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Menu Sharing

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I love reading everyone's menus, gives me good ideas for my own family. Here is our meal plan for tomorrow through next Friday:

1. Mexican Salad
2. Stuffed baked potatoes & green salad
3. Chicken casserole, herb-roasted vegetables & crescent rolls
4. Vegetable soup & broccoli cornbread
5. Baked spaghetti, green beans & garlic bread
6. Pork chop casserole, corn on the cob, lima beans & pistolettes

Desserts (I make one dessert on Sunday and one on Wednesday):
Apple crisp
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I just made my menu for the week. I still need to figure out a few things. I'm trying to use up pantry and freezer food this week.

Tonight - vegetarian meatball sandwiches with a salad
Saturday - NIGHT OUT (yeah!)
Sunday - chocolate chip pancakes and fruit
Monday - Greek cous cous (I might throw some vegetarian chicken nuggets in there)
Tuesday - Tuna and broccolli noodle casserole with a salad
Wednesday - left overs
Thursday - Vegetarian sausage and peppers, tater tots, something green
Friday - Egg, soyrizo, mushroom, potatoe casserole with some kind of strawberry dessert
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I love reading your menus! Keep 'em comming Mamas, so I can get more great ideas from you!

1.Homemade pizzas on wheat tortillas - with mushrooms, shredded zucchini, feta cheese
2.Pork roast (crock pot), sweet potatoes, coleslaw, broccoli (love having left over pork roast on hand for burritos & sandwiches)
3.Chicken wraps - garlic & pepper seasoned chicken, tomatoes, corn, green pepper, egg, avocado, ranch dressing
4.Spaghetti, green beans, salad, garlic bread
5.Bean Quesadillas with Spanish rice
6.Halibut, seasoned potatoes, broccoli, coleslaw
7.Carry / Eat out!!
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I really need to get back to doing this. Since I've been pregnant I've been much less organized about meal planning. We've been spending a lot more on groceries, and while I know it's important to eat well, I think I can do that and control my spending a little by meal planning. Okay, here are 8 meals:

1. chicken fried brown rice with fresh snow peas, garlic and basil
2. homemade pizza and a big salad
3. pasta with either meat balls or sausage and a salad
4. nacho style beans and rice (we make this with brown rice but layer it like nachos- brown rice, beans, cheese, salsa, guac, etc.)
5. quiche and a salad
6. chicken curry with veggies, rice and garlic nan
7. left over curry, rice and nan
8. grilled salmon, potatoes and a veg
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Here's our meals for the week-very flexible, as we don't assign specific days to specific meals. We are also flexible with sides-we always have plenty of veggies, salad stuff, and fruit around. We usually do fruit as dessert and eat it later in the evening. I've planned through Friday-we're doing a big Costco and Wild Oats run this weekend, so we're getting a little bare.

1. Hamburgers with Alexia baked onion rings (they are so yummy!)
2. Grilled chicken with veggie
3. Creamed chicken with veggie
4. Lasanga with salad and veggies
5. Potato grill wraps (basically potatoes and whatever leftover meat, veggies, cheese we have)
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Here's mine for the next two weeks. I've been trying really hard to include foods that don't heat up the house to cook. We're mostly using the crockpot and grill to cook.

Lunch: sandwiches, pretzels
Supper: Black bean salsa burritos with WW tortillas

Lunch: egg sandwiches on English muffins, fruit kabobs
Supper: Homemade pizza- one topped with pinapple, the other with green olives

Lunch: PB & J, apples, carrots
Supper (game night): sub sandwiches- turkey & cheese with lettuce, green peppers, shredded carrots, tomatoes, sprouts

Lunch: Ham and Cheese sandwich with lettuce, sprouts and tomatoes
Supper: crockpot herb-roasted veggies, corn muffins, salad

Lunch: Quesadillas (WW tortillas, cheddar, tomato chunks, salsa)
Supper: Turkey, spinach, shredded carrot, cuke slices in a tortilla wrap

Lunch: crock pot mac & cheese (homemade), broccoli, carrot slices
Supper: marinated chicken on the grill, slald

Lunch (park day?): PB&J, carrot sticks, green pepper slices, apples
Supper: Burgers on WW buns, mixed veggies

Lunch: tacos, salad
Supper: crock pot baked beans, corn muffins

Lunch: egg sandwiches, fruit kabobs
Supper: pizza (1 pinapple, 1 green olive)

Lunch: PB&J, carrot sticks, apples
Supper (game night): sub sandwiches with all the fixins

Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich, fruit, veggie slices of some sort
Supper: pasta salad w/ tomato, balck olives, bell peppers

Lunch: quesadillas (WW tortillas, tomatoes, salsa)
Supper: Turkey, spinach, carrot, cuke tortilla wrap

