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Here's a link to the birth story I posted on another site.


Labor vibes to those due and waiting. {{{HUGS}}}
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Dmitrizmom, the story is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

after my babe in a week or so
does anyone need preggie clothes?
i am gonna sell them as this is my last babe

pm me if interested i am like 5 foot 8 wear 24/26 2X 3X
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Before I go into my appointment today. I forgot to mention that I am having an ultrasound done again on Monday and they want to recheck the weight along with a complete biophysical. They say they want to verify once again that the baby is not too big for a VBAC. I want to say so if they are different results, what test is wrong? Is that riduculous or what?

Today I had a horrible appointment. I started with a non stress test and it was perfect and my blood pressure was 140/90 which has been quite consistent. I started off by asking, is it okay if I go to Camp Snoopy tonight? And the midwife, Lisa said, "Absolutely not." What you need to be doing tonight is have that baby. I said, "Why, I am not going to go on rides and I will be sitting and watching mostly?" And Lisa said, "No it is too much stimulation and too much walking for you and we need to be having this baby soon and possibly talking about an induction. I said, "My due date is not until next Friday and my ultrasound was 8 out of 8 out on Monday and my non stress was good today." And she said, "Kathy your placenta has known for quite a few weeks that your blood pressure has been high." Then Lisa asked if I would be willing to have some blood work done (which would be my third time) and I said yes and then she said what about a 24 hour urine test and I said, "When would you get the blood results back?" And she said, "Monday, unless you go over to the hospital lab now, we can get the results in an hour." I said, "I just had the test 9 days ago and everything was fine, do you really think I need it and she said yes." I said, "Okay I will do the blood work but I do not want to do the urine test as of now." And then I said, "When you are talking induction, what are you talking and she said, "Gels." And I said, "But aren't they no good for vbacs cuz of uterine rupture and she said, "People still use them." Anyway I went over to the hospital to the 4th floor, I thought she said 4th floor and ended going through the neonatal area and saw a really sick baby with a family that was crying and I started crying. And thought I am such a fool to risk all of this and not being willing to cooperate with their urine tests and wanting to go to camp snoopy.

I left quite sad. I went and had a quick lunch and as I was driving home, Ann the other midwife called me with the blood work results and everything was fine. I said, "Ann, I am pretty bummed out right now, I don't know if you are being overly cautious or if you are really concerned. But I feel that everytime I come in it seems like you have nothing good to say. (which by the way, my edema is not even a one and my reflexes are fine) and she said, well your ultrasound and your non stress test today show a perfect baby and we want to keep everything that way so you should really continue to rest. I said, "I am confused that Lisa mentioned gels when those are not recommended for vbacs and she said, "Well sometimes people forget." Anyway she told me that maybe I should talk to a therapist to sort out these feelings and sadness around not having the last few weeks as joyous as I wanted.

Anyway after I got home I paged in to ask more questions. I talked to Ann and I said, "Ann a few weeks ago I asked you how high my blood pressure would have to go before you would talk induction or hospitalization and you said, "Before induction, you would do a magnesium drip which is no fun." And then today we are talking induction and my blood pressure has remained steady and my tests have all been good." And she said, "Kathy we may be at the point where your baby and your health are best for the baby to be outside of your body." I said, "Ann when I asked you about the gels earlier, you said sometimes the midwives forget." Ann said, "yes they forget that they are meeting with a client who has had a previous c-section." I said, "Ann I brought up the safety of gels for VBACs to Lisa and she did not seem concerned about them." And Ann said, "Kathy our practice does not use gels for VBAC moms." So there is another one of their double messages, makes my trust go way down!! She said that they would use pitocin but if your cervix is not favorable, it probably would not work. So then I said, "Ann can we just table this induction conversation until next week?" And she said, "Let me talk to the OB's, they are all in surgery right now and I will call you back." Yes they are in surgery with all the pitocin inductions they used today. Tee hee.

I am so confused? Am I in denial? I was excited about the VBAC etc. for the last few days, feeling really positive and hopeful and now they have me worried and sad. And I feel like I have to be treating myself as sick and not go have fun with my husband and son when last Sunday another midwife said I could just so I rest the rest of the day. What I don't get is they say rest and then they make me hang out there for 4 hours. I really would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Ann just called back and said the ob is not overly concerned even though my blood pressure was up a bit and I said, no it wasn't and she said yes 148/90 and then I said, "Ann it was written down wrong, cuz the first reading was 140/90 and the second was 135/89. So that is it for now.
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Sheesh, that is disturbing, Kathy. It sounds like there is a lot of confusion in that office. I don't understand why the one midwife feels that you've reached the point where it is best for your health that the baby is out of your body. It doesn't sound like that at all, from what you are saying.
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Well, I guess this might be the place for me. I didn't loose all the weight from prego#2 (I did loose it all between 1 and 2). So currently with prego #3 I am starting at 35 lbs. over weight. I really have to watch it. I gained 72 with the first, and 62 with the second, there is no way I can gain that much this time and be healthy.
So, support for finding the will to write down and count everything I eat would be appreciated.
By the Way... I found that Dr. Scholls foot powder works better than baby powder on the inner thigh rubbing situation. It seem to keep the skin drier which avoids the wet rub that causes all that pain.
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greenluv we are waiting for news

