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The Golden Compass?

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It's both a movie and a book. Movie site:


Book on amazon:


I saw a preview for the movie the other night, and it looks like it will help to quell my Harry Potter withdrawal once I'm finished with the 7th book. Anyone read it? It's book one of a trilogy.

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My son LOVED the book and the rest of the HDM series. He definitely recommends it. He is intrigued but nervous about the movie. He fears they've might have tweaked the story too much...
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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post
My son LOVED the book and the rest of the HDM series. He definitely recommends it. He is intrigued but nervous about the movie. He fears they've might have tweaked the story too much...
LOL, ah, spoken like a true bibliophile. When I saw the preview, I said to dh, "Oooh, that looks good....wonder if there's a book I can read first?"
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I've read the His Dark Materials trilogy and it is excellent. I highly recommend it! I won't see the movie though, I've been burned too thoroughly on the HP movies.
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Love love LOVE the books. I am excited about the movie too. Of course they won't come close to doing justice to the books, but it will still be decent I think.
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Just recently read the trilogy and loved it.
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I haven't read the books yet but they look interesting.

I can live with the HP movies but if the movie is as bad as Eragon I think I'll skip it. That was traumatizing it was so bad.
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I adore these books (although I liked the third less than the first two). They are ones I will definitely re-read. Great for adults and kids alike. I'm nervous about the movie not coming near the brilliance of the books...but since it has Daniel Craig in it, I'll be there!
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I loved the trilogy. My dh is reading The Golden Compass as I write and is totally hooked on it. I don't know if I'd see the movie though. I almost always find movies made from books to be irritating because of how they need to be changed in order to work on film or because the characters/environment doesn't look the way it looked in my mind while reading the book.
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I thought this trilogy was well written and engaging. I passed it on to my 11 year old who is an avid reader and he felt they were a little esoteric and that there was something deeper to them that he was missing. I understand how he got that. They were pretty intense and had some huge symbolic stuff going on that I think were just more mature than he was ready for.

I think I'll skip the movie. I am a little worried that they'll butcher it like Eragon. I went to see Eragon with my older son (he and I had both read the books) and my roommate and younger son. When we left the theatre, my older son and I both said, man that was disappointing. my roommate and younger son both liked it. It was funny....
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I think it looks great--but I am really curious about how they will handle all the book's view of faith and organized religion--also, Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel are such dark & passionate characters, how will that play out? It is really such a cool book--if any of you haven't read, it's a total recommend. You can read it on one level as a great children's adventure book, and then there are whole other levels and questions to ponder.

From what I've seen though, the cinematography looks amazing, and the polar bears look great!
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I really liked the trilogy but it was sort of depressing at the same time. Part of me liked the way the books addressed orginized religion, but the complete negative spirituality was just sad. I would recommend it for older kids and adults.

PS, I'm with abimommy wrt the Eragon movie, it was painful to watch, we've been spoiled with LOTR, Harry Potter, and even Star Wars to be subjected to the half rate acting and special effects in Eragon. The books are supurb, I'll stay with the books.
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Loved the books, and I think the movie looks like it will be excellent. I'm really looking forward to it! Dd and I are both excited!
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Just one thing, I seriously doubt anything is going to quell my Harry Potter withdraw symptoms after I read book 7.
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the books are absolutely fantastic.

i will see the movies, but i don't know if they're giong to do a good job with them or not.

the books are for 'more mature' young readers. you have to know your child's reading level well--there are a lot of 'new words' introduced, particularly in the first book, and they're not explained. you get the idea from context, but it's not quite as 'easy-to-grasp' as harry's world. it's much more complex.

i would say 9 and up for really good readers, 11 and up for more average. i think the average age or the focus for the book is the 12-14 set.
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oh, and i do look forward to seeing the panserbjorn. oh man. but, nothing's is ever as great as i imagine it. though, the films of TLoR came close to meeting my own imaginings.
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dh read, recommends highly for 9 yos and up.
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Love the books. It's been awhile since I read them, but I still remember the part where

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!

Lyra says to Will (is that his name? anyways her true love) that they will each go to their own world but when they pass on, she will find him and her particles will cling to his and become a tree or flower or whatever and live on together. Or something like that

Love the whole dust thing and the way they look at different people/cultures/worlds.

I just wish that the role of Ms Coulter wasn't played by Nicole Kidman. I find that when a famous/full of themselves actor is in a movie, it ends up being all about them instead of the actual movie.
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I have a feeling Nichole Kidman will make a fine Ms. Coulter. And, it could be worse, it could be the self-absorbed ice-queen with the same name, *Anne* Coulter. :
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These books are terrific and hair-raisingly subversive, at least for anyone coming from a Western religous angle. It's a wonder to me that they flew under the book-burning radar of the folks who freaked out about "satanic" Harry P. (Imo, they'd have done better to freak out about the lameness of HP but that's another thread).

I would definitely NOT see a movie based on Pullman's trilogy, though. I simply don't think it can be done. Maybe I'm picky, but movies from books always disappoint me.

Anyone looking for another great read from Philip Pullman should check out his Victorian trilogy about Sally Lockhart. YA, but really for anyone. Total suspense, and totally different from Golden Compass (except in the strong heroine department).
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