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I don't think there is a certain amount of time to stay in. I'll stay in and snuggle with both DS and hubby until I feel ready to go out. I live on a farm so I'm sure I'll take daily walks. I know with DS #1 I felt so overwhelmed that all I did was nurse/eat/sleep. I do remember getting excited to go to the grocery though I will certainly go pick out a pumpkin with DS and I will keep New Baby in a sling. Since I'm breastfeeding I don't worry too much about sicknesses.
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I went out on day 6 for a short trip because I was feeling a bit of cabin fever and felt *great* and went out a few days after that for a short grocery shop. I tried to stay in but it was hard. I ran to the video store at about 9 days old without the baby (because I didn't want to disturb him) but I got very emotional and raced to get back (about a mile drive). I don't like to be separated from my babies! Now at almost 3 months we are out 1/2 or 1/3 days for a good chunk of time. I do a lot of business lunches and meetings still. The sling is wonderful for cocooning him in these situations. I started going to the gym once a week without him for 90 minutes (Daddy has him at home) and that has gone ok but I really despise the separation - there just isn't another way to get to the gym and I really need it!
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My new babe is due in the first couple days of October, so Halloween will still be an option.

I don't even remember exacly what I did with DS, I was in the hospy for five days (C/S, anemic), then was pretty sick for a long time, complications and antibiotics and rehospitalization and stuff, and we had company at least once a day...I did go out too, I can't recall how much.... also to a lot of dr visits I remember : ...

This time I have a fantasy of not leaving the house for at least two weeks while DH has off work and our family gets readjusted (my LO will be not quite two)--ppl will want to bring meals and gifts and see & touch the baby, but I'm feeling kinda protective this time, so prolly we'll "allow" close family to come w/limits (and meals haha) and maybe no one else for a week or two...just get to know baby and let my body rest and stuff. We'll see what we actually do tho.
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Originally Posted by mrflowers View Post
We'll be back living in the Netherlands by the time this one is born, and I'm really looking forward to the traditional two-week 'kraamweken' bonding and rest time with the baby. NL is really an ideal place to have a baby; homebirth is totally normal, and the midwives will come to your house to do the new-baby tests (heel prick?) and check up on mom. Plus, you can get a baby-care nurse for super cheap. I'm sure some people use them to take care of the baby, but we (and a lot of others) use the nurse to take care of the house/ pets/ guests so that we can focus on the baby.
It's pretty much just a given over there that the new family will stop whatever else they were doing and just be together. I think it's easier to do over there, because people are more accustomed to rests/vacations, and have a different perspective on slowing down. It suits me perfectly, as I am a homebody book-addict, and will just nurse, sleep and read.
Gosh, good for you girl! How I miss Europe
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I miss Europe, too! Which is good, because it will give me the motivation to move overseas while rather pregnant. There are so many good things about society there, and raising babies is somewhat easier. The tricky part is that homeschooling is illegal in NL, but there is a way to do it, so we'll still be able to keep hs-ing the kids.
Lukas is our son's middle name!
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I'll be aiming to stay in for 2 weeks if I can rearrange my mid-term exam schedule. If not, then DH and baby will be going to college with me. Either way I told him that they need to be with me for at least the first month.
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It will totally depend on how I feel/how the baby is. Last time, I felt like I was tied to a chair for 2 weeks because we had issues bf, and I don't think it did me any good physically (though I really had no choice of course). DH had to encourage me take short walks to get air and get my body moving. I wish I had been able to get out and about earlier and hope I'm feeling up to it this time/that baby and I get off to a great start bf. I am planning to get a sling so I can take baby and have him close but not keep DS #1 cooped up. I hope Oct. is nice and we can enjoy the weather while it lasts.

I remember taking DS for a walk at around 3 weeks last time, and met this guy in the elevator who asked about the baby, and then said he had a 3 MOS old and they hadn't taken him out yet. I felt like there was such judgement in his words, that he couldn't believe I'd take my tiny baby out on a lovely Sept. afternoon.

I do recall having to find a ped at the last minute and rushing to see her a few times to make sure DS was gaining weight, and that was stressful, so this time I'm so glad to have a m/w that will come to us in the first 6 weeks.

I dunno, I don't feel like there should be a right or wrong answer on this one, esp. until the babies are actually here!
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Originally Posted by Liam's Mum View Post
I dunno, I don't feel like there should be a right or wrong answer on this one, esp. until the babies are actually here!
No right or wrong answers! I was mostly just curious. It seems like many people in my area think you should stay in for like the first year or so!
I think just doing what works for you and your baby is the way to go! I am really hoping for a little more relaxing bonding time with this baby. I really felt like people were here all the time with DS. He was my first too, so I was too stressed to relax when I had the chance!! I know better now and I really hope that makes a difference in those trying first few weeks!
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I haven't read all the responses yet but I took my first good walk with the baby in the baby bjorn and the dog on a leash at 17 days. I went out before that but not for too long. It depends on if you tear and have stitches etc... Ds was July baby so it was warm. You'll have to monitor yourself. The less intervention you have during delivery the better off you are imo. I went all natural so I wasn't sluggish from an epidural or anything. If you can take short jaunts and rest while your dc runs around you should be OK.
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With my first we had lots of visitors. My mom was also in the hospital. Actually went the same night I did so we visited her at 1 week. at 4 weeks we went to my local amusement park. That wasn't a good idea, I started bleeding all over again He was born in July

With my second we went grocery shopping the next day. It had to be done Dh just wore him in the sling so no one could touch him. We did get a few dirty looks. I did take it easier but we went on outings as a family. He was born in March.

This time around our local zoo does a trick or treating thing and I figure dh will take the boys to that while I stay home. I plan on getting out for walk and taking it easy, but once my 6 weeks are up I am off to the treadmill! I get the dumb seasonal depression as a pp. I am scared to death of RSV. I have so many friends who have gone through it and they did all bf exclusively. I plan on getting a pouch this time around and when we go to family Thanksgiving activities and Christmas stuff, she will just stay in the pouch and no one will hold her. I keep trying to figure out when we'll go back to church. Who knows. I am a bit paranoid about the whole winter baby thing. But I do plan on getting out, my kids can't stay cooped up all winter!
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This is my first, so I am not sure what I will actually do, but I know I have had major problems with cabin fever before. So I am planning on going for walks as soon as it is safe, preferably with the baby in a baby hawk or similar. I am also planning on pre-cooking, as I cannot be sure that I will have any help with that. However, I am absolutely sure that my friends and family will lend me their DVD series etc. and many good books.

I am not very worried about the cold, even though October can be cold here. There are so many mum's that do just fine and I can call a number of them up and ask for advice on weather-related things.
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