Lunch: crockpot mac & cheese (homemade) with peas, fruit
Supper: crock pot baked beans, corn muffins

Lunch: PB&J, fruit, veggie slices/sticks
Super: Burgers (on the grill), mixed veggies, salad

Lunch: marinated chicken on grill, salad
Supper: grilled cheese sandwich, cold veggie soup

Lunch: Brats (WW buns), fruit salad
Supper: pizza (see a trend here? Sunday is pizza night at my house )
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6/26 cabbage rolls
6/27 sweet and sour chicken wings
6/28 anazai beans with rice
6/29 grilled chicken
6/30 grilled tri-tip beef (I think thats the cut)

I never plan side dishes until the day of since I usually change my mind. I think with the cabbage rolls tonight we will have steamed english peas with garlic butter.
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Here's my Rough 2-week menu plan

Chili (crockpot) - will freeze leftovers and use next week (makes about 3 dinners)

Baked potato bar / salad – will have an extra potato to take for lunch the next day

Baked spaghetti/green beans – will make enough for 2 dinners

BBQ pineapple chicken w/ rice- enough for at least 2 dinners

Pork tenderloin kebabs on BBQ, homemade naan -not usually much for leftovers here! 4th of July

Stir fry with peanut sauce and noodles – enough for 2 dinners (do you see a theme here?)

Bread baking usually happens on Saturday and Wednesday to keep enough in the counter and freezer to feed any and all bread cravings. Crockpot oatmeal on Sunday night makes really good leftovers for breakfast on weekdays. I make scratch pancakes for breakfast on "mommy-stay-home-days"

I try to alternate days with new stuff vs. days w/ leftovers.
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Tonight: Spinach linguini topped w/ cheddar cheese & amy's vegetarian chili
naan bread, salad
Tomorrow: my mom is coming over to start a soup for me! yeah!!
Friday: most likely out, pizza
Saturday: depends on what's in the CSA box
the rest depends on the CSA box & farmers market for next week
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Today: hamburger steaks, cucumbers and tomatoes in Italian dressing, zuchinni with oregano, roasted potatoes and arugula

Thursday: collards and turnips, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, cucumbers in vinegar, and squash

Friday: (our anniversary) bruschetta with smoked salmon and cucumbers, scallops provencal, herbed basmati rice, tomato mozzarella salad, fruit tarts

Sat: cheesy olive bread, potato leek soup

Sun: lunch: cheese gorditas with salsa
supper: (my birthday) eggplant lasagna, salad, peaches with whipped cream and crumbled almond cookies

Mon: roast chicken, squash casserole, pasta with pesto, sliced tomatoes (? depends on how many are ripe)
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I posted my month-long menu for July on this other thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...=695267&page=2
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what's up with all the naan? Am I missing out an easy, quick, yummy recipe? Please share!
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- Crockpot chicken with black beans, salsa, & cream cheese over rice
- Chicken, broccoli, rice casserole
- Cobb sandwiches (turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, ranch dressing on toasted english muffins)
- Veggie fried rice
- Tuna Casserole, Salad
- Fish Nuggets, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes
- Baked Potato Soup
- Whole Wheat Couscous with parmesan and cheese
- Crockpot chicken & stovetop (I know its bad! It's a pg craving!), green beans, salad
- Zucchini Beef Bake
- Spinach & Mushroom Quiche
- Red Beans & Rice, Sausage, mixed steamed veggies
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Originally Posted by annethcz View Post
Lunch: Ham and Cheese sandwich with lettuce, sprouts and tomatoes
Supper: crockpot herb-roasted veggies, corn muffins, salad
Do you have recipes for the crockpot herb-roasted veggies and corn muffins? Both sound good!
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* Subscribing

I need ideas.
I haven't made meal plans in ... months now. :
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Originally Posted by mackysmama View Post
what's up with all the naan? Am I missing out an easy, quick, yummy recipe? Please share!
No we buy it at our fabulous Asian market or at Trader Joe's.

Get the kind with garlic. It's really good, almost as good as our favorite restaurant. And much cheaper.
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Originally Posted by mackysmama View Post
what's up with all the naan? Am I missing out an easy, quick, yummy recipe? Please share!

There's a great recipe that someone else pointed out a while back on the allrecipes site. Just type in "naan" and look for the one with all the good reviews. Even though it's a yeast bread, it's pretty simple and SO GOOD!
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meal planning for next week and am stumped. What can I serve with Greek Pasta salad (as the entree)?
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Originally Posted by mackysmama View Post
meal planning for next week and am stumped. What can I serve with Greek Pasta salad (as the entree)?
I don't know... Pita sandwich type thing with goat cheese or feta and olives & onions? Does that sound Greek-ish?
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How about stuffed grape leaves - ?

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