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Christians... "chastisement" in the Bible

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How do you interpret the word "chastisement" in the Bible as used between parent and child? What do you make of all of the mentions of the "rod"? As a Christian AP parent, who does not spank, I'm thinking about what is God's will in this area.

Note: I don't and am not advocating spanking. I'm interested in individual interpretations only. No need to defend your interpretation against someone else's.
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I've always understood the rod to be a shepherd's crook.

Chastize...it really depends. Like most words it can mean a lot of things, including "to purify" and "restrain" IIRC.
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WHen I think of the rod I think of its use with a shepard and a flock of sheep. How does the shepard guide the sheep? By beating them with it? NO, he uses it to gently nudge them in the right direction and give them guidance. I have been in many countries in Europe where they do sheep herding and I have NEVER seen a shepard use his rod to beat a sheep.

So, to me that rod of discipline is a descripition of discpline being through kind and gentle guidance to keep us and our children on the right path spiritually, but also gives me the empowerment to defend my AP parenting and discipline choices.
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Dr. Sears has an article on spanking that specifically addresses the Biblical verses often used to justify it. He is both a conservative Christian and strongly opposed to spanking (as many are!). Check this out for the details.
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Here is a site for Grace Based Discipline, it is a Christian focused AP philosophy and has articles regarding "the rod"

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Here is a great article about the meaning of the word "rod".

As for chastisement, on dictionary.com, it defines it as discipline, refinement, and purification.

There are many forms of discipline, and I definitely feel that the Bible instructs us to discipline our children in order to teach them how to obey God's word. However, I do not believe that the Bible instructs us to hit our children.

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The rod is symbolic of parental authority. The passage says if you beat your son with a rod, he will not die. Obviously, over history, children have died with the literal rod, they won't die by gentle discipline borne from loving parental authority.
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Anyone with knowledge of biblical Hebrew want to help out here?
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