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Growing Kids God's Way Ezzo&Ezzo (Christian)

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I have come upon the opportunity to take this class. It is presented to me as being steeped in biblical principle and a complete biblical basis. At this point I don't agree with spanking and we don't spank. However, this program advocates for it under very controlled circumstances saying that most "chastisement" you do will be completed by age 5. This has taken me aback a bit.

Are any of you experienced with this ciriculum, or use it? What are your recommendations about it?

Note: All I'm asking is for opinions on the course. There is no need to defend your opinion against someone elses.
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Gary Ezzo is full of crap. He completely twists scripture to try and justify abusing children. He also just does not seem like a nice man in general, he treats women like idiots and he's been excommunicated from at least two churches.

My reccomendation is to read all the personal stories at www.ezzo.info You can see firsthand what his "program" has done to families.
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Oh, good gracious. Please read up on the Ezzo's. They are totally psycho and even a woman from my church who believes spanking is Biblical thinks the Ezzo's are crazy.
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We are conservative Christians (from the non-denom sector ) and we, and most of the parents we respect, think that the Ezzos are full of crap. If you just do a cursory read on the family, you'll discover that they have screwed lots of people over, including John MacArthur, whom I deeply respect and admire. Even Dobson's Focus on the Family goes so far as to say that they do NOT recommend using any of the Babywise/Growing Kids God's Way curriculum.

As an alternative, may I suggest any and all of Kevin Leman's books? He did a great deal of pioneering the idea of birth order and its links to personality traits, and has a ton of fabulous parenting books and workbooks. If you're desiring fellowship as well as curriculum, he has some great workbooks you can do as a small group.

I also admire and love Cloud and Townsend's Boundaries for Kids book, as well as any of their others...they are highly educated, amazing scholars and their books have a solid Scriptural base to them as well.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I really want to make sure that I am in God's will when disciplining DD, and I have never felt convicted about not spanking her. DH doesn't agree with it either. I have seen the Kevin Leman books at our Chrisitan bookstore. I may check those out. It just through me to see a whole list of scripture that these authors said tells us that God wants us to spank.

We are also Waldorf parents, and their discipline recommendations have been working really well for us. The discipline methods they use are kind, but firm. So, I think it is a great way to guide children in the path they should go.
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Hi, eastkygal! I "know" you from our ddc! It's nice to see you!

If you want more information about Gary Ezzo, he has been discussed in the Gentle Discipline forum.

One of the best sources I have found about his information is www.ezzo.info -- I was shocked and horrified.

I am a Christian, and I cannot fathom Christ blessing this man's methods.
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The Ezzos are child abusers. They hide under a shield of "faith" to promote control and abuse. Please read up on them and do not subject your children to their teachings. :
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Originally Posted by hopefulfaith View Post

I am a Christian, and I cannot fathom Christ blessing this man's methods.
ITA, and I am not even a Christian.
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everyone else has already given you some good advice and links. i'd only add that i really hate the title of his book "Growing Kids God's Way" as if to imply if you follow any method other than Ezzo's it's not God's way. Sheesh! The arrogance that he is the sole communicator of "God's way" of parenting is astounding!
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You might also search on Grace-based discipline for an alternative that could meet your needs.
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Can you share some of the Scriptures that they use to advocate spanking? I've seen many, many refutations of the interpretations the Ezzos place on Scripture. The perfect example is the sparing the rod/spoil the child, etc.
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eastkygal, here is a link on grace based discipline

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Run, run!! Fast and far from Ezzo.

Protect your children mama. You can do it. Ezzo is abuse.
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Thanks mamas for sharing your information and opinions of this program. I do think too that the God's Way part of the title is strong. That's one of the things through me back, and made me kind of second guess myself... then get a little angry. My DD is just 2, and of course there are frustrations here and there. I battle impatience, but doing much much better with God's help. I am really liking the results I see from our Waldorf program and discipline ideas. I have incorporated a gentle time-out and a lot of redirection. I have found it worthwhile to explain things to her simply, as well.

I have been amazed by the qualities my DD shows already that I find so essential to experiencing life and living in God's will. She shares with others... she asks me if I'm okay if I sneeze, cough, or even say oh... she is sooo sweet... she is also very independent. I don't feel the need to change unless I'm doing something outside of God's will for me or my DD.

Most of the scripture the EZZO's use is in Proverbs and the ones mentioning the "rod" and "chastisement". There are sooo many they list.
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Here is a great article about the ezzo's. FYI www.gentlechristianmothers.com is a great resource for raising children God's way in my opinion

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There is absolutely nothing I can say about Gary Ezzo without violating the UA.

My SIL (who, unfortunately, leans toward the Ezzo/Dobson disciplines of parenting, believing that they are truly Christian ) attended an Ezzo workshop/conference several years ago, with her BF (an Ezzo devotee). She said that while she agreed with some of the teaching , she was really uncomfortable with the subtle ways in which Gary put his wife down and "kept her in her place".
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I thought this stuff died away. :
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