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You could do warm pita bread or pita chips.

Pasta salad is always hard for me to think of side dishes, so we end up eating it for lunch on the weekends, when I don't serve sides.
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Just menu planned and grocery shopped for the next week:

Friday - breakfast casserole with soyrizo, mushrooms, potatoes, eggs, cheese. Fruit. Strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Saturday - Baked potatoe bar, baked beans, cucumber and tomatoe salad.
Sunday - Hallah French toast and fruit
Monday - Greek Pasta salad with hummus and pita
Tuesday - Tofu fajitas with guacamole and chips
Wednesday - vegetarian stuffed peppers (freezer) and tater tots
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - some kind of quiche with fruit

I just realized, though, that we don't have much green in the menu. Hmmm....
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Here's ours for July 1 through July 7:

1. Pork chop casserole, lima beans, pistolettes
2. Chicken spaghetti, green salad, rolls
3. Hamburger vegetable soup, cornbread
4. Mexican lasagna, black beans, tortilla chips w/ salsa
5. BBQ beef sandwiches, baked fries
6. Frozen pizza, green salad

Planned a couple of easy things for this week since we're doing a "No Eating Out" challenge for July.
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Here's ours:

1. Homemade pizza
2. Steak, potatoes, salad (4th of July dinner w/friends)
3. Grilled chicken, veggies
4. Baked potato grill wraps (didn't get to this last week)
5. Hot dogs/burgers and veggie

Tomorrow night will be flexible-we're going to a performing arts event, so we'll probably just do salad or something quick. I'd be surprised if we get to all these meals this week, as we'll have a TON of leftovers from the 4th. I bought a huge, yummy watermelon and would be perfectly happy eating that for dinner every day of the week!
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Breakfasts will be things like muffins, fruit, etc.

Sunday (tonight)
Dinner = turkey kielbasa with pasta and zucchini-spinach sauce

Lunch = Cooked chicken with dipping sauce; Grapes; Baby carrots (ds) / Peas (mama); Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit
Dinner = Stir-fried noodles w/ veg and miso soup

Lunch = pbj on whole wheat (ds) / little frozen veggie lasagna (mama); dates (ds); cucumbers and yogurt
Dinner =Fish, rice, and veg

Wedneday – 4th of July!!
Lunch / Dinner =hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans (get Hillbilly Housewife recipe)
** Dessert = Apple pie ^.^

Lunch =Fish salad pockets with sliced veggies, figs, and yogurt
Dinner =Asparagus (canned) and eggs with hollandaise sauce (?)
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Here's our plan for the week. Salad and fruit is available for any meal. We definitely won't get to all of it as the in-laws are coming and we'll probably eat out a bit. Our freezer is stuffed full and we need to eat out of it for awhile. The plan is to eat out of the freezer for the rest of the month and then do a big restock before school starts in mid-August.

1) Hamburgers/baked fries/veggies
2) Homemade pizza
3) Cajun chicken/green beans
4) Meatloaf cups/corn
5) Tacos
6) Pork chops with homemade stuffing/veggie
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Here is ours

1. Mirin and Sake Beef Stir Fry with peppers
2. Pork Kabobs with zucchini, mushrooms and onions
3. Ravioli with sauce
4. Fish tacos
5. Stuffed Poblano peppers
6. homemade pizza
7. Leftovers
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Oh, I love stuffed poblanos! Yum

Fri: steak sandwiches, pan fried potatoes, cucumbers in vinegar, zuchinni
Sat: shrimp coktel
Sun: hamburgers, baked beans, salad, cukes
Mon: fried chicken, collards, mashed potatoes with yeast gravy, sliced tomatoes
Tues: breakfast for supper

We get our CSA Tues, so I'll plan more then
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Here's mine through next Friday:

Lunch- Leftover Italian Cresent Bake, yogurt (all my weekday lunches are "take to work" lunches)
Dinner- Skillet chicken teryaki w/rice, pineapple, and stir-fry veggies
Dessert- pudding w/ whipped cream

Breakfast- Crescent Cinnamon Rolls, banana
Lunch- French bread pizza, salad
Dinner- Chicken parmesan pasta, brussel sprouts
Dessert- Homemade (well, its a mix, but that's about as homemade as I get right now...still learning!) Peanut Butter cookies w/milk

