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he's 3 weeks and no name! Vote on River or Forest!! - Page 3

Poll Results: What name do you like better?

  • 62% (136)
  • 37% (82)
218 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by weliveintheforest View Post
Does one or the other have more meaning to your family? If you are into astrology does your baby have a lot of water signs or earth signs in their chart? If he had lots of water River might be fitting or even if he has no water maybe he can use some? Same with earth and Forest You can check at astro.com
What a great idea! I love astro.com too.
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I voted River. One, River Phoenix (no need to say any more LOL ). Two, I have a bad association with somebody named Forest.
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I picked river, but also like forest. I love a PP's descriptions of a river as a journey, and a forest as a destination, but I can also see a forest being a journey
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River. Can't get Gump outta my head w/ Forest.
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River is nicer, and you can always give a "normal" middle name for professional jobs. Hey, it can't be any worse than all the girls with boys' names. I have a friend with a son named River.

We gave Finn the middle name Thomas, so if he grows up to hate Finn, he can be Tommy!
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I voted for River. I can't get past the Forrest Gump thing. All I think of is, "Run, Forrest, RUN!"
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I had chem labs in college with a guy name "Forrest" and I always liked his name. It fit him well. His parents weren't hippies as I believe it was a family name.
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I didn't vote because I like them both. I do have to agree that when you do possessive Forrest's it is a bit garbly.
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I love both names, but I prefer Forest. One, because my husband is a forester and we both love forests in general, and two, I think it's a very distinguished name.
River is also very nice. I know someone whose little boy is named River, and he is so sweet.
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Voted for Forest. I actually prefer River, but it seems too much like a girls name right now...but they are both cute.
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i'm on team river.
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I like River. I like Forest too, but River speaks to me more. I also have a tendancy to use unisex names for children in the opposite way of what popular at the time lol. My son is Riley, and I meet a ton of girl Rileys.

I don't like Forest in the possessive tense either. JMO!
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I really like them both but if I had to choose I would go with River.
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I love them both! I voted for River though as I'm very much a water person. I am completely mesmerized by running water so to me River would be a great name for one of my children.

My good friend has sons with the middle names River and Forest. She sometimes calls them by that as nicknames, but their first names are a bit more traditional (Jackson and Miles). I just love those names!
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I voted Forest. I like River - but I know one of each. The Forrest I know is super creative, an animal lover, and a complete bookworm. The River I know is slightly neurotic, self involved, and way into his "things". So that clouded my vote.
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I did not vote because I think that Forest River is a fabulous name. I vote both! I know a lot of people who's kids names are double like that... the first name can stand alone but the first and middle names make another meaning. My kids names are like that, which I guess makes me biased

IMO Forest goes better with your DD's name. The two names together sound so nice, Serena and Forest. And you know I love your DD's name
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