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I can sympathize with you - really.

Honestly, it sounds like G'ma may have had some compulsive kitchen gadget problem. It doesn't matter if she could afford it - but what drives someone to consume, consume, consume? "Wow? A bundt cake pan I don't have. Someday I might have a castle-themed medieval party and I'd sure be disappointed if I didn't have a bundt cake pan for it!"

It doesn't really sound like the mark of an emotionally healthy person - and I'm sorry to speak ill of your dear departed...

I just keep thinking - a trailer?! I mean, I would SH@* if someone brought me a TRAILER for a stuff for my house. Doesn't matter if it was "good stuff" or junk. Where could I possibly put a TRAILER full of stuff in my already overflowing house?
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I was also thinking along that line.
But then I thought, hey I am looking for a good tall stockpot and if you have this amoungst your embarrsment, talk to me baby! : :
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What I'd be doing is replacing all your older pans/cutting boards/baking pans, etc. with all this wonderful, new, nice stuff.

Otherwise, I completely with everyone else - sort carefully and keep what you love. What a great windfall!!
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Okay, for a little update:

SIL is here, and tonight she picked thru and filled a tall box (actually that little refrigerator box) full of stuff that she wanted.

I put all the bakeware in three Rubbermaid totes (!!) and stuck it in the basement for DH to go thru later, as most of it is once-a-year-holiday type stuff.

I rinsed off all the pots and pans and casserole dishes, and made room for them on our groaning shelves and cabinets.

I made a yard sale box of tatty old things of ours, and multiples of the new stuff.

There is one big box of stuff to keep but that needs to be organized, and one big box of stuff to be sorted yet.

So I've made a lot of progress.

Some funny stuff: In the boxes there were FOUR heavy duty, high quality ice cream scoops, three heavy duty, high quality garlic presses, at least five heart shaped muffin tins in varying styles, and three really odd pans that I thought must be just a part of some other bakeware item until SIL explained to me that are pans to make muffin tops. Not muffins, just muffin tops. :

There were also two food mills, one still in the box, two vacuum wine sealers, and two meat grinders. And, I kid you not, eight fruit corers and sixteen bamboo spoons, most of which were still in plastic.

This is not even a third of the stuff she had.

And yes, it really is a trailer full of stuff (it's 8' x 6', actually).

And yes, according to her son and granddaughter, GMIL would often go the Cupboard just to entertain herself, and often forgot what she had (or couldn't find it) and would just buy another.
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I found myself in this situation when my mom died and left me a 3 bedroom house full of stuff.
Remember that this was alot of your grandmother's life; I suggest keeping a few things that you may have emotional ties to; maybe a serving platter that was used at family holidays, or possibly things you might like to save as special things to pass on to your children from great grandma for when they start their own kitchens in their own homes.

I know this is not the best idea for decluttering; but when you get rid of all of a loved ones things; you cant get them back and its nice to keep a few reminders. Ahh, memories.
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I can relate to being a little ticked off about someone bringing a TRAILER of stuff.... the audacity to make me have to sort, decide, etc., etc. But at least it is a windfall of completely wonderful stuff I am so envious! You've made a lot of progress in a short time, good for you!!

Does sound like GMIL had a bit of a compulsion... but at least it is nice stuff (not old magazines or something) from which you can benefit and then with the extras sell or otherwise pass on to others who will value and use it. Cool beans!
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Could you donate some of it to Habitat for Humanity? My first thought was EBAY but I bet someone would really appreciate at least one of those bundt pans~
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Wow, what an incredible windfall you had. Sounds great on the progress. I ADORE kitchen items, as I'm a huge cook. I couldn't imagine.
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I also thought of a local cooking school might need some stuff??? Maybe the community college program could use it??

I of course need a tall stockpot, ice cream scoop, meat grinder, ......not that I am hinting....
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Ha Ha, Amy. If you want to pay the shipping, I'll send you an ice cream scoop. The nicest one weighs a ton, tho', so be prepared.

As for the other stuff, I have to wait until I get DH's approval, since he is the chef around here. We are planning on going thru stuff together tommorow and Friday.

DH actually works as a baker at the nearby university that has a big cooking program (he works with the interns) and he is planning on taking some stuff to work.

