I had to pull down, rinse, pat dry, pull up and not dislodge or wake her...

nursing sitting on the couch until my butt went numb

nursing on the floor until both legs and my butt went numb

her nursing until I let down and then her popping off to watch the show..

the "being able to squirt the cat 10 feet away" badge...

I know there's more but can't think of them right now...:
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I'm sure I have some of the ones y'all have...

~nursed in Submarine Squadron Six, in a busy office with lots of men going in & out
~nursed on Pier 5 NOB with several hundred people, including local & national media present (extra points for the Navy photographer standing directly behind me?)
~nursed during labor
~tandem nursed newborn & toddler in hospital bed
~nursed at assorted command picnics
~nursed in the movie theater (really, who hasn't? )
~switched between toddler and newborn throughout church services (not quite tandem, but close)
~nursed during part of DDs' baptism
~nursed DD sitting in shopping cart while walking through the store (with and without major breast exposure)
~MySpace nursing picture--now I know a lot of us have this one!
~turned nursing photo into main image for my blog
~nursed babe in carseat both sitting beside her in the car & kneeling beside her in the van (I know, latter wasn't the greatest idea)
~nursed while on the potty
~nursed toddler while she was on the potty
~nursed in Waikiki
~nursed in Pearl Harbor (I know, I know, it's just another Navy base, but it sounds cool, right?)
~nursed during the Texas Folklife Festival
~nursed during San Antonio Stock Show (both nurslings, just not at once)
~tandem extended nursing x2
~extended nursing during pregnancy x2
~tandem nurslings fought over breasts at cousin's house
~ended argument with husband by squirting him with breastmilk (it wasn't a serious argument)

I have this sudden urge to nurse in a tank. I wonder if they'd let me...

BTW, the one of which I am proudest is the second. That was a total zoo, and I just love the phrase "local and natonal media".
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Nurse Ins

started nurse out michigan group

My mom stood in front of me with her coat out llike batman to hide me.

told by church nursery to dump out the hazardous bodily fluid and refil with their free safer formula, followed with letter writing campaign launched here

checked out milk momney and madness yesterday

into seven years of nursing, nonconsequetive

pumped easily 4000 ounces of milk, just during working hours

made a database to track milk production

two formula free kids

cooked with milk

four discarded peds, for telling me horrible BF advice. (Limit nursing to ten minutes or your nipples will be sore, for a newborn)

Nursing while preg

returned to work full time six weeks after birth for each kid. Hubby fed EBM while I worked, he stayed home.

six months braless to prevent thrush.
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how about . . .

nursing very distractable babe while running a cash register in the only convenience store in a very small town

on a merry-go-round

while toddler sits on my head

on the ohio erie towpath trail waving at other bikers

i'd also like the refusing the blanket badge cuz i get the offer at every family gathering, no matter how often

and the 'who needs pads' proudly leaky mama badge (they make me itch.)
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Adding to my list

--Tandem nursing in my hospital bed a day after having DD2.
--Nursing DD2 during my 6 week post natal check up.
--Nursing DD1 and DD2 (separately) through vaccinations and blood draws.

That's it for now.

--Nursing through pregnancy
--Tandem nursing one year and going strong
--Co-sleeping in a "play yard" once DD1 reached the point where she could crawl over me. It's a good thing I'm short and I usually sleep curled up on my side. I finally invested in a $300.00 custom made mattress when I was about 8 months pregnant with DD2.
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