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Hello, OP, I'm townmouse, and I'm living in a parallel universe

I have 4 children. The youngest weaned at 32 months (this is 6 months ago).

In the last 5 or 6 months I've gone thru various preg. symptoms, but each month I dropped the idea because I did have "periods" (although they were 2 to 3 days and light, instead of 5 days and heavy like normal).

In the last few weeks, I've had kicking and rolling feelings. Also yesterday and today I noticed colostrum! There was zero milk when Toby weaned! Boobs are bigger, stomach is bigger, but it didn't occur to me that I might really be preg. until the kicking and colostrum.

I have huge diastasis, and I'm overweight. I think I could have a St. Bernard in there and not look all that much different. Also I'm extremely busy, and not paying attention. It ain't like it was when I was a slim young thing, just beginning babyhaving. Also Dh did have a vasectomy a year and a half ago, although he never went back for his follow up appt.


I POAS. I POAnotherS. I POonemoreS. All negative. Today I went to an OB/GYN for a blood test.

She thought I probably wasn't pregnant. They did a urine test which was negative. She said my uterus was enlarged, but possibly it was just stretched out from 4 pregnancies (the last of which was 3 years ago)

So she did a blood draw, for every endocrine problem known to man, plus a preg. blood test.

Her best guess is that I have a pituitary tumor, which is causing my inability to lose weight and my excess prolactin (as evidenced by leaking from breasts).

So I'm to take dexamethasone tonight, and have a blood draw in the morning, to test for adrenal function. Then I am to undergo a CT scan, looking for abdominal tumors.

I came home and looked up dex. and CT scan. I found that if there is a possible pregnancy, these two treatments are extremely dangerous to the baby. They are never-nevers because the dex. can cause birth defects or abortion, and of course the CT scan is radiation.

: : :

I'm not doing it. I don't think I have a brain tumor. I know that I'm fat because I eat too much and I don't exercise enough. And after 4 babies, I know what colostrum and kicking are.

So, Codi's Mama, can I borrow your fetoscope? LOL j/k I can't believe this doctor wants to try these extremely dangerous methods to look for tumors and disabled glands, without even waiting for the results of the blood test that she ordered.

I don't even suffer from fatigue, or thyroid or adrenal symptoms.

back to your thread, I hope all goes well for you! I'm not sure what's going on with me, but I think I'll figure it out myself thankyouverymuch.
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Originally Posted by Victorian View Post
congrats if you are pregnant!

I think it would be a good idea to pursue some sort of testing...maybe an ultrasound. Not because pregnancy requires it, but if you are not pregnant, you might have a medical condition that does require medical care.

Exactly what I was thinking.

I am a student midwife, and we sometimes have women come into the clinic asking for us to use the Doppler to confirm their pregnancies. Some have gone on to become clients and have ultrasounds only to find out they are 5-6 months pregnant! I wish urinalysis of beta hCg was a more accurate way of confirming a pregnancy!

Keep us posted!
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I avoided U/S and doppler for my last pregnancy, but I would be high-tailing it to get an U/S if I were in your (and Townmouse's) shoes!

I would just make sure they did a very short one if you are indeed pregnant (which it sounds like both of you may be!).
IMO it would be worth finding out, since there are definitely more serious things if they're not pregnancies.

I know a woman who had a very large tumor in/by her uterus, causing her to look several months pregnant.

I'd just want to be sure.

Good luck whatever you both decide on doing!
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How exciting!
That would be my dream come true, hope you get some answers soon!
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Town when do the results of your blood test come back?
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Originally Posted by townmouse View Post

So, Codi's Mama, can I borrow your fetoscope? LOL j/k I can't believe this doctor wants to try these extremely dangerous methods to look for tumors and disabled glands, without even waiting for the results of the blood test that she ordered.
Why wouldn't she just order an ultrasound? It would definitely tell whether you were pregnant or not:
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The tests should all be done by tomorrow afternoon, they said! I don't know WTH was wrong with me, that I didn't say no to the other tests until these results were back, at least.

She said she wanted to do a CT to be more thorough.

