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Little correlation for me:

1. Not much history of twinning. My paternal grandmother had fraternal twins. My husband's great-grandfather was a twin. (Our twins are identical, though).
2. Grow or gain weight: BMI just under 22 pre-pregnancy, so nope on that count. But I am tall.
3. Wait till you're older: No, boys were born shortly before my thirthieth birthday.
4. Have more twins: No.
5. Yams and Diary: no yams, but LOTS of dairy (mostly tons of milk).
6. Fertility Assistance: No.
7. Larger Family: I guess so. . . babes are #4 and #5
8. Conceive while breastfeeding: no. . . I would have LOVED always to be able to get pregnant while BFing.
9. Get Preg. on the pill: No.
10. Just get lucky: YES! I wished for years and years that I would someday have twins - especially identicals.

Other suspicions: STRESS! I once read that twins were more likely in cases of high stress, this having been observed in victims of abuse and in post-war regions. I could never find this reference after becoming pregnant with twins, so it must not be a very common theory. But I was under a LOT of stress in the months around conception.
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I am 33
was slightly overweight having lost about 35-40lbs last year
love yams
My great grandmother was a twin (mom's side), my grandfather had twin sisters (dad's side), twins on both sides of dh's family (has twin first cousins from his mom's sister
came off the pill 9 months before conceiving (took us a long time - not complaining now )
Me thinks it is random, may be identicle, will see in 6-8 weeks!
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I was heavy, but not obese (like 10 - 20 lbs overweight when I got pregnant). I concieved the twins right after a miscarrige, and I read somewhere that was a factor. I didn't have any of the other factors.
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I guess I meet #10, Just got lucky :
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1. My mother's mother had fraternal twin brothers, my father's mother had fraternal twin brothers, my husband has distant relatives that were fraternal brothers.
2. I am 5' 10" and I was 220 when I conceived so I was tall AND overweight.
3. I was 29 when I conceived(found out I was pg on my 30th birthday!!)
4. Oh one set of twins is enough..thank you very much..lolll.
5. Not a whole lot of dairy here..DD is allergic/intolerant so we have none in the house. No yams either.
6.The only drug assistance we had was maybe a little too much wine on conception night.
7. LOL..I loved this one..very funny (DH has two girls from a previous marraige but we only had one child together before the boys)
8. DD hadn't nursed in about 11 months before I conceived.
9. I was off the pill for 9 months before we got pg with the twins.
10. Luck huh? Hehe.
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None of that is true for us and we ended up with dizygotic twins the first month we went about trying to get pregnant! I guess my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother had twin girls, but a) they may have been monozygotic (died at 5 days old...it was 1908) and b) I think that is too far down the gene line to affect me (my great-great grandma).
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Lots of factors apply in my case. I was 43 when I conceived, and breastfeeding. I ate yams, and lots of dairy (but only organic non-growth hormone dairy--I've heard it's the growth hormones that do it). I conceived in the 2nd cycle after a miscarriage. I've also heard that a new partner makes it more likely that you'll ovulate more than once (my twins are dizygotic), something about the hotness of the sex. Well, my husband was not a new partner for me at that point, but the sex was especially hot in the month they were conceived, I guess because we were both grieving the baby we'd lost. So there was that, too.

I think about the double fertilization a lot, how it was happening inside me while I was completely unaware. I wonder whether both eggs were released together, or at different times in my cycle. That all that was going on while I was going about my day--doing the dishes, maybe, or changing a diaper--it really is amazing. I did suspect that I was having twins, though not right away.
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In going back and reading over some of these posts, it seems that prayer has perhaps played a part in many of our twin conceptions! In my case, when we called MIL to tell her we were pg with twins she blurted out "Oh! God answered my prayers!".... I think it was MamaRabbit who experienced someone else praying for her to have twins. My response was the same, "She should have asked me first!" Don't get me wrong, I love having my twins but it is something I would have never wished for myself and firmly believe you should never wish for someone else without their express permission

