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Poll Results: What should the theme of DS's new room be (he's 2)

  • 0% (1)
    Disney-Pixars Cars
  • 7% (8)
    Construction Zone
  • 31% (32)
    Under the Sea
  • 44% (46)
    Outer Space
  • 15% (16)
    Other (please, ideas are bombtastic)
103 Total Votes  
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Under the Sea was my vote.....plus its timeless....but then again so is outer space....either would be cool but I like all the fishes and coral etc....lots to learn about eventually too.
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1 wall with castles, 1 wall with Bob the Builder type stuff, 1 wall with race cars and 1 wall with a sea scape

I would personally do opposing walls, 1 with a castle and 1 with a race car thing going on, based on my kid's likes, just keep the whole thing with the same color scheme.
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Construction, 'cause that's what my DS's room is

I just got some fabric and made his curtains. Home Interiors sells construction Wallies, they're wallpaper cut-outs, a whole bunch of them for $20. If you're moving to an apartment and can't do anything permanent, you can stick them on with craft glue (which is what I had to do because the wallpaper adhesive wouldn't stick to the orange peel texturing on his walls).

Oh, and JcPenny sells construction-themed bedding, I don't know if he's getting a twin bed or a toddler bed, but the twin-size bedding isn't really that terribly expensive.
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Construction, under the sea, or outer space would be good. I might even do a general "transportation" theme, but I wouldn't do a whole room based on characters from a single movie. It just gets outgrown too fast.

To make the room even more versatile, make the room basic primary colors and do the theme with curtains, wall hangings- stuff that can easily be removed when he outgrows it. Even a teenager can enjoy a simple room in primary colors, but a child as young as 6 could outgrow the cutesy theme.
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It was a toss-up between Under The Sea and Outer Space. (I voted for Under The Sea.) Both of them sound really cool, but like someone else mentioned, Outer Space would probably grow with him better than the other one.
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you could go with glow in the dark for deep sea, as well!

i vote either space or under the sea, whether at regularly shown levels, like where youd see stuff you see in the more common area of the aquarium, or the glowing and blind fish, etc of the deep.
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Alright ladies, how do we feel about this for starters?

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Oh those are cool. Those would look great on a blue wall.
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I voted 'other.' I'd do something like this.
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i voted outer space with glow in the dark stars and stuff on the ceiling. too cool.
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My youngest ds would love a "Cars" themed room but I don't think I could handle it!

I voted for other. My boys (ages 9 and 2) have sock monkey/surf monkey groove in their room but even that is just limited to the bedding. The walls are navy blue with a bright lime green contrast wall and all the furnishing are neutral. I figure it is easier to accomodate any changes we make as the grow older.

Monkey. . .how can you not love a monkey? :P
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I did my son's with a boat theme. It is timeless in a way.
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How about no theme? Just some really nice colors that he likes and some of his favorite things.
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We are re-doing our kids rooms right now and the boys are wanting dragons. I found some cool kites at Cost Plus imports that are really inexpensive.
So I put other... DRAGONS RULE!

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I put other, I would let him pick! That is what makes it the coolest.
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I voted other...all of these themes/interests will be 'outdated' before you know it. Do some cool primary colors and decorate with some freamed posters of his current interests that you can interchange as they change.
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Out of the options, I'd do outer space.

We just moved and did my ds's room (he's 3.5) in pirates. Sure, the way it's done, he'll likely outgrow it in a few years. We did consider that. But then I factored in the fact that he's still a preschooler and not exactly easy on his belongings, it will probably need replaced/updated anyway.
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i love the outer space stickers!!! definitely go outer space.
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I voted other.

Come up with your own design, incorporate cars and construction without characters from the movies.

I have done a mural in dd's room with fairies and birds and butterflies and dragonflies trees and flowers.
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