As the night goes on I'm really hurt that she doesn't seem to value a potential baby at all. I'm going to call in the morning to tell them that I'm not coming in for the other tests, and to please call me with the results of the first round.
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Codi's Mama, I was trying to commiserate, not hijack! Sorry! If I learn anything about my situation, I'll start a new thread.
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Thread Starter 
Wow, it sounds like this testing negative and not knowing your pregnant till you feel kicking isn't all that uncommon. I'm not saying it's the norm, but not totally unheard of.
This thread is actually pretty informational! Who knew you could have 2 uteruses!? And that you could get pregnant in both, at the same time! That is soo amazing!
Well, no fetoscope here yet. Anyone ever tried those heartbeat listening monitors made by the company Bebe Sounds? They have them at Target here and I was thinking about getting one. The Amazon reviews were pretty mixed on them, though. People either loved them or hated them.
Keep us posted on what's happening with you, townmouse! What's up with doctors who won't follow a person's intuition? Even allow for the possibility that we may be right? We have been living with our bodies all our lives! And to suggest tests that would be harmful if you were actually right! :
I'll keep you all posted on when the fetoscope gets here!
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I had that Bebe Sounds thing. It sucked. It was like a cup thing with some sort of material stretched tight over it, connected to headphones. Even when I was VERY pregnant, all I ever heard was my intestines functioning and blood rushing. I heard the exact same sounds with it on my cat! (I was bored and upset that it wasn't working!)

Good luck though! I'm waiting with baited breath!
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Originally Posted by Aliviasmom View Post
I heard the exact same sounds with it on my cat! !
: : :
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subbing, this thread is really interesting! there was a mama in my DDC who found out she is months ahead of what she thought (like 30 weeks instead of 12-13 weeks) so it is definately possible. i can't wait to hear your outcomes. can you drop by a birth center and see if they'll listen with a doppler? i would not have the patience to wait for a fetoscope :
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the bebe sounds thing isn't really a doppler at all, just a sensitive microphone. I wouldn't waste your money.
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I'm 35 weeks and just returned my bebesounds because even now I can't hear a thing. It's not a fetoscope or a doppler... just a gimmick.
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I never got a + preg test with my now (almost) 7yo, I'll share that story. Dh and I were going through a rough spell and separated in Nov. In Dec. I had a lighter-than-normal period and some nausea, thought I might be pg and bought 2 hpt's. Both were negative. January, dh and I were still separated, period came as expected, still a bit lighter and shorter than usual, still having nausea and now vomiting, took another 2 hpt's, both negative. Feb. rolls around and instead of a period I get something more like a hemorrage, seemed exactly like when I had a m/c years prior. Dh and I were talking at this point but still not living together, so there had been no opportunity for "relations" since Nov. I went to the OB because of the cramping/bleeding even though it had stopped by my appt. date.

OB did an internal and said my uterus was enlarged and had me poas. Negative. He said it was likely that I had some kind of a tumor in my uterus and he scheduled an u/s for the following week to confirm the placement of the tumor and schedule surgery (he was trying to see if I needed a hysterectomy or just removal of the tumor). Next week, it's almost march now, and I haven't had sex since Nov. remember, and he says, "Oh my, your tumor has a heartbeat!" I almost fell off the table telling him it just wasn't possible lol! Then he measured, and baby measured in at 24wks, so yes it was possible. What was funny was that my dd who was 3 at the time told me earlier that same week that my belly looked like her aunt's belly and maybe I had a baby in there only smaller than her aunt's! She knew before I did but she wasn't relying on some test.

I was in my mid 20s and this was my third pg, there was no reason I shouldn't have known. Except I didn't trust my intuition enough and relied on those stupid tests more than my own feelings. I don't know why I never got a + on the hpts, but I had at least 5 that pregnancy without a positive result. Yet there was definitely a baby in there!

Anyway, that's my story fwiw - the tests are wrong sometimes.
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Wow! It happened to my church's secretary too. She found out she was pregnant in May, delivered last week!
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The last two posts

Well, yesterday they said they'd have the blood test results by lunchtime. This morning when I called to cancel the CT, they said the blood tests would be back by lunchtime.

It is 11:49 and they haven't called yet.
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Subbing to this thread! WOW!!!
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Wow! Subbing now to hear the results for both of you!!!

One of my friends had a 10lb 8 oz baby last year and never knew she was pregnant. She started bleeding really heavily and contracting and thought that she must be having an early miscarriage (as she'd had her period the whole time and had taken several tests that were negative). Got into the hospital and had her HUGE baby. I couldn't believe it. So it definitely does happen.
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