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13 day overdue mama checking in

i think i am going to be induced with pitocin in a couple hours

they wanted me to rush in
but i won't do that......
they said if i don't get there soon
i would be up all night
well i think rushing in will wear me out more
so i ate
now i am snuggling with my 2 1/2 year old
and then i am showering

by the way if my cervix is not favorable
tehy are sending me home
so...........maybe i will hold off for surgery for monday
love you all
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I just spoke with Kaje. She is in the hospital now. She sounds good, calm. She is having good contractions, getting stronger, about 3 minutes apart. When she went in, her blood pressure was 180/100 on her side. A magnesium sulphate was started to bring her blood pressure down (on her most recent check, it had lowered to 168/82). Before starting pitocin, her cervix was checked to make sure it was favorable for an induction. She was 1cm, 50-60% effaced. The baby's head was half way down/engaged. Pitocin was started at 6:20pm.

Kaje said she is feeling okay, but hates the IV. She really likes her labor nurse. She was told by the OB/CNM (not sure which) that it didn't feel as though they were STARTING labor for her, just speeding it up. The contractions Kaje has been having have done some of the work already. She was encouraged by this.

She needs opening vibes sent her way. Please take some moments tonight to say a prayer for her and this baby, to chant some opening mantras, and maybe light a candle for her as she approaches the birth of this baby.
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I'm totally lighting a candle for her. Thank you for the update!
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I lit a candle for her and said a prayer at 1 am last night. When I woke up the candle was out. Should I assume she had a healthy happy baby now?

Open, Open, Open.
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Mama Kaje62 delivered a healthy, 9 lb, 13 oz, 20" long baby girl this morning, via c-section. Mama and babe are both doing well.
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Congrats to Kaje62 and her family

Angelyn Rose Marie - welcome to the world!!!
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Woo Hoo Congratulations to KJ!
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I'm new here and thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I'm actually pretty far along - 35 weeks 3 days (not like I'm counting) - so I guess I won't be on the pregnancy board for all that long.

I am "high risk" (type I diabetes), but my pg has so far been very uneventful (knock on wood) with no problems for me or baby. It does mean that I don't have as much freedom as I'd like as far as plans for birth - like birthing at home is out of the question and I pretty much have to have a perinatologist. I will be induced on my due date (though I am working as hard as I can to get my doc to agree to two days past my dd, since dh will get 11 days off work if I deliver on a thursday but only six if on a tuesday, since he can only have one tues and one thurs off), but I will be trying accupuncture, accupressure, and massage to get labor going if I can. I suppose sex, too, but the baby "dropped" two days ago and I'm a little scared of the thought of it. I will have a doula, which I'm excited about. My big goal is to get through it without an epidural or other pain meds, but I'm really scared that the induction will just make it too painful for that.

Rikki, I noticed that you had pre-pg diabetes, too. What kind? And are you having the same issues with the threat of induction?

I cannot wait to meet this baby and I also can't wait to not be pg anymore, but I have felt like being pg has been like a vacation from the weight issue and I have actually been kind of liking my pg body, so in a way I'm dreading the end. I'm also scared that my post-partum bod is going to be really scary. Has anyone else felt this way?

I'm so happy I found you guys here, it feels like such a nice community!

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Oh cool, you are due 3 days before I am. Welcome to the board and I hope you get labor going before you have to be induced!
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Pam thank you for all your support the last couple weeks. Sparkin I think the candle went out cuz I was being prepped for suregery. Thank you all.

I called my midwife that Thursday morning and she said, “Kathy why don’t you come in and we will check you out and if your cervix is favorable we can try a trial of labor with pitocin and if that does not work then you can have the surgery tomorrow.

So we called Grandpa Peterson who would be with Charlie until that evening when Corrine would come and spend the night with him. We spent some time with Charlie, packed up and went off to the hospital. Our doula Carrie met us there. My cervix was ripe enough so we were given the go ahead but my blood pressure was up a bit more so I was put on a magnesium drip shortly after our arrival. This makes you very hot and really hurt going in through the IV. It also limits movement during labor and actually is used to slow down labor for moms not full term. So before too long I was put on something used to speed up labor, pitocin and something to slow down labor, magnesium. About ½ way into labor, my blood pressure was not coming down enough so they increased the magnesium. Other than that, it was really a calm beautiful night and Jerry and Carrie were wonderful. A few hours into the labor, I started to have some bloody show which is a sign of your cervix thinning so we were feeling excited. A few hours later I felt discouraged and I had been on 12 hours of pitocin. I knew before I was checked that I had not advanced much. The midwife said that she was willing to do 3 more hours of pitocin but did not think we could go much more than that. After she left the room, I told Carrie to tell the midwife that I wanted them to turn the Pitocin off. And we started to be prepare for surgery. We called some family members and things moved quite fast.

