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Welcome to MDC!!
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Hi & Welcome!
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Welcome ..another michigander here
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I'm NMY, in Ypsi. Welcome to MDC!
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Hi there! I'm from Mi too! I live in Livonia and I had a homebirth in aug 06. Best decision I could have made. Congrats!
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Hi and Welcome!!
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Welcome to MDC you will love it here I have been here since 2002
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi Jessica!! Just trolling the boards for some mama friends closer to me who don't think I'm : for my parenting style
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Hi there! What part of Michigan? I live in Hesperia, on the west coastish
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Wow, we shouldn't hear from you for a while right?

Here's to a speedy labor & delivery and delightful baby-moon! Post in the homebirth section your birth story (stories!) when you get a chance,

I'm also in Michigan, btw - Traverse City.

Glad you found the boards, hope you them,

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Welcome Sarah!
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from another Michigan mom
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Welcome! Have a great home birth!!!!!

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Hi! I'm on the west coast of MI. Just a few minutes from the lake. Nice to see so many MI mommas, yay!
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Welcome to MDC!!!!!!! : It's nice to meet you! I'm in Michigan too!
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