Breakfast- Banana pancakes
Lunch- BLT sandwiches, grapes and cheese slices
Dinner- Meatloaf cups, homemade mashed potatoes, whole kernel corn
Dessert- Crescent Cheesecake (I am trying out a bunch of new recipes before my kiddos get back from visiting their dads for the summer, thus all the "crescent" recipes...the girls LOVE them)

Lunch- Leftover skillet chicken teryaki w/rice, pineapple, stir-fry veggies, grapes, cheese slices
Dinner- Tacos, fruit salad
Dessert- Peanut butter cookies w/milk

Lunch- Chili Mac (canned, yes, I know), slice of bread, yogurt
Dinner- Shrimp with Pasta Alfredo, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes in dressing
Dessert- Crescent cheesecake

Lunch- Leftover chicken parmesan pasta, banana
Dinner- Breakfast Pie, canteloupe pieces
Dessert- Store-bought coookies w/milk

Lunch- Leftover meatloaf sandwich, apple slices, cheese slices
Dinner- Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, smoked sausage, canned peas
Dessert- Homemade (again, mix) oatmeal choc chip cookies w/milk

Lunch- Tuna salad sandwich, banana
Dinner- Spaghetti sandwiches, grapes, green salad w/dressing
Dessert- pudding w/cool whip

At this point, I'm JUST starting out trying to cook all of our meals at home. Before we would typically get fast food or take out 1-2 times a week, and go out to eat at least once on the weekend. In addition to being unhealthy (the burger I would make at home would be MUCH better for me that FF burgers), its dang expensive!

When we did eat at home, it was a confused jumble of "I don't wanna eat that!!!" and "oh crap, the macaroni's boiling but we have no milk" and oftentimes we'd end up having canned raviolis or sandwiches just out of "I don't think we have everything we need for something more complicated, and I don't farking feel like it."

I tried our first meal plan in June, and the kids LOVED it. The loved checking the bulletin board every morning to see the menu for the day, even if their favorite wasn't on the menu. And it helped me a lot knowing what I was going to cook, and knowing I had all the ingredients on hand, since I made my shopping list from the meal plan.

I'm so excited to finally be trying to get my family out of the 'fast food, take out, crap meals at home' rut! This forum has been such an inspiration!
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girlie1125-Congrats on successful planning! And don't worry about things not being "homemade"-you have to start doing what you can and you'll be able to slowly build. That's how I started out.

With the exception of an once-in-awhile meal out, I prefer to eat at home now. I can control portions (they give you such large portions when eating out!) and I know exactly what is going into my food. Plus, it saves so much money.
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Girlie - Do you have a recipe for the skillet teriyaki chicken? That sounds good! And I'm jealous of your desert every night! LOL I'd gain 50 pounds if I did that.
I'm making my meal plan up today so I should be able to post later.
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I'm not quite sure what I'm doing for the week, but tonight we're having baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, fresh stone-ground whole wheat bread with ricotta, basil and tomatoes and a salad.

I'll post the rest later!
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Nicole - Thanks for the encouragement! I don't know that we'll ever get around to cooking everything from scratch (both DP and I WOH full time), but I'm proud of the bit of progress I've made already .

Wife&Mommy- The Skillet Chicken Teryaki is from Hillbilly Housewife! I tried it and it was quite good! I threw in some frozen (steamed) stir-fry veggies, and Yum! The recipe is here.

Also, on dessert...we don't have dessert every night...right now the kids aren't home, and I keep it on there so that on the days we decide to have a little dessert, I have options. When the kids are home, they usually do have dessert every day, but we try to limit it to 2 cookies and a small glass of milk, or a very small piece of cake, or something. This is down from dessert once after lunch and once after dinner! What was I thinking? Now they can have a snack btwn lunch and dinner, but its typically fruit, yogurt, or a granola bar. So no, we don't necessarily fix all those every night .
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Tuesday (last night): taco salad
Wednesday: hamburger steaks with gravy, mashed potatoes with leeks, kohlrabi, cherry tomato salad
Thursday: pasta with roasted chicken and zuchinni, caprese salad
Friday: grilled lamb chops, wedge salad, baked potato
Saturday: BBQ pork butt, slaw, collards, cucumbers in vinegar
Sunday: leftover butt made into Brunswick stew
Monday: chicken and dumplings, cucumber and tomato salad
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Betsy-Do you have a recipe for your chicken and dumplings? I'm on the hunt for an easy one. :
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This is the easiest recipe ever. So much that I am ashamed.

