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Not yet. We are in the middle of a big move (and I am not giving him the new number) plus we have had 2 deaths in the family this week. So jerky will have to wait.
I hate that I ever gave him my email. It is useless as a way for him to communicate with ds because ds doesn't do email. It is just a way for him to wax on to me about how much he loves ds.
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Well, I have had my share of problems in the past but ds1' dad has always wanted to see him and has almost always paid child support. The times tht he didnt see him were because I didnt let him, he was so busy with his now wife that he would make plans and not show for them.
Now we are actually friends. Yuk, I know but we do get along. My ds2 adores him when he sees him. Big yuk!
For the last couple of years I have been watching his and his wifes son every day while they wuld work. I actually saw him more than they did.
Now they have a new baby(6wks), who slept over the other night. When I started taking Ken(older one) it was because I wanted to mke sure he and Shawn(my son) had a good relationship w/eachother.
Shawn's stepmom was even my maid of honor at my wedding!

I was going to watch both boys when she went back to work again but having them sleep over the other night made me realize that would be to hard for me alone and take attention away from the babies that they deserve.
Good luck to all!!!
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