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LOA and Time

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I've been searching through the LOA threads I've found and they are very helpful in many areas. I am just realizing a specific area where I have been really stressing myself out (and my children as well) - time. I have been presuming that I don't have enough time. I have made this presumption such a habit that it affects all of my daily activities. I want to live in a frame of mind that acknowledges the reality that there is enough time!

For example: I am preparing to teach a course at the university this fall, one which I have only taught twice and neither time recently. I need to re-tool the course for an updated textbook and new ideas I have. My thinking has been that I do not have the time to do this. The REALITY, however, is that as I go about whatever I'm doing with my children or my life, I am thinking and planning and dreaming about this class, and the fact is that it's pretty well planned already. And class doesn't start for two months. But the main things I want to do in the class I already have sketched out in my mind. So there has been plenty of time. I just have not acknowledged this.

Another example: my MIL helps me a great deal with the girls. As this time of change (going back to teaching, transitioning the girls to preschool) approaches, the girls want more time with me. I, presuming I do not have enough time (for anything), distance myself from them when I'm with them and then drop them off in a way that says I can't wait to be gone. This gives them feelings of insecurity and they cry for me when I'm away (with grandma, who has been with them every day of their lives!!). But I have plenty of time with them. I have plenty of time for myself. I have plenty of help. I have no need to create in them a sense that I wish them away - even a short distance away. I'm not talking here about creating space for allowing new people into our lives as students (mine) and caregivers (theirs). I'm talking about an attitude that says "We have to hurry and get used to not being together so off you go now! There's not enough time!" Really there's plenty of time.

I have an abundance of time. An overflowing spring of time cascades through my days and nights, giving me all the spiritual space I need for connection to myself and re-connection to my children and family.

Thanks for reading if you've taken the time to read this far.:
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I am exactly the same in my thinking there isn't enough time and acting that way. Frittering the time away I do have to do things and focusing on my anxiety that I wont be ready or done in time in so many ways.
Thank you for your beautifully written post, it has really helped me.
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I have been having some success with the perception of slowing down time. Time, like everything else, is under the LOA.
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This *really* hit home with me~ thank you!!: Funny how even being as conscious as I *think* I am being of LOA in most areas~ things still slip through the cracks, like this. Thanks for an eye opener even more refreshing than my vat-o-coffee sitting here in front of me right now, lol~

Happy day~
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I'm so glad to read that this resonates with other mamas! We are so geared to a workaday world mindset that we really think we are not being "productive" (whatever that means) when we do things in a more natural daily rhythm. I'm finding it more helpful to continue to remind myself that there is plenty of time. I also am noticing that I tend to scold myself for forgetting to remind myself. : Clearly this leads me to another area to apply the LOA - I have an abundance of positive self-talk!!

Thanks for the positive response, this really was a meaningful and happy discovery for me and I am so happy to share it with folks who are going through something similar.
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