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We're going even smaller...RV Living!

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Hello everyone...
Just wanted to share our latest adventure with you. We have purchased an RV and will be living in it at least for the next year if not longer. We just decided that now was the perfect time to travel and see more of U.S. and take the opportunity to educate others about simple and sustainable living...and also alternative fuels. Our RV was just converted to run on straight vegetable oil...clean for the environment and free!

The RV is probably between 200-250 square feet. We haven't had it back home yet to decorate and make it our own, but I'm planning on painting and making curtains and "remodeling" the bedroom a bit so we can fit our king bed in there. It's a 32 ft Fleetwood Flair RV...complete with solar panels...yay! I would love to eventually put a composting toilet in there, but one thing at a time, right

We will be getting out of our apt. (I know, I know)...but the RV will be our home now and we love it. Even though I adore our little apt...I adore traveling and meeting new people even more.

Be sure to stop by our new blog and subscribe...I'll be posting our entire journey there: www.livelightlytour.com. You can read more on the latest post on my blog too. Also, we'll be looking for places to stay and for people to help with employment along the way (see blog). Would love to meet you all!
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Oh my gosh that is sooo neat!
Your lil girl is lucky!
I cant wait to see what you do with the RV! It looks really nice!
Will either of you be working or did you save for this?

Best of luck to you and your family on this new wonderful journey.

P.S. However gets your apartment is sooo lucky!
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Wow! That's neat I hope you enjoy this next phase!
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Are you going for a record?
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You truly amaze me. I hope you end up in my neck of the woods, would love to meet you!

When you saw you would be looking for places to stay, do you mean in other's homes or to park your RV?

Keep us updated!

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Can I ask a question, because I'm just so curious. What do you guys do for income? Do you think when your dd is older you'll be less...well, nomadic? Good luck on your adventure!
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If you plan a photo shoot in MN let me know. I would love for you to take some family pics of us and Olivia. We are willing to drive too. I think you are going to have a blast!!!
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I have a question. How is vegtable oil free? Last time I checked it was more per gallon than gas.
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post

I have a question. How is vegtable oil free? Last time I checked it was more per gallon than gas.
That question and also some areas you cant get any oil as it already been spokenfor by other people.

Will be so much fun to travel and see everything!!!
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post
I have a question. How is vegtable oil free? Last time I checked it was more per gallon than gas.
I'm not sure if this is what OP has planned, but I do know that there are plenty of restaurants that loooooove to give the used oil away and some people in Canada use that. It costs a considerable amount of money for them to dispose of old cooking oil, and it usually isn't used all that much before it's changed. I worked in a fastfood restaurnat when I was a teen and we had to change the oil at least once/day and it had to be filtered before it went into the isposal bin. It looked perfectly fine to me and I use my oil much longer than they did; I don't mind if it starts to look a bit darkish as long as it doesn't smell. They threw away light yellow, clear oil. I don't know anything about it and if used oil is not adequate, then I don't know how it could be free either, but I think that's the idea behind using vegetable oil.

Harvesting new oil for fuel wouldn't be very environmentally sound, I don't think since it would require a whole lot more clear-cutting for oil crops than we already do and all those pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers (who would go organic for that? Maybe the individual...) and refining equipment and materials... If it's not a way to use used oil, then there are better ways of fueling our vehicles, imo.

OP, I think that what you are doing is amazing. I've considered it seriously myself, but I don't think I could handle the small space with four children and dh. I do treasure the times when dc run upstairs for a few minutes or even an hour (!) and I can rest a little downstairs. We used to live in 400 sq. ft. with just two dc and I was losing it there. We're moving into a smaller home than we have now, losing about 300 sq. ft, so about 1000 sq. ft, which is only going to work for me because I'm getting rid of nearly everything we own to make open space . Honestly if anyone visits, they're going to think they've hopped planets! It won't look at all like a coventional home- more like a mixture between a simplified Waldorf classroom and a traditional Arabic home. Oh, and the odd four person square swing, floor cushions and rope ladders on our burn wood beams in the livingroom are sure to charm... I totally love alternative homes!

Motor on, mama!
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Sounds like you need to head to Fort Collins for the sustainable living fair in September. http://www.sustainablelivingassociation.org/fair/ (Peggy O'Mara will be one of the speakers)

Good Luck!
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Emailed you.

You guys are gonna have a BLAST!
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So cool!! I've told DH a few times I would love to buy an RV and travel but we are so dependent on his health benefits through work we could never just up and leave
I can't wait to hear more about your journey!

ETA: Oh, and if you might be considering some consulting, I have work for you in CT! We will soon be renting a small apt. and I have no idea where to start..
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There's a festival here in the Black Hills this weekend. I doubt you'll be able to make it before the end.

I'm totally wanting to convert an old diesel to run on veggie oil. Do you have issues with gasoline taxes? I read somewhere about a guy getting arrested for using the roads and not buying gas (gas is taxed for road maintenance). I'm curious as how to avoid that issue!
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I'm in Fort Collins! Definitely stop by our Sustainable Living Fair. It's not huge but there are lots of interesting booths and talks. If you swing through, you may also be interested in the New Belgium Brewery - makers of Fat Tire, and a wind-powered operation with lots of other sustainable business practices in place.
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Be sure to post pics of the new digs!
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I'm so excited for you!!! Like I posted on your blog, I'm in the process of saving up and planning to live full-time on the road for at least 2 - 3 years (I won't be able to start until at least 3 years from now). You guys are going to have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see how you decorate your RV. The first thing I thought when I saw your blog yesterday was how much I'm going to be able to learn about eco-friendly RV'ing from you.

I can't wait to see the pics once you've decorated the RV!!!

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Aren't you kinda sad though after putting all that hard work into your apartment to be leaving after two months? I know you'll have a great adventure on your trip.

I am curious how your parents/ILs react with each of your moves? Not that its anybody's business but yours, just curious. Our families just wouldn't understand. I would do what you're doing in a heartbeat.
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You are living my dream, I just wish dh shared the same dream. I can't wait to read about your travels, and I hope you decide to travel down south.
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way to go,you will have a blast.
if you happen to come to NJ I would love to meet you IRL.
we have a couple of restaurants that I am sure you could fill up your RV FROM
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