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I am in the process of applying for my Florida license. In regard to insurance, here's the information I just got. Melanie Hart at Dean Insurance is very helpful. I was going to use someone local in Gainesville but didn't have the patience to educate them in regard to insurance for midwives. The application for licensure tells you that you have to have insurance to get your license and insurance company tells you that you have to have your license to get insurance. Usual bueracracy (sorry about spelling). Anyway Melanie knew the ropes.

Hope this is helpful.

New Midwife Rates 2007

Orange Clay, Duval, & Remainder Palm Bch Dade &

County St. Johns Co. of State County Broward Co.

Terr.5 Terr. 4 Terr. 3 Terr. 2 Terr. 1

$100,000/ 0-12 Births $2,823 $3,001 $2,501 $3,753 $5,028

$300,000 >12 Births $120 $128 $106 $159 $212

Limits (charge per birth)

$250,000/ 0-12 Births $4,178 $4,441 $3,701 $5,554 $7,441

$750,000 >12 Births $178 $189 $157 $235 $314

Limits (charge per birth)

Melanie Hart
Dean Insurance Agency, Inc.
230 N. Westmonte Drive, Suite 2100
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
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Thanks very much!

KLPeanut, did you use a FL approved school, or are you attempting the licensure by endorsement process? Congrats on getting through school!
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I went to FSTM
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Did you just graduate this summer?

If so, then you may have been in the same class I started out in!

Just for the record, all of the women in the class I was in were INCREDIBLE!
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graduated this summer but my class was 2006
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Hello, ladies!

I dug up this old thread on a search for FL midwifery laws and thought I'd show up and ask a few questions of my own, some professional, some personal.

First the personal stuff: we are repatriating to the Jax area from Istanbul, Turkiye. We want to have another baby and soon, as we aren't getting any younger. I have long dreamed of a home waterbirth and tried with DS (14 1/2 months) but due to cervical stenosis ended up with a c-section after 80 hours of labor. I understand that the risk is a 3 and would require an OB consult. Are there any midwives who are willing to do a home VBAC in the west Jax/Clay co. area? (The stenosis has been taken care of with a comnbination of surgical and medical dilation and all is back on track, so I have no reason to expect it to be a problem with a future delivery.)

Now for the professional stuff: I wanna be a midwife! I've had serious baby-catcher hunger for about 15 years and actually went to nursing school with the ultimate goal of becoming a CNM. Suffice it to say that I learned enough about nurse-midwifery that I changed my mind on that path long ago, but still want to be a midwife. I am already an RN,BSN but don't know if that will help or hinder me to become a CPM. Any suggestions for an RN who wants to be a CPM?
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Here is the link to the "Find a midwife" feature on the Florida Friends of Midwives website for that area. Looks like you have VBAC options (Sharon Schmidt with Fruitful Vine), not sure how current that information is.

As far as becoming a midwife, I would check out the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville:
Look in their catalog, it talks about options for nurses. I have done their tour and many of their students travel. I don't remember how far it is from Jax to Gainesville.
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Thanks for the info!!
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