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I want "hand expressed into a sippy cup while driving down the highway because of engorgement due to a teething related nursing strike"!
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This thread has me LOL!

I can accept the NIP - anywhere, anytime, NI carseat (more frwequently than I should), on the potty, him on the potty, in the bathtub, on the plane, 360 degree rotation, hanging over like a pinata, to sleep everytime/everynight, all night most nights, in my sleep, in front of in laws no cover attempted, trucks/feet/trains....

but I have to say my big badge is for continuing to nurse my immune disorder / allergic to all foods 2 year old with my diet consisting of only 2 foods for almost a year now (before that is was @ 5-12 foods from when he was 8 weeks old) changing doctors multiple times to find someone who knew what they were talking about (at least to the point that anyone does), educating them when necessary and keeping DS and myself healthy, and DS growing and developing being exclusively BF - nothing else (and having to keep him away from all other food (even crumbs on other toddlers))....

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i always said my sling feels like a brownie badge sash and i need badges/patches for it.

i could make a list, but what first comes to mind is

tandem nursing all.night.long
adoptive nursing EXCLUSIVELY
can i get one for longest boobs? :
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Let's see, do I get one for hand expressing eight ounces into a bottle for my then 2 yr old with oral motor problems (hence why she used a bottle), while said 2 yr old screamed in the back seat, as we raced down the interstate at 75 miles an hour from Houston to San Antonio, and in the process sprayed so much milk over the dashboard/ windshield that we were still cleaning missed spots off a year later? And it looked like we had driven right through Casper the friendly Ghost?

Holy run on sentence, Batman!
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Oooo Can I jump in and get mine please?

~Pumping and cupfeeding and nursing when I could a one week old baby with both of us with thrush and extreme pain, with no supplementing even though I was told I'd have to
~Nursing while washing my hair in the bathtub
~Nursing while laying on the bed and baby is standing behind me holding my boob (YAY for big boobs )

and most recently (this afternoon)

~Wearing a friends 6 month old on my back and my 11 month old on my front, both in Mei Tais, both sleeping, and my babe nursing... ALL HANDS FREE!!! (Yeah, pretty proud of that one : )
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Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
The Explorative Toddler Badge, for when my 2 1/2 yr old nephew that was weaned very early came over to me while I was nursing my babe and explored my free breast and asked for a taste. To his mother's shock I said yes, and he popped off a couple seconds later and said "Now I know why Brady likes them so much!"
I'm curious if you asked his mom before you let him "taste"?
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I am laughing so hard that I am crying. And I'm at work : - good thing I have my door closed.

Here are a few I'd like to claim:

The "You get to eat, but I don't" award. Continuing to nurse through major food intolerances, even though every single person I know in real life thought I was crazy. At one point I couldn't eat dairy, egg, soy, gluten, honey, coconut, nuts, or anything raw, among other things. Chicken and squash, anyone?

The "Can we please land this plane" award. I was on a day trip for work and hadn't taken my pump since my DD was older and I wasn't pumping during the day anymore. Well, that thinking didn't take into account several flight delays or the holding pattern (for which I couldn't even get up and go to the bathroom to hand express) we were in for hours. If there had been a kid on the flight, I'd have begged the mom to let me nurse it. I was contemplating asking the man next to me for a favor. . .

"Nursing while wiping a toddler's bottom." Included in this is the "washing your hands while nursing award", which is quite a skill, I might say.

And I don't have a snazzy title for this one, but last night I found myself nursing (without a shirt on) a gymnastic 14 month old while feeding my cranky/screaming/kicking low-blood-sugar 4 yr old some carrot-raisin salad with my non-dominant hand (because I needed its strength for the 14 mo old). My husband walked in the room, looked around, shook his head, and walked out without saying a word. Welcome to our life, love.
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OK, now I get the "tandem nursing during pregnancy" badge. :
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Okay. I was going to claim the "nursing on elimination diet for baby with multiple food allergies", but now I see that MyBoy is over here -- and in my opinion she should get the Mother of All Nursing Badges. What she has done for her little guy is beyond words IMO.

(Hi MyBoy! -- I'm JuliaG over in POFAK-land.)
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