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Thanks, This was all useful information. I really hope we have a smooth free birth with our next child!
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I Owa mamma, Not a problem....I am always happy to gab away about anything birth related as you can tell. I wish you and your family all the best and the best birth too.

I have been keeping a journal too. It amazed me after a few weeks how well it put me in touch with what was in my head, which makes me feel a lot better about certain things.

Now if I could just get my preggo head to remember to send out for the Clear Road to Birth! Ive been meaning to do that forever! I have the address and everything,...sigh....
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Probably the most important preparations to make are mental. Find answers that sit well with your spirit, to any questions you may have prior to labor. Address any fears and assumptions you have. For example the idea that a midwife should be called automatically, if "something goes wrong."

Sometimes emergency intervention is more harmful than what happens when we intuitively respond to things that happen "out of the ordinary" (harsh and dangerous medical treatments of premature babies comes to mind as an example). It's important to understand this and be mentally prepared to weigh the options in every individual circumstance and not just seek medical assistance (or one specific alternative assistance for that matter) for every complication.

To get more ideas of what sorts of things you may want to address, you might like to read about other people's experiences with unassisted birth. The best place to do this I know of by far is www.unassistedchildbirth.com. There are lots of great articles, books, videos and links there that you can explore too. I agree with Jesse (((hugs and waves!))), that all the "equipment" that is really necessary to give birth is you and your baby. Make your environment comfortable and safe, suiting your needs rather than someone else's "must" list. Best wishes to you and your family! Laurie
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Hello! This is our third pregnancy...#1 in "birthing center"
#2 at home with two wonderful midwives...
#3 planning husband-wife-home birth. this seems the next step for us as we have wanted to do it all along but were afraid. The decision has completely empowered us and I am way more in tune with my body than ever before.
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Birthing Alone

I read a post somewhere on MDC where a woman was talking about birth not needing anyone but the mother (ya know, no doctor, midwife, etc) and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find info or anything on this..? I've always wanted to do it, but have been ignorant abt the specifics and since it's the complete opposite of what's considered okay in our society, I don't see info on it. I'm possibly preg w/our 4th and I'd really prefer this birth scenario if anyone can help. Thanks!
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Here's a good place to start..m


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we did this w/baby two and would do it w/subsequent birhts.

try www.freestone.org
or www.birthlove.com which is a subscriber site now but is probably worth it if you are serious about this option.

also there are lots of books
--laura shanley's unassisted childbirth
--anything by jeannine parvati baker (she has articles on her web site listed above)

--marilyn moran has a couple of books
--hygieia halfmoon's primal mothering in a modern world

good luck! there are lots of us freebirthers here if you have questions!
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Hi! You may be interested in this online group


The Lord bless you,
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Thank you all, sooooo much!

And now I know it's formally called 'unassisted birth' and that helps a lot!

Thanks again!
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I will be having unassisted births for my future children (one is due in March ). There's so much out there. I've been researching it for the past 10 months and there's still so much more I want to read. I copied this list from a post I wrote somewhere else so I may be repeating what others have posted.


I also can't recommend enough the Unassisted Childbirth e-mail list. There is TONS AND TONS of useful information there. I've learned so much by being on this list.


Birthlove.com is a pay site but I have to say that the membership fee is totally worth it IMO. (And it's for lifetime membership so you only pay once.) It's like buying a book that keeps updating itself for free. Aside from all of the useful info about healthy pregnancy, midwifery and unassisted birth there's the online doula course whose information would definately be handy in an unassisted birth. There are also two e-books that you can download too. All of this just for the membership fee. (ok, I'll stop pushing it now LOL).

This is a link to more links: http://www.lauriemorgan.com/birth.html

I also read, Polly's Birth Book: Obstetrics for the Home by Polly Block. Ironically it was this book that put me on the unassisted path. It just seemed so simple, although it has a lot of complicated techniques in it for some reason reading it gave me the confidence to look further.

There is also "Emergency Childbirth" by Gregory White. This is a great one for hubbys who don't want to bother with the inspirational stuff, just the logistics. It's written for Police men and emergency response people.

Finally there's Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley, I haven't read it yet but I'm told it's a must read.
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Thanks so much!

I've joined that UC yahoo group and I've looked on a few of the sites. So inspiring! I'm kinda mad, tho, b/c my library carries no books on unassisted childbirth. Hmmm...might hafta request they order something.

Again, thanks everyone! K'smami, I wanna say Good Luck, but I don't wanna seem like I'm doubting your ability, so maybe Happy Birthing...?
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I've given birth alone several times. You can read my stories here - http://ucbirth.com/stories.htm and also in my book UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH. If your library doesn't carry it, I'm sure you can get it through interlibrary loan. And as you can see, there's a ton of info about it on the internet.
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Laura-- I went to your site last night and I am in awe! You and David are enlightened folk.

I only wish that I had had the confidence so many of you have with my first pregnancy. But it's all been a learning experience and I'm grateful I'll be able to experience a UC!

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I'm so glad you like my site! Good luck and please let us know if you're preggers!!
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Just letting you resourceful and kindly ladies know that, No, I'm not pregnant. I feel a combination of and , ya know?

But, dh...argh! That man drives me crazy! He's completely abt it, and he's the one who didn't want anymore! Weird...

But, now, I know that he's okay w/ a UC, and I'm definitely gonna do it if we get pregnant again. I also now know he wants another baby, so we will try in a few months.

Thanks, Ladies!!
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