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New from Michigan

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Hi everyone,

I'm Sarah, married to Eric for 6 years and mama to 3 year old Andrew. I am currently 41 weeks pregnant and planning on a homebirth. Andrew was cloth diapered and a self-weaned nurser at just over 2 years. I am looking for a supportive community as I am sure I will have a lot of questions with my new little person on the way.

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Welcome to MDC! Best wishes on a peaceful birth in a few days. I'm sure you're anxious to meet your new addition.
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Hi and welcome! Another Michigan mama here. =)
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Hello from da U.P., eh!
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Hello,welcome to MDC!
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Welcome to MDC! Oh, it is so exciting that you'll be giving birth in the next week. I'll be thinking of you. Nice to meet you too :
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Welcome to MDC!
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Hi Sarah!

I am new to the MDC and also live in Michigan. I have three kids, Nolan, 4, Gillian, 3, and Sadie, 18 mos. They were all born at home. I hope that you have a great experience with this birth.

Where do you live? We are in Plymouth.

Best Wishes to you and your family on your new addition!!
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We live in Kalamazoo.

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And contratulations!
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Hi and welcome! I remember being 41 weeks pregnant with one of mine - hope your new little one decides to put in an appearance ASAP!

Glad you found the boards!
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: Welcome :
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Welcome to the community! Glad that you're here! :

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I am also in Michigan (by the Blue Water Bridge). Great to see you here!
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I'm also in (well ok, right outside) Kazoo.
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