It all seemed to go much more smoothly than the surgery with Charlie, including the spinal. When Charlie was born, we had in our birth plan that Jerry would announce the gender so at that exciting moment, theOBasked Jerry to stand up. Jerry stood and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the birth of my baby boy, Charles Andrew Peterson and then he broke down in tears. So on Friday we once again made it clear that we wanted Jerry to announce gender. TheOBgave him the cue and Jerry said, "It's a girl, right?" And theOBsaid, "It appears to be." And the anesthesiologist said, "And that it is."

Angelyn Rosemarie Peterson was born Friday August 22nd at9:28 a.m.weighing 9 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. (I was born at9:28 a.m.onMay 20, 1962. Pretty sweet that we were born at the same time.) The trial of labor was valuable as Angelyn's apgar scores were 9 and 9 (same as Charlie's) at birth. Even though Charlie was c-section, my water broke with him and it is said that a trial of labor even for awhile can help babies lungs and apgar scores once born. I feel I made all the right choices during the last few weeks. I not think I should have waited any longer for baby to arrive or do not think we waited too long. Angelyn is beautiful and is in no way overcooked.

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Congrats Katie! She's *beautiful*!!! I'm glad you're happy with your decisions and that she got to cook as long as she did! What a beauty!
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What a little beauty

I'm sort of coming in at the end here, but how far overdue were you? What an amazing little girl you have! She truly IS an angel. I love those cheeks. Good for kissing! LOL


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Originally posted by kaje62
So on Friday we once again made it clear that we wanted Jerry to announce gender. TheOBgave him the cue and Jerry said, "It's a girl, right?" And theOBsaid, "It appears to be." And the anesthesiologist said, "And that it is."
:LOL, not quite the same dignified announcement that Charlie got, eh? She is a little beauty! Congratulations to you and your family! Glad that the trial of labor helped. I was thinking that it seems like more trouble than it's worth, but I hadn't thought of it as being a benefit. Good to remember!
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i was two weeks past my due date
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I've been lurking here for a couple weeks, and thought I should delurk.

I'm Linda, due with our 2nd baby on 11.14.03. They think it's a little girl, and we plan to name her Marissa Ruth.

Our first daughter, Ana Simone, was born on 5.6.02, so they'll be about 18 months apart. So far, this pregnancy has been a bit like the last one, except that I'm not working and I don't get as tired or as much heartburn. I have PCOS and am hypothyroid, so we've had some little concerns along the way. But so far, so good. My GTT came back fine and I'm doing well on thyroid meds.

Ana was augmented for labor at 41 weeks. I consented to an u/s on that day, and they found very low amniotic fluid. I was 5 cm and fully effaced (and hadn't really gone into "labor"), my OB recommended augmentation. I was able to get through pitocin w/o an epidural, but I did end up with an episiotomy.

This time, we are planning a birth center delivery with a fabulous group of midwives, and I am considering hiring a doula. I should probably get moving on that.

Nice to see such a nice group of plus-size mommies. Happy Health to all!

kaje62 - your little girl is gorgeous! Congratulations.
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moved down
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moved down
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Anything going on lately?

I must have some hormonal stuff going on. I just broke down crying because of some dumb little reason.
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Sorry to hear you're weepy. You are so close. That's got to have something to do with it.

Do you have any plans for induction or are you waiting for nature to take it's course? I have been very bummed about the idea of induction myself, but now that it's coming down to the wire, I'm so happy to have a date (9/18). Still, I'm crossing my fingers for my body to kick in on its own. The last two mornings I've been woken up by some fairly painful ctx. I hope, hope, hope, they're doing something...

My doula keeps telling me that this is the time to nurture myself, which I seem to find nearly impossible (no time to nurture with only ten days left). But maybe you've got the time... Hope you feel better!

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No induction here. I want to avoid all of that stuff. My doctor tried to induce me on my due date with my first, and I cancelled it. She was really pushing the c-section idea. Ugh. The last thing a person like me with a lot of belly fat wants is an incision in it. I will admit that while I'm not happy with the whole hospital birth scenario, this doctor seems more laid back so far.

I feel like I might go earlier this time, but I'm not sure why. It probably won't happen, I'll just wish it did. My groin hurts now, darn it!
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