Boil a chicken. Take the chicken out and debone it. Freeze about half the chicken for another recipe. Bring the broth up to a boil. Drop in frozen dumplings . Cook until done. Add back the half of the chicken. Eat. Yum.

No, but seriously, these frozen dumplings are the best. My family eats dumplings that are flat, almost like noodles. In fact, I've been to places in the midwest, where they call the same thing noodles. My aunt makes the best ones--they are rolled out, they dry all afternoon, then you cut them into strips before they are boiled. Even she, in the last few years, has gone to the frozen ones. They are next to the frozen biscuits, and they cost like $1.50. Can't beat it to save 3-4 hours of work.
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
Do you have recipes for the crockpot herb-roasted veggies and corn muffins? Both sound good!
Sorry, I just saw this.

Crock Pot Herbed Veggies is super simple, I don't really have a recipe. I just cut up some potatoes, carrots, onions, whatever I have and drop it in the crock pot. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the veggies, top with some herbs- I like marjoram, thyme, parsley and a little bit of salt. Stir to coat veggies. Set crock pot on high if dinner is in a couple hours, low if I'm on the ball and get it together earlier in the day.

I don't really have a recipe for corn muffins either- I just eye-ball it. Roughly equal amounts WW flour and corn meal, a small amount of sugar or honey, a pinch of salt, two pinches of baking powder, an egg and some milk.... I'm sure you could find a good recipe on allrecipes.com or similar. During the summer, I make large batches of muffins when it's cool and freeze them- that way I'm not heating up the house when it's hot.
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Menu time again. I recently bought a Rachel Ray 30 minute meals cookbook, and I'm inspired. Many of the meals on my menu are from that cookbook. Hopefully my family will like the recipes

Lunch: Goulash, carrot sticks, apple slices
Supper: Tuscan-style chicken with Rosemary, Wild mushroom risotto

Lunch: Green Bean Casserole, Mashed potatoes, romaine salad with pear
Supper: Eggplant Marinara, spaghetti, spinach salad

out all day

Lunch: super stuffed potatoes, fruit salad
Supper (game night): Sub sandwiches

Lunch: Grilled Green Chile Quesadillas, carrot sticks, apple slices
Supper: Spinach and Mushroom lasagna roll-ups

Lunch: turkey, cuke, carrot shred, spinach, mustard tortilla roll-up
Supper: out

Lunch: mac and cheese (homemade), broccoli
Supper: Lazy chicken, spinach and artichoke pasta salad

Lunch: PB&J, leftovers, misc veg & fruit
Supper: Maple Mustard Pork Chops, romaine salad with pear

Lunch: Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, raw veggies with ranch
Supper (company for dinner): Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken Sandwiches, Greek Salad, Fruit Kabobs, raw veggies with ranch, cookies for dessert (hot dogs for kids?)

Lunch: English Muffin egg sandwiches, fruit kabobs
Supper: veggie burgers, green beans

Lunch: stuffed potatoes, fruit salad
Supper (game night): sub sandwiches

Lunch: quesadillas
Supper: Honey Mustard BBQ chicken, romaine salad

Lunch: Turkey, cuke, shredded carrot, spinach, mustard tortilla roll-up
Supper: Gespacho

Lunch: mac & cheese, broccoli
Supper: Crock pot herbed veggies, romaine salad, corn muffins

Lunch: PB&J, leftovers, misc fruits/veg
Supper: Greek Shrimp and Feta Penne, Greek Dinner Salad

Lunch: Grilled Chesse & Tomato Sandwich, gespacho
Supper: Lemon-Thyme Chicken with sweet gnocchi
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Love these threads :
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Ann - what is Lazy Chicken? And thanks for the other recipes.
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