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Little Turtle Knits

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If you don't think something that looks like pull-up panties that somebody knit could be as cute and effective as this ... Think again!

* Adorably cute fit

* Very stretchy, able to accommodate different diapers and baby's growth, not bulky under clothing

* Quality materials and craftsmanship

* Beautiful colors

* Natural fibers

* Truly effective at containing wetness, even for heavy wetters

* Obviously handcrafted with a sense of creativity and care

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I was so scared to try one and am soooo glad I did! She worked with me directly to ensure I was gonna get exactly what I wanted (tri color dyed with embroidery in xl w/HIGH rise). It looks superb, is dh's fave cover, works like a dream, and is trim and truly beautiful! I am so glad I tried it out on my heavy wetter b/c this one is a keeper. OH! Best of all, she visits the farm she gets her wool from so she can tell you with certainty that no animals are harmed in the harvesting of the wool she uses! How's that for amazing?!!
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Wonderful soakers! I have two, a custom bright colored hand-dyed, and a special sailboat applique one. It's hard to believe that my skinny toddler wears a size small, but he does. Be aware that the sizing is pretty generous. These soakers are trim, beautifully made, and Theresa is not only extremely knowledgeable about wool and knitting, but also a terrifically nice person.

I do wish that that sizing were more uniform, however. My sailboat size small is most definately smaller, especially in the leg openings and in the rise, than my other size small. I do realize that hand made items will vary somewhat, but the difference between these two seems a bit outside the normal variation that I expect in cloth diapering. I also wish that the leg openings were a bit softer-- even though wool has plenty of stretch in it naturally, I prefer a more rolled-style leg opening because it seems more comfortable on baby's thighs. With my smaller size small, I get some red marks on my toddler's thighs-- and comfort is one of the main reasons why I want to use soakers.

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I love my Little Turtle Knits soaker. When I first got this cover it was really love at first sight- the color was gorgeous. We have been using this daily- on trips, at the playground, around the house- since I got it in winter and its held up with no leaks. Ds wore it in the carseat on our 6-hour drive to the coast this summer- no leaks or rash.

I got a large and like the roomy, easy fit- it's lightweight and I feel ds is very comfortable in it. It is great over a snappied prefold or fitted. This cover just gives me the warm fuzzies.
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I own five Little Turtle Knits soakers. They are my favorites of all my diaper covers. They are the real workhorses of my wool stash. I'd like to own more (and some of her longies, too!)
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The reviews on this soaker were so good I had to check for myself. We LOVE our LTK soaker. It is well made and the service was promt and friendly. I got this as an Instock item. We want more
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I like LTK's very much. Theresa has great customer service and makes a quality product.
My only problems were that it was hard for me to see on the site the colors as they truly look IRL. They looked much darker and more vivid on the computer.
And then the thigh openings are a bit on the small side when baby gets into the higher end of the size range. And the thigh openings don't have much stretch, so baby may outgrow these in the thighs before being truly ready for the next size up.
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I have a pair of picky pants made by Theresa out of Henry's Attic Licorice Twist dyed by T herself! They are just gorgeous and I absolutely love them!!! Theresa is awesome and has totally outdone herself on these!
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