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May Mommas!!!

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Hi all
I hope everyone is doing great and settling into life with their new little ones!
Ollie is doing great he's almost 7 weeks now and weighed 10lbs 10oz on Friday he's almost gained 4lbs in 6weeks. He definitely has nursing figured out I guess this is my reward for sticking it out through 12 weeks of hell with Shiah. Ollie is smiling and talking to us now I love hearing all his little noises as he learns how to use his voice.
How are all the other May mamas and baby's doing?!
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hi all~ (nak)
call it conditioning, but even tho Griffin was born 6/2, I cant resist anything that says may mamas! He is 4 wks old today & we are slowly figuring things out. Having alot of fun sitting on th couch nursing nursing nursing! dh is back to work, but still taking great care of doing dipes & feeding me. he is real supportive. Sunday I wante real bad to fix dinner or @ least help, but ended up back on the couch nursing again & he said not to worry, I'm alraedy making a million meals aday for Griffin! Very sweet!
that's all i can do 1 handed for now~back to lurking!
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Eli and I are doing great! He weighs over 13 pounds now--such a tank. After about 4 weeks, I felt like my old self energy-wise. And we've been going to mom and baby yoga, taking long walks, etc. I'm going to join a mom's group too.

Eli is still only sleeping around 2-3 hours at a time. I manage to stay rested by taking frequent naps. And dh takes him for a walk around 7 in the morning so I get another hour or two of sleep. This lack of sleep is surprisingly okay--I just look at him in the middle of the night and feel so IN LOVE with his cute face that all is okay.

And he started smiling at us this week. Huge, wide-opened toothless grins. My heart melts.

Some days he sleeps a ton and others he seems to have more active time. I sympathize with your couch routine Maria. Seems like I spend so much time either on the couch, in the bed, or in our glider chair (try to switch around) nursing.

Have any of you introduced a bottle? I'm going to start pumping this week and have dh give eli a bottle once or twice a week. i've heard that babies have a hard time later when their moms return to work if they haven't taken the bottle before. i'm not going back to work until november, but don't want my little guy to struggle when that happens (and want to continue breastfeeding for a long time).
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Hey everyone!
Daniel is doing really well. He is just such a doll . He usually sleeps a good 4-5 hour stretch at night, which is heaven, usually only waking a couple of times altogether. He slept until 9:30 this morning! Unfortunately, I had to get up at 8:30 with dd. Oh well, at least I got a shower before he woke up. Dd likes to pick him up & hold him, so I have to be really careful that she's well occupied with something (usually the tv ) before I quickly jump in.
Don't know how much he weighs now. He was 9 lb 13.5 oz 3 weeks ago & mw said he was gaining 1/2 lb a week. If he kept that up, I guess he's about 11 1/2-12 lb now. Have my last mw appointment on Wednesday, so I'll let you know. I'm really going to miss my mw appointments, but at least my mw is good friends with another friend of mine, so I'll still see her now & then.
A neighbour is going to watch dd on Thursday so I can go to my first mom & baby yoga class. I am really looking forward to it. I'm going to try to get a sitter every Thursday morning so I can keep going.
Ds has had a couple of bottles, but I haven't been able to pump since getting thrush, so that's out until it's gone. I think it's almost done since I started using GSE (grapefruit seed extract) for it. Gentian violet didn't work, just made ds look like he was wearing purple lipstick ! At least I've lost a lot of weight on this no sugar, no yeast, no dairy diet .
Maria, you know you will always be welcome here! Good to hear your dh is being so supportive. I wish I could get dh to cook a meal . He is working a lot of overtime & when he is home he wants to nap or relax , whatever that means . At least he holds ds so I can cook. He was supposed to get today (July 1, Canada Day) off so we could go to a big festival as a family, but now he has to work. No way I'm taking the two of them by myself. Good thing we didn't tell dd about it.
I think Daniel smiled at me for the first time today , it was so quick it was hard to be sure. We have been doing EC & it is going really well. Still miss a lot, but caught lots of pees today & he was dry all afternoon . Maybe he'll be potty trained by a year : .
Anyway, I should get to bed. Dh is working at 6:00 so he won't be any help in the morning. I just have to ask what this "nak" thing is I keep seeing :
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hi Helen~ NAK is nursing at keyboard, which I am right now, I think when you put that people are supposed to cut you some slack for typos, etc. I just spend all my time backspacing to fix stuff & it takes me forever to post!
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thanks so much, Maria. I feel really silly now . I've been here almost 3 years & you knew this in less than a month! Oh well, I'm pretty sure it's a recent development.