yep, me too

I think I'm about to become the only perpetually pregnant woman in the history of the world. I really think this could be History Channel material.
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oh my gosh mama. i think i will pm you my cell for when you go into labor so i can post to everyone to send you vibes!!
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I've started seeing my midwife 2x's a week now. She does non-stress tests which I didn't know midwives did? Anyway, she tells me baby's heart rate goes up and comes back down to normal when he moves so we don't have any worries that he's not doing well. The only thing I have to complain about is how BIG this baby feels. I made my midwife take a stab at guessing how big he might be-after reassuring her that I totally understood that it was only a guess-and she said 9-10 pounds.

Earlier this week I was having contraction about 10 minutes apart for a good day and a half -eventually getting to be seven minutes apart and a minute long. I ended up stressed out (thanks to too many phone calls to see how I was progressing) and all the action stopped. So now here I am waiting for it all start up again so I can be done.
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okay my appointment was great. I love this midwife, Deb K. send me Deb K. please. i hope I get her. Anyway she is like okay all your tests are great, your blood pressure has been a bit high, today the worst 152/92 but everything else is fine. Anyway she is not anxious to induce. I scored 8 out of 8 in my ultrasound and I did a NST and it was great. I also agreed to do the 24 urine test starting tomorrow morning and I am going in for another non stress on Wednesday. My placenta has degraded in the last two weeks from a 1 to a 3 but that is still not that bad. So I am feeling way better, happier, and will continue to rest more. I think I needed that fun binge of hanging with the boys this weekend.

By the way, Jerry and Charlie are Pisces. My doula is a pisces and Deb is one too. Maybe I will hang out in the tub or shower a lot.

And the second I start talking to her, all my bh's started kicking in again. And they have not quit. So either feeling good about her or the SEX last night did something.

I don't feel cramps, really just tightening, tenderness, achiness and this babe is a moving. So what do you all think?

If you would have come with today you would have thought I was a liar cuz she is so positive. I am glad the other went on vacation. Please don't make me get Lisa!

Oh and I rescheduled my c for the 15th. Bought myself another day.
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went in to medwives or should i say meddlingwives on Wednesday and
bp was up to 166/100
and on side 142/90
it has been borderline high for about 7 weeks
140/90 and 120/70 on side
my non stress test was fine

anyway they wanted to do a c-section that afternoon instead of today
or they wanted to induce me with cervadil
but my cervix was not dilated at all and i was just 25% effaced

she gave me the dead baby scare
and said, do you want to bring home a baby?

i said no to being induced and the c-section
so then they wanted me to go to the hospital for two hours of testing
to get several readings of my blood pressure and i said no
i want to go home

so i had another blood draw, which came back perfect on Thursday
and came home and took an hour nap with charlie

And then DH and I talked and I did a lot of research with ICAN and Dr. Brewer (www.blueribbon.org) I even talked to him on the phone and then Friday DH went in with me and we cancelled my c-section for today and rescheduled it for this Fridaywhich will make me 42 weeks. All my test including the non stress were great on Friday. I think my bp was 162/92.

I so want to VBAC and am bummed I am so overdue. And then MIL came by yesterday and said, "I don't think you will go into labor cuz you have been on bedrest for so long." Thanks MIL!!! You are so sweet.
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Geez louise, all that testing and the best they can come up with to scare you into a medicalized birth is post dates and slightly high blood pressure? Have you taken your bp at home? Couldn't have anything to do with white coat syndrome could it?

I'm sorry you are having to deal with all this, it is unbelievable that they are telling you that having fun is bad for the baby, like their attitude which is stressing you out *isn't* bad? What a bunch of jokers, honestly.

Wishing you lots of strength to continue stand up to them and get the safest, gentlest birth for your baby.
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have taken bp at home and it has been a bit lower

by the way good website


he thinks if no other symptoms, no big whoop
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your 12 day overdue mama checking in

would love you to vote on my should i have a c-section on friday poll???
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I'm going to vote in your poll, but I wanted to give you a BIG here. The dr's have started freaking about my BP too, and while its not a big deal to me right now (I know *I'm* ok), I can only imagine the stress you're having now with them pushing c-section.... I hope your little one decides to arrive soon on their own!
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Hi all!

Just checking back in to let you all know that baby has FINALLY arrived. ( He arrived August 16th at 5:07 am by emergency c/sec.) It didn't happen the way I had hoped and planned for but I'm glad we made it through-so far.

Our boy weighed in at 11 pounds 10 ounces. Yep, that would be eleven pounds, no typo there!

He had some trouble breathing when he was born so he's on a respirator but he's doing better than expected so we're hopeful that this will be a fairly short hospital stay.

