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Twin moms--was any of this true for you?

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Things that increase chance of having twins.

BTW, this is just for curiosity's sake.
I have also read that women have a greater chance of conceiving twins right after coming off the pill.

ETA: Not a mom of twins.
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Nope. I'm on the slightly-older side of the fertility spectrum, but still a ways away from Social Security! Then, my boys are thought to be i.d., so really only the "just got lucky" part applies!
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Most of those things related to having DZ twins, and I have MZ twins, so I don't know -- I have no history, I was young (22), wasn't using any fertility enhancers, etc. So for me, most of it was "just lucky."

I think I ate/eat a lot of dairy, but I don't know if it's a lot compared to the rest of the world, ya know?

I believe the pill thing is empirically true, although not scientifically proven.
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Hmm. Interesting.

I'm 24, was bfing, was not on the pill (ever), no fertility meds, my maternal great grandmother had twins, and I'm not overweight.

They were conceived during my 2nd cycle following a D&C for a missed miscarriage.
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My boys are MZ, so none of those things apply.

DH and I prayed for twins, though!
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I was 29 and 218 pounds when I concieved them, we already had 3 kids, and my paternal grandmother had twins that died inutero. I am not a big dairy person when I'm not pg, I don't eat many yams and I have never had ferility treatment.
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I'm 30yrs old and already had one child. I miscarried in December 2006 and then went on to naturally conceive my fraternal twins right afterwords. Fraternal twins do run on my Dad's side there have been 3 sets in the last two generations. Mine will make the fourth.
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No family history, not TOO overweight (though I was a little above the ideal for my height and build), 31 when I conceived them, had never had twins before, not too big on yams or dairy, no fertility treatments, wasn't breastfeeding or on the pill, only had 3 kids before.

We just got lucky, I guess!
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Number 6 here! IVF did it for me!
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Not overweight, no family history on my side (DH has aunts who are DZ twins), I like milk but not too many yams, was 32 when I got pregnant, second pregnancy... just got lucky... and with MZ twins, that seems to be the case more often than not.

I have spent a lot of time wondering (particularly in those long nights in the early weeks) about what happened the day the embryo split into two. Does any one else think about that? I wish we knew more about what causes twinning, especially MZ twinning which seems to freaking random...
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i was 30 when mine were conceived, my 4th pregnancy, was 135 lbs and 5'1, no family history, no fertility help, no yams, i do like dairy tho.

we just got lucky with spontaneous frats! and the older they get, the luckier i feel its hard and overwhelming at times, but the Lord sure had a reason for giving us these 2 babes together and i thank Him for it every night
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this is interesting btw! i wondered how many were spontaneous!
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Twins in the family on both sides
A bit - full figured
Late 30's
Ate lots of sweet potatoes
Always been a very lucky person (see username)

But I bet it was the two embryos we tranferred that did the trick
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My uncles are fraternal twins, conceived when my g-ma (on mom's side) was late 30s. Lots of Id on my dh sides (4 or 5 sets)
Mid 20's
Very skinny when conceived
No yams or anything of the sort
Not bf nor was I on the pill (wasnt for 7 years before conceiving)
No help from fertility, got pg with them on the first try
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Originally Posted by nd_deadhead View Post
DH and I prayed for twins, though!
My DH told me that he prayed for twins about 1.5 yr ago. My response? You should've asked me first

Pretty sure mine are DZ, though we could be surprised with MZ. But none of the factors apply other than I was still breastfeeding. I did ovulate one week later than is typical for me.
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Fraternal twins on both of my parents sides
A bit on the heavy side
33 when I got pregnant
I stopped the BC pill in December and started trying in May and conceived the kids in July. We were hoping for a honeymoon baby but I'll take my surpise twins instead
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I think I am #10 and just got lucky. My husband has some twins in his family, but they are identicals and so are mine, and they are not that closely related anyway - his mother's brother's son's children.
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Don't eat yams often
love dairy (mmmm cheese)
was breastfeeding
no pill, no fertility treatment
very overweight
my father is a fraternal
Conceived first cycle after a miscarriage
have one child on earth
i'm 27, i'm not old LOL

and i'm having MZ twins... so it's really just luck!
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I don't have twins yet, but dh has a huge family history... of MZ twins. I think research will show there IS a familial tie to MZ twinning.

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Most of those don't apply to us. Although I was still nursing my 3 year old at the time. And I think I miscarried the month before these boys were conceived. I have heard that quite a bit, about miscarrying right before.

Otherwise I'm 30, not overweight, there are some twins back in the family that I never knew existed until we got pregnant, I do love yams but don't eat them all that much, and I suppose I eat a lot of dairy but not too much, and we did not do fertility! Don't know yet whether ours are fraternal or ID.
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