Woke up when dh was getting ready to go to work & realized I had, for the first time, fed Daniel at some point & didn't remember it . The only way I knew was that he was tucked right under the covers with me instead of up between the pillows.
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I'm a May mom, too.

I don't think I ever formally introduced myself, but I'm a May mom, too. Maggie is 2 months old now and boy, is she a challenge.

I feel like I am the only person in the whole wide world who has a fussy, "colicky" baby. My MIL is an early childhood development expert and she says she has an "immature nervous system", others call it "high needs." Whatever you call it, it is SO hard to get anything done at all. There are days when I don't get to eat or go to the bathroom for very long stretches of time.

For instance, yesterday Maggie woke up for good at around 9:00. I had to hold her from her 6 o'clock wake up till her 9 o'clock wake up in order to keep her asleep a little longer. (She fights sleep and gets even more cranky because she is exhausted.) Then for the next 11 hours, she only took three 1/2 hour naps.

When she is awake, she mostly wants to be held. She won't go in the Maya-wrap-type sling I made for her, only the crummy Evenflo Snuggli sling/carrier. Since it converts to both, it is poorly designed as a sling and hurts to wear for long. (She is in it now and that is the only reason I can type this.) Yesterday nothing I did was right. She was not happy sitting, standing, walking, laying, playing, hot, cold, up, down...and on and on. She is tough.

Luckily, she is great at smiling and has been doing it for about four weeks. It is her saving grace, I'll tell you. (Not that anything bad would EVER happen if she didn't smile, but she always seems to pull her Jekyll/Hyde switch at the most opportune moments and smiles just when she knows I am about to pull my hair out!)

She rolled herself over (back to belly) at 6 weeks, 6 days and I am worried that she will do it again before I want her to. But she is a strong little bugger and she does what she wants. I have a nephew who is 2 1/2 weeks old and she was never as floppy as he is. She is also showing early teething signs (by which I mean the signs are early, not that she is actually teething early.) Hopefully she will be chomping on those hands and drooling for at least another couple months before any little teeth start popping through.

As for bottles, I started giving Maggie EBM at three weeks, since my niece had such a hard time taking them when my sister waited 5 weeks. For the first week or so, she got one a day. Now she gets one or two a week. She started nursing on only one side at a time the other day and it is a bit of a challenge getting her back to both. She also has been really fussy at the breast the last two evenings, not eating well, but she is doing great at night and during the day, and still has the requisite wet/dirty diapers, so I'm not going to worry. Maybe it is just a phase.

I'm still trying to get away from co-sleeping, because it just isn't safe for us. Maggie is doing very well in her hammock at night, and I hold her for her daytime naps. Once the sun is up, she won't sleep on her own, really. Last night, I picked her up and don't even remember doing it. Then she fell out of my arms and I woke up scared to death that next time she was going to fall off the bed. I guess I am going to have to go back to the mattress on the floor when she wakes up and won't go back to sleep in her hammock.

Okay, sorry so long. Sometimes it is just nice to vent about how HARD (though wonderful) it is to be the mother of this child. My whole family says if I can survive her, any other child we have will be a piece of cake. I hope they are right, but right now I sure don't even want to think about having another baby!!!!! (Even though Maggie is great and I love love love her.)
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Maggiesmom: Sounds soooo hard right now. But obviously you are doing a great job because she feels happy and secure enough to smile and smile. One thing that helps me is to remember that whatever hard thing I'm going through with Eli, it will pass eventually. (surely he will sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time someday, right?!). Anyway, hang in there.

