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Posterior baby at 38 weeks

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Hi ladies! I'm 38 weeks and my baby is posterior from what I can tell. I was looking at the spinning babies website, and they said to do some pelvic rocking, and maybe an inversion. What else can I do to get baby to flip over?
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Learned this from an old midwife::

Put a bag of frozen veggies, or any bag of frozen whatever, on your belly. Your baby will feel the cold on his/her hands and feet, and will turn over!

Worked for me!

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Even if your baby hasn't turned by labor he/she will most likely turn during labor if you stay moving and help the baby turn during labor. So keep moving and do everything you can to not be stuck in the bed.
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Thanks! Will putting the frozen veggies on my belly cause her to turn breech or transverse? I would rather her be head down and posterior then breech/transverse!! I just thought I would ask because I heard putting something cold near the head of a breech baby will cause them to flip head down, so I'm wondering if it would work the opposite way as well.
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Many times a posterior baby will not turn until delivery as you are pushing him/her out. My last two children were posterior, this may cause some painful back labor, laboring on your hands and knees can help this, or any position in which you take the pressure of the baby off your back. Sometimes they are born in the posterior position.
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Changing your babies position now isn't going to do much as far as the birth is concerned, except maybe if she were breech. Babies do move around before and during labor. I tried all sorts of things to get mine to face the other way, but none of them would cooperate. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the way the babies and I fit together, and that having been the best positions for them, or maybe the way the cord was draped it was best for them to stay that way.

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i was told to spend 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a day laying over a stack of pillows or an ottoman so that my belly hung down to avoid having a posterior facing baby. Has worked my last 2 times, I had back labor with my first. But you might try it.
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Do not recline! Avoid sitting in a recliner or on a couch with your feet up.
Keep your knees below your hips.
Prop your hips in bucket seats in the car so your pelvis is in correct alignment.
Swim with your belly down.
Get in a forward-tilting position as much as possible.

You can also visit a chiropractor who is trained in turning babies. Sometimes it's just the smallest adjustment that allows the baby to be comfortable in the anterior position.

Good luck!
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