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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post
The twins will be:
Shira Hope (Shira is Hebrew for song, and Hope goes along with older sis's name)
Miriam Joy (Miriam is Bible/Hebrew, and again Joy goes along with the others)

Loosely translated their names mean "Song of Hope" and "Tears of Joy"
Love those names!!!
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See my newer post "My First u/s was WAY off..."

Guess I'll be needing those frequent ultrasounds since my babes are identical girls!
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i had a ridiculous number of ultrasounds during my twin pregnancy.

my first US was 6w2d. I gave birth at 30w2d. In those 24 weeks i had at *least* 2 dozen ultrasounds. Now a few of those were done during my hospital bedrest, when things werent looking good and we had to confirm baby A was still head down. I think they did 3 in the hospital. I saw a perinatologist only after 13 weeks and they did US all the time. Sometimes to confirm heartbeats (my twins always had very similar hbs, so close we couldnt always be sure it was 2 different ones), some to check size, some to check cervix length (due to my preterm labor).

Anyway, i dont have any concerns about ultrasounds so i enjoyed seeing my little ones as often as i could. And i have so many pictures, i love looking at them!

Congrats on your ID GIRLS!!!!! How exciting
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I had one U/S at 17 weeks which was for dating because I didn't have a clue when was last period was, this also diagnosed twins as well as dating. I didn't have anymore U/S but I didn't see an OB I had a midwife, she didn't think anymore necessary, so I didn't either.
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