We introduced a bottle today. It was so easy. I was concerned that we had waited too long (Eli will be 7 weeks on Friday), but it took so much effort just to figure out how to work the breast pump, sterilize everything, etc. This was a 3-day event!!! But I pumped this morning and Dh fed him shortly thereafter. I feel so free--now I can actually leave sometimes without worrying that Eli will go hungry. Yeah!!!!!!!!!
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not responding to others posts right now cause things are a little stressful. Ollie has a lump on his leg that showed up when he was 2 days old initially the Ped thought it was a cyst which is no big deal. Things hadn't changed at 6weeks when we saw a different Ped in our practice that I really didn't like how she talked to me (like I'm a moron) she wanted an ultrasound done so I said o.k. and one was scheduled. We went this afternoon and had it looked at with the ultrasound is isn't a cyst its a solid mass with blood supply. I have no freaking clue what this means since now one wants to say it might be these or that guess they don't want to say the wrong thing? And way so Ped called (same one who talks down to me) says the Radiologist recomends an ultrasound of Ollies belly to check for any other masses and then a biopsy of the mass on his leg. I try and ask her questions once again she's blowing me off so I ask when our reg Ped is back (he's back July 10-11) and ask for him to call me. I don't know if I should be waiting that long or what but how am I suppose to work with a doc that doesn't answer questions?? Ugh I'm so stressed right now. Thoughts?
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Is it only the two peds? Is there another one in the practice that you can talk to before the other one comes back? While this does sound scary, I would have a hard time making any decisions without my questions being answered by someone who thought I was intelligent enough to understand what they are telling me.

Does she realize that the reason that you took a 'wait and see' approach to the lump was because the other ped did'nt think it was anything serious? It's not like you were being careless, you made the best decision you could with the information you were given... all the more reason for her to drop the attitude and give you some real answers so you know where to go from here.

I am holding Ollie and his mama in my thoughts...

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thanks XM
after I calmed down a bit I called back and am having the schedule at least the US and told them I will only see my doc I'm not dealing with the stupid one again. I don't think shes wrong we need to find out what it is her manner just sucks.
I didn't realize why I was so upset with her till you said it she made me feel like I was taking risks with his health just cause I asked some questions. I just need details not just someone telling me what to do, thanks for understanding
oh I love the name you choose for spawn! How is nursing going? better I hope
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Hoping everything goes well with Ollie. It must be a scary time for you.
On a positive note, a friend of mine (who happens to be a nurse, not that it matters, though) had a mass with a blood supply on her arm. She had to wait a few days after the U/S to see her doc. By the day she was to see her, the mass was gone! So hopefully Ollie's will be nice and just go away once it knows it is most definitely not welcome there.

Rebekah, yes, Maggie is TOUGH. I do try to remind myself that she is trying to adjust to the whole world and we are just adjusting to one tiny (albeit demanding) little girl. It breaks my heart when she is upset because she looks at me like I should be able to fix it for her, and I just don't know what is wrong. Luckily, the sling usually does the trick and helps her feel better. She is strong and she is smart. She is my spirited little clone, although I am told I was an easy baby. (Just a difficult adult! )
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quick update on Ollie
the ultrasound of his abdomen was clear!!! So the biggest worry is out of the way, now we are just going to have to figure out what the mass in his leg is. More then likely we'll have to have a biopsy done in the next couple of weeks. I'm so relieved the Radiologist was worried that they mass on his leg was a symtom rather then the cause if that makes sense apparently there is a scary cancer that forms on the adrenal gland and spreads very rapidly. Anyway we have pretty much ruled that out (there is a small chance its there but they couldn't see it on the ultrasound but the Radiologist said that the odds of that are very low).
Hope everyone is doing well and every give your little ones an extra squeeze these last few weeks have put all the little problems I was frustrated about into perspective for me. I don't care how tired I am anymore I'm just thrilled he'll be able to make me tired for years to come lol
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hi all!
OMG Janessa, that sounds so stressful! I am so glad I read your earlier post & the one with the clear U/S @ the same time! I/m a bit emotionla right now myself! I will be thinking all kinds of positive thoughts for you & Ollie~

Griffin & I are in poor weight gain hell right now. We found out Wed @ our 1 month Pedi appt that he's only gained 10 ozs since day 4 (gone from 6lbs14 to 7lbs8~ only 2 onuces above his birthwieght) so we went to the LC & have been on a monster pumping schedule for the last 3 days & my supply is just now beginning to get better. WE'rs using a SNS to supplement & having to mix in formula, Pedi wants him to get 8oz extra a day & I'm only getting about a third of an oz per pump. At least no bottles. I keep trying to relax & know that it's just a challenge we're going to get htru, but it feels like a major crisis, tho I know it's not, we are healthy & will fix this, feel we are getting good advice/care. Pedi & LC are so LLL, etc.