The funniest thing was that right after I got pg I thought "thank god we're not having twins! I feel soooo bad for people with twins." Fast forward to 15 1/2 weeks at our first ultrasound and you would see me with a big ol' foot in my mouth!
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Originally Posted by mommymaemae View Post
The funniest thing was that right after I got pg I thought "thank god we're not having twins! I feel soooo bad for people with twins." Fast forward to 15 1/2 weeks at our first ultrasound and you would see me with a big ol' foot in my mouth!
You don't know how many times I've said that through out my life. It's very funny and comforting to know that other twin moms have said the same thing. Boy have I had to eat my own words. Needless to say I'm thankful for my babies and can't wait for them to get here as late as possible.
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Well I think the only one that applies to me is the one about birth control. Although I was on the patch. I took it off to try to coneive. Got pregnant that month. Low and behold twins. Twins do not run in my family. I am not older. I am only 29. I dont meet any of the other criteria really for twins.....so I guess its the birth control one....
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*my sis has two sets, but that's really the only family history we know of
*drank/ate a LOT of dairy until it started giving me problems in the 2nd trimester
*not overweight or older (I'm 29)
*took a 3 month break between the Pill and TTC
*no fertility assistance, unless you count the chaste tree berry tincture I took to up my post-ov progesterone levels...
*and these are my first, so I wasn't bfing

In addition to the first two points, I'd say I was also lucky. :-)
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Greensleeves, if I understand correctly, the twins on your father's side would affect your odds. What would not affect your odds are twins on your husband's side (though some speculate that identical twins could be affected by this).

1. I have no family history.
2. I'm above average weight. What's average height? I'm 5'7" (seems average to me)
3. I was 34 when they were conceived (which some consider "older", but the article doesn't sound as if it considers that older)
4. I guess we'll see if I have more twins eventually! This is the one reason I'm not sure if we want more--a fifth child doesn't seem out of the question, but two more seems too many for me
5. No yams, lots of dairy
6. No fertility assistance
7. Only two other children, but I think if this were rephrased, it could be a factor. I've heard that a number of pregnancies increases your odds. I had two miscarriages, so four pregnancies before the twins. For some reason, I've gotten the impression that miscarriages can often closely precede twin conception. Why? I dunno.
8. Not conceived while breastfeeding.
9. Not on the pill
10. For sure
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5'7" is very tall.

I'm absolutely terrified of being pregnant with twins right now. (No offense to anyone, I'm just scared out of my mind!! : ) I'm reading here in hopes of finding some reassurance that there's only one in there.
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Wow, this is cool to see all these different experiences.

michellyn, that's interesting info!
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Double post....oops!!
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Greensleeves - "I have twins in the family, though on my father's side which I understand does not seem to affect the odds."

From my understanding your father can pass it along to you but your husband can not affect your ability to have twins. If your DH has twins in his family and you have girls then it could affect her chances. Make sense?

For me....

No history - my great-Grandmother was a fraternal twin...my girls are mz.
Grow or gain weight - I was the lightest I'd been in years!
Wait until you're older - I was 28 when I got pg with my twins.
Have more twins - My only other baby is a singleton.
Conceive while bf'ing - Yep!! I was nursing (often!!!) an 18-month-old.
Get PG on the Pill - We were ttc.
Get lucky - Darn right I got lucky!!!!!!
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nope. just plain luck. eventually i found out that i have twins way back in my great grandparents generation.

don't they say id twinning is random and fraternal twinning is hereditary?
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Originally Posted by geishagirrrl View Post
don't they say id twinning is random and fraternal twinning is hereditary?
Most of the time it is. There is some research that says that families who have a lot of MZ twins in them obviously have something genetic going on. And there is also a study linking bf'ing when you conceive and MZ twins. But on the whole, MZ twins are just totally luck of the draw.
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My maternal great-grandmother had 2 sets of twins (out of 13 kids).
I was not overweight. I'm 5'7". I think 5'4" is average?
I was 34 when they were conceived.
I had never had twins before.
I didn't eat many yams, though now that I have 2 toddlers I eat them alot!
My dd weaned nearly 6 months before I got pregnant.
I had 4 m/cs in the year leading up to their conception.

I took clomid.
Mystery solved!
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My twins are MZ. I conceived them during my 2nd cycle after a miscarriage. A couple of you have also mentioned miscarriages right before your twin pregnancy ??
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