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Zoloft and Pregnancy

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Hello. I am new here. I am TTC #1 and I am trying to wean myself off of zoloft. I currently take 100 mg and just started taking 75mg instead.

I know nobody can guarantee me Zoloft is safe. It is a class C. BUt I know a lot of pregnant women have taken it throughout pregnancy. I was hoping maybe someone here could tell me about their personal experiences. How many mg did you take and did your baby have withdrawal or any other related issues.

I am worried that I will be unsuccessful in weaning myself off and I am very worried about it.

I hope to hear from many of you. Thanks!
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I was on Prozac before i got pregnant with my son, I did wean myself off about a month before, but had to go back on after about a month. I was on a medium dose throughout the pregnancy and my son is beautiful, wonderful, and i am so glad I did what I needed to so that I stayed healthy. Unfortunately about 6mo after his birth I started some horrible PPD and had to quickly wean him and get on a different, not baby friendly med. I am now on Zoloft and plan to stay on it with the next baby. I take 50mg a day, I weaned myself from 100, and I do well, but i still need the help of my naturopath to get through my pms, my panic attacks start a week before my period. I also have a close friend who was on 50mg during here whole pregnancy and 100 during the first few months of breastfeeding, her daughter is just fine.

My point is you need to help yourself first, My son (I was on Prozac) and my friends daughter (she was on zoloft) both had big healthy baby's (8lb 2oz and 8lb 12oz) they were both cyanotic, but my son went through withdrawal from the Prozac, not so with her daughter. He also went through withdrawal when i stopped breastfeeding him, her daughter is still breastfed.

HTH, Sorry so drawn out...
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I was on Zoloft throughout my pregnancy. I talked to my OB extensively and did research and decided that for me the risks of post-partum depression (which I would be at risk for, given a history of depression) were worse for my baby (lots of research out there on how much PPD can affect infants) than potential withdrawal. Anyway, she was a very healthy newborn with no withdrawal symptoms.
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Psychmama: How many mg of zoloft did you take during pregnancy? Thanks!
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I took 75 mgs. Dosages run from 25 to 200 mgs.
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I didn't take it during pregnancy but now I am on it and bf and was told it was one of the safest to take and shouldn't effect the baby. So far all is well and baby is fine.
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Here is my ideal recommendation without completely giving up Zoloft: Get down to the lowest dose possible prior to & during T1, then gradually increase to a comfortable maintenance dose & then perhaps wean again as labor day approaches to reduce the chance of withdrawal. Here is some background on me:

I have been taking Zoloft my entire PG. Prior attempts to go completely off meds were not successful. Plus my Mom died a few months before I got PG & I was going thru infertility treatments so no meds would probably have been disasterous for me. In hindsight, I wish that I had taken a lower dose turing T1 since that's when the most development is occuring. I was on 150mg most of my PG, weaned down to 100g in T3 & am now on 50mg waiting for baby to arrive. Hopefully this lower dose with help to prevent withdrawal symptoms. I'm definitely suffering on the low dose & I am 2 weeks late so I thought I would have been on my higher dose already. I will be increasing my dose as soon as baby is born, I am very concerned about PPD. Also very very little Zoloft gets into breastmilk, it's one of those drugs that our body filters very well.

My MWs & Dr feel that Zoloft is very safe. I trust my MWs completely in all aspects of my care. Of course the problem is that essentially no meds have clinical trial results b/c no one is going to do clinical trials on PG women. However, Zoloft has been around for quite some time & there seems to be enough anecdotal evidence to show that it is safe. I don't think that anyone knows what the long-term effects are or perhaps some more subtle effects.

If you think that completely weaning is going to cause a depressive episode, I would recommend at least staying on a small dose. A depressed Mom on no meds can cause problems in her unborn child. I know that many people are against these meds entirely, but I don't know that they've dealt with depression like I have.

I wish you luck in your decision. It was not an easy decision for me to stay on meds while PG. It did not fit my vision of a natural pregnancy, but I realized it was a necessity for my well-being.
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Zoloft is a class B, its relativley safe during pregnancy. I live in Florida where lawyers sue doctors like its going out of style and my psych wont perscribe it to me because I said I was going to breast feed. The info I have says its one of the safest to bf on too, so this psych is being a big stinker.

Actually I am glad that he didnt because I think Its bi-polar and not regular depression, and I understand zoloft could really screw me up if I have bi-polar.

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I am not pregnant yet and I am trying to wean myself. I started at 100 and I have been taking 75 for a few days now. I feel ok. When I last tried to wean with my doctor he put me down to 50 from 100 and it didn't go well! It was too big of a jump!

So I am planning on staying on 75 for a few weeks more and then going down to 50. I honestly don't think I will be able to come off it completely. I also worry about PPD. I'd like to be on as little as possible for pregnancy.

If I could be successful at 50mg, I think I would be pretty happy with that. At one point I was on 200mgs! That was few years ago.
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How does Zoloft compare with Paxil and Celexa? I am 24 weeks 1 day right now and lately feeling really, really down. I took Paxil several years ago but had a lot of trouble with it - racing thoughts, incredibly strong desire for alcohol to calm my mind, worsening depression, etc. I did lots better on Celexa but stopped taking it after a couple of months - I don't remember why right now. I am at the point now where I feel like I need to go back on something but am nervous about starting anything mid-pregnancy, but at the same time not feeling like I can cope much longer on my own, and afraid that with nothing the PPD could be even worse.
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I think you need to talk to a doctor on how they differ. I do know that they were having problems with pregnant women taking Paxil (sounds like that one didn't work for you anyway.) Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!!!! See your doctor!

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