ANyway, I cried my ass off THurs nite after pumping 1x per hr for a whole day & then we decided we had to add in the formula, I felt so sorry for myslef & Griffin & like a bad mom. HIs latch is good & so we don't know why my supply has diminished. I guess this explains why he nurses around the clock & is fussy, my poor guy is hungry! I can't beleve I couldnt even tell he wasn't gaining, I thought he was fine! ANyway, sorry to be so dramatic, trying to adjust myself & thinking & get positive again!

My sister, BIL, & her 7yo DS & 4yo DD have been staying here with us since Wed when we started all this. They came from MI to see the baby, what bad timing! They just left today, a day early, to go back to MI, My sister was a big help to us, & BIL tried to keep the kids out of the house most of the time, but still there was distraction non-stop around me so hopefully now that they are gone I'll be able to relax more. I bought my Mom a plane ticket & she'll be with me Sun- Wed. Thank God bcz MIL (who lives here) is pissed @ us for telling her she couldn't come by yesterday. She is a totally negative person, ignorant about breastfeeding (wanted me to give sugar water when Griffin was 8 hrs old!) and very immature. We were trying to nap & I jsut couldn't handle having a guest like her in the house!
Oh well, it is unreasonable to expect reasonable responses from unresonable people!

sorry to rant, Griffin is sleeping like an angel on my chest & I hope we are turning the corner with all this!
take care, Maria
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Maria I'm sorry to hear that Griffin is having trouble gaining weight. Shiah and I had a hard time starting out too, she didn't regain her birth weight for over 2 weeks once she got in the swing of things she gained well though. Sounds like you have a good plan in place so hopefully Griffin will start gaining now. You are doing an awesome job!! Griffin is lucky to have a mama that will work so hard to make sure he gets the best stuff be gentle with yourself mama. Isn't that just the best when they are snuggled up so peacefully on your chest
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What's up with all the new mama stress?

I can't believe how many of us are going through the ringer right now.

Maria- DS didn't gain back his birthweight until he was 2 weeks and 2 days, We also had to do a horendous schedule of pumping and supplementing with atube while nursing but everything was fine at 2 months. We didn't need to pump unless we wanted to after that and his weight gain was better. One thing to watch out for with the weight gain is that stinkin' "growth chart". Because I'm a large woman the Peds expected my babies to be as well. What they didn't take into acount is the fact my husband is Asian American and everyone in his family has small babies and never fits in the "right place" on that chart.

Janessa- I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this right now. It sounds like Ollie is doing great though.

Some thing that makes me have faith in a childs ability to heal is a good friends daughter who had cancer and at 10 months had a kidney removed, she is now 2 1/2 and the MDs say not only will she live a long and healthy life but because she dealt with it at such a young age she won't remember any of the Chemo or surgeries.

MaggiesMom- I have a "difficult" baby too. DD is now 9 weeks and at my grandmas this weekend I got a lot of "how do you ever get anything done?" and "was your first like this too?". I also am worried about co sleeping because she moves around so much. What we did was get a Snuggle Nest that has hard, but padded, sides and fits between our pillows at the head of the bed. This keeps her close at hand and helps me not worry about her as much. I also made a sling based on the Maya wraps web page free pattern. She has only been ok in it once, the rest of the time she screams and trys to squirm out. A friend gave us an atomatic swing and as guilty as I feel putting her in it she loves it and it allows me to use the bathroom and get a much needed glass of water.
She also has great smiles when she's not having gas pains and will sing along with you when you sing to her . I know most of the problem is dietary because when I cut out all the dairy her chronic rash went away. Now I just have to figure out the rest. She also does something DS never did, sleep through the night! Most nights she will have a stretch of solid sleep anywhere from 5-8 hours and then nurse and go back to sleep for a few more.

If anyone has wondered where I've been I have had the month hell. Along with figuring out DDs food allergies, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in late June and this is the first time I've had a chance to really get a good look at the boards.