I'll try to catch up with you all later. I'm pressed for time between pumping milk for the poor baby that has yet to get any of the benefits of it, and running back and forth to the hospital to see my big guy.

I hope you are all doing well!
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gossamer, 11.15.03
I thought I would try to write out my story so everyone would know what an angel I had. On May 12th or so I was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), due to a very stressful situation at work. I was put on Aldomet twice a day. I went back in 2 weeks after being on the Aldomet and my blood pressures were still too high, around 140 over 100, so they upped my dosage to 3 times a day. On Friday, July 18th, I noticed that for the past 3 days my blood pressures were at least 160/110 and I had some edema, so I called the doctor's office. When they got back to me, they told me I needed to come in right away. My BP was 150/110. They had me lie on my left side in the dark for 15 minutes and my BP was still the same. My doctor wasn't there, but his officemate was and she said I was now a high-risk pregnancy and they were referring me to a different OB-Gyn and I was on bed rest for the weekend. I called the high risk OB-Gyn and they said I needed to see a Cardiologist first, so we made an appointment for the following Tuesday. We then called back the high risk OB-Gyn and they said they could see us August 6th. I hung up crying, here I had just been upgraded to high risk but I couldn't see a doctor for 2 weeks? Were they kidding? My husband called back and bullied the receptionist into giving me an appointment on Thursday after the cardiologist, but instead of seeing the doctor, we were going to see the Certified Nurse Midwife. Again, were they kidding? I had now been upgraded in my risk but downgraded in my care. On Sunday I started having a severe pain between my sternum and my diaphragm. Everyone told me it was probably constipation or gas. But it hurt to sit down, stand up, lie down, breath, cough, sneeze, eat or drink. I stayed on bed rest until Tuesday when I went to the cardiologist. They did an Echocardiogram and EKG and said my heart looked great. But my BP was now 170/115 so they put me on Pro-Cardia twice a day and Aldomet 4 times a day. They also told me to stay on bed rest until I saw the OB-Gyn and come back in a week. On Thursday we went to the OB-Gyn and saw the CNM. She said everything looked good and take some Tums for the gas and stay on bed rest until I see the cardiologist again. We went to go make an appointment with the doctor and they initially said they could work us in on August 14th. Again my husband kind of bullied the assistant and they gave us an appointment for the following Tuesday afternoon. Sunday I had 3 nosebleeds and my blood pressure was still high, 150/100. We called the cardiologists office Monday morning and Monday evening around 5:00 or so the nurse called us back and said take 2 Pro-cardia tablets twice a day and be sure to keep our appointment on Tuesday. So Tuesday morning on the 29th of July, we went back to the cardiologist. He did an EKG and examined me and said other than my blood pressure I was fine and he saw no evidence of pre-eclampsia. So continue taking 2 Pro-Cardia twice a day and 1 Aldomet 4 times a day. And just take some Tums for the gas pain. At 2:45 later that same day, we went to the OB-Gyn. She took some urine and checked my BP, came into the room and pressed on my abdomen and asked me if it hurt there. I said yes it does, very badly. She said I was dumping protein in my urine, 3+ and blood pressure was still out of control and she wanted us to check into the hospital for 24-hour observation. My husband asked for a worst-case scenario and she said "We would have to deliver the baby tonight." So my husband and I come home, pack our bags and catch a ride to the hospital. They do some blood tests and monitor the baby’s heart rate. The doctor comes in and says your liver enzymes are elevated. We are waiting for one more test to come back. If it comes back abnormal, we will deliver this baby tonight. My platelet count came back and it was 200,00 below normal. So they said they were going to deliver my baby tonight at only 24 1/2 weeks gestation. She only had a 65% chance of survival and they were going to do a vertical incision on my uterus because the baby was so small. They wheeled me into the OR and at 10:21 p.m., my baby was born. After 1/2 an hour of trying to get her to breath on her own, they realized is was hopeless and they told my husband his daughter was not going to make it and they had baptized her Mary. For another 1/2 an hour our family members and friends took turns holding Mary and her Aunt Rose was holding her when her little heart finally stopped beating and her spirit flew to heaven. I was later wheeled into recovery and my husband had to tell me our daughter had died. I was able to hold her and rock her and even dress her in a gown the auxiliary provided. My husband and I gave her the middle name Rose in honor of her Aunt who was holding her when she died. I was later told I had developed a condition called HELLP syndrome and the only way to save my life was to deliver the baby. The abdominal pain I had been feeling was not gas or constipation, but my liver was enlarged and in danger of rupturing. My platelets were so low I was at risk of hemorrhaging to death or stroke. But I am sure all of you mamas know I would have gladly given my life for my daughter's. The memorial service was and it was beautiful. IF you have stayed with me this far, God Bless you and thank you for reading Mary Rose's story, for it is her courage and strength I want everyone to remember.
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{{{{{{{{Gossamer}}}}}}}}}} That is so sad. I'm so sorry!
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