Then, we are going to have a yard sale and use at least part of the proceeds to ship SIL's giant box home to her in Alaska.

Whatever is left over, we are going to donate to Vinnie's.

So at least we have a plan. If I get any more interest on this thread, I may post some stuff over in the Trading Post, once we have determined what we're keeping and what is leftovers.
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When you start getting rid of stuff, PM me. Seriously!
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I would definitely do the TP thing. Lots of us mamas cook from scratch and can't always swing the kitchen stuff, esp. the good stuff! It sounds like you have a handle on it now, but I can imagine how overwhelming that must have been!
I think it is valid to point out, though, that it is fortunate that your husband's g-ma had good taste, even though she was excessive in her purchases. Now, instead of a bunch of cheap crappy kitchen stuff that would end up in the landfill shortly, you have a community resource! For you, your SIL, your dh's work, St Vinnie's, and possibly MDC mamas.
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Originally Posted by Synthea™ View Post
When you start getting rid of stuff, PM me. Seriously!
Me too! Please PM me or post a link here to the thread in the TP. We're heading to the U.P. sometime this month, I'd love to drive over and take the extras off your hands and support your fundraising efforts!

Good luck with the process!
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that is awesome. definitly post a link to the tp when you decide to list it
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How about posting a photo of all that lovely stuff just for us to drool over?

I still just think this is fabulous stuff to get. I can't believe you've weeded through it all already!!
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So I'm going to pm you my address and paypal you some money. You just send whatever you don't want right on to me! I will help you with your dilemma without charging you a dime.

I'm generous like that.
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Another little update:

We have officially sorted pots and pans! Woo hoo! We have about a dozen that we are going to sell. The most expensive will be $20, the cheapest $5. They are mostly Caphalon, but there are also some Cuisinart pans.

They are REALLY heavy. On the big ones, the shipping will probably be at least as much as the price, on the smaller ones, more.

So, really, now knowing prices and all, do you ladies think it's worth it for me to list these on the TP, or should I just save them for the yard sale? The P.O. just raised their prices so the shipping is just killer.

Oh, and Amy, there are two stock pots in this lot, but neither are terribly tall. They are both pretty big, tho'.

Please let me know what you think, ladies!
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Oooh! I just read your thread & I am so excited for you!

I think it would be worth a listing on the TP.

....however, I see you are in Ishpeming! I'm over in Grand Marais & I would love to see what you have if you are yard-saling or selling via TP as we'll be in Marquette in the coming weeks & months. : Will you PM me with a link if you post on the TP? Or let me know the date if you are having a yard sale?
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Good for you for going through everything! After my father passed, my mom kept on shipping down boxes....probably 50 or so in a couple years. The sad thing is, most of it was JUNK : . A waste of postage. She was emotionally attatched and somehow sending it to us was easier for her.

Though, I finally did have to put my foot down. At that point, I had a baby AND was preggo. Didn't have a lot of time to go through things and didn't have a lot of space either.

Hope you have a killer garage sale . I could use a good bundt pan over here, but like you said...shipping is a killer!!! I love to cook and in particular bake. Sounds like GMIL did too. Though, irony is, I have the smallest kitchen of anyone I know who is in a 4 bedroom house. So, I am really picky though...don't have a lot of anything. BUT, I do have three waffle irons. But, waffles are my favorite breakfast out there and I USE THEM ALL! LOL :
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wooden table and chairs
grill for DH
sled- only if sledding is something you do
Kitchen Aid mixer- or sell it and use the money to buy a smaller one
Blender- only if it blends ice
Stock pot- get rid of other large pots you might have

sell or use to replace (not add to) what you already have AND WILL USE, keeping NO doubles:
copper double boiler with a ceramic insert
LeC turreen
Martha Stewart paste food colors
Bundt cake pans- I would sell all but the one with leaves, because it works well for any season and sounds pretty.
cupcake and muffin tins
sheet pans
Cooling racks
Loaf pans
Pie plates
tart pans
casserole dishes
dozen pots

I just don't know what I would do with so much stuff. Did they ask you if you wanted it? Will they care if you sell it?
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