Hugs to everyone, even if you think you don't need it. We're all new moms and heaven knows we all need them as often as possible.

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Oh my! I'm close to tears reading all of your posts. I'm sending you all HUGE HUGS ((((((()))))))))!

Eli is waking up so must go.... I'm thinking about you all.

(And Anna--I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.)
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I've been lurking here for quite a while and enjoyed reading about many of you during late pregnancy and delivery. I thought I'd come out of lurkdom and introduce myself. I'm a May mama myself, by 14 minutes, as my Caroline Rose squeaked in on her due date May 31, at 11:46 pm. She is my fourth child. My older kids are almost 15, 8, and 6, so readjusting to the baby thing has been interesting. She was born at 8 lbs, 15 oz, my biggest baby by over a pound. She was 10 lbs 1 oz on June 26 -- I haven't weighed her since. She's a pretty peaceful baby for the most part. She's had to adjust to being dragged around to the older kids' activities pretty much right from the start and tolerates it very well. She's exclusively breastfed at this point, but I go back to work on Monday. I've still been procrastinating on trying a bottle -- I really enjoy being her only source of food for now. I have a dentist appt for a filling on Thurs, though, and will leave her with her future dcp for a couple of hours and will leave a bottle then. Dh will be home with her for the 1st 3 weeks, so I'm counting on him to help establish a routine before she starts daycare. He's had a lot of experience getting our kids adjusted to a bottle and figuring out their cues. She does wake a lot a night -- usually sleeps 3 hours the first time, then wakes every 2 hours the rest of the night. We co-sleep and so far I'm surviving the decreased sleep. I don't want to discourage her from waking at night since hopefully it will cut down how much milk I need to pump for her while I'm working during the day!
I'm sorry that it sounds like several of you are having a rough month. Hopefully, life will settle down soon (although it's never the same once a new baby joins your life!)
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introduction :)

Hi Ladies,

I'm finally introducing myself... my ds #2, Kenton, was born on May 4 at 2:02am. It was a long (for me LOL!) and difficult labor, but he was born healthy and whole (and that's all that matters!)

Sounds like many of us May mommies have high needs babies. My first was so easy... birth took about twenty minutes, he slept through (like 6 - 8 hours consistently) by 6 weeks, had colic at first, but it disappeared when I gave up dairy... Kenton is happy as long as he is in my arms or on my boob. He still nurses A LOT (like every hour or two) and he started constant nursing all night a few nights ago, so I'm thinking he's gearing up for another growth spurt (he's about 15 lbs by my scale... he was 8 lbs at birth). YIKES!!!

I have had a difficult time adjusting to having two little ones (ds #1, Dominic is 3), but it seems that we are coming out of the fog and starting to get a routine of sorts down. Once Kenton starts sleeping more consistently (at night and during the day, he catnaps all day long... 20 mins to 45 mins at a time... aargh!! LOL!) I think things will get WAY easier!! Until then, I just try to get to the gym three or four times a week while either dh or my mom watch the kids... just for my mental health.

OK... enough... I'm looking forward to getting to know you ladies better! I usually post on diapering I love my cloth!!!

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Lana is doing really well--she just had her check up yesterday, and aside from an annoyingly persistent case of cradle cap, everything is great. she sleeps through most nights, and if she does wake, it's only once to nurse and then back to sleep again. she's very set in her routine, and is not happy if she's not in bed by 8:30. unfortunately, my dh started a new job, and now i'm taking ds to school and back, so Lana is having to adjust to being in the carseat a bit more--and she HATES it. she cries and cries, but there's so much traffic, and i can't really stop to feed her--then i have to find parking...it's a nightmare. fortunately, we found a house a few minutes out of the city, so we'll be moving out of our 1 bedroom apt to a house with a yard and a driveway to park in! YAY!!!!!!!!!

for those of you with "high-needs" babies--i know it's a rough first couple of months, but things do get easier eventually. my ds was pretty high-need, and i had to hold and nurse him ALL THE TIME. it was stressful and i never got anything done. i had no idea i'd be nursing all the time, so it was a big shock. it's so different with my dd--i'm really surprised at the difference, because i honestly thought all babies were like that...

anyway, here's hoping for some sleep filled nights for all of you!!
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