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Second twin

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How quickly does the second twin come? Is it usually right after the first (like within 5 min) or does it take a while?
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I don't know if there is a normal window! Mine were 18 minutes apart if that helps...
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I think it can vary a lot. Mine came 10 minutes apart, but they were my third and fourth babies (my first was 8 lbs. 7 oz, my second 7 lbs. 8 oz. and the twins were 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 6 lbs. 12 oz.). I'm not sure if that would make a difference, but I've heard of other natural birth twins that were more than an hour apart (with no distress or anything).
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My girls were born 10 minutes apart. Rena (2nd twin) was born w/ a vacuum b/c she was in distress.
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My girls are 47 minutes apart. My Baby A was head down but Baby B was breech. Once Lillie was born they turned Faith but it took me a while of pushing to get her down and out. In the end my OB told me I had to work harder to get her down because she was starting to show a touch of distress. It was about 3 pushes more and I had that baby out!

I think the time varies greatly in vaginal births. I've heard of some babies that were a minute or two apart and others that were hours.
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Mine were about 10 min apart -- the time is actually wrong on their birth certificates! Whoever wrote it down wrote 2 min but my mom and I agreed that it was definitely closer to 10 min.

I have heard of twins being born up to 3 or 4 hours apart.
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mine were born 3 minutes apart, and thats with a footling breech baby B!
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I just read in a multiples book that the average is between 5 and 40 minutes. But I too have heard of being hours apart. The book even said that it has happened where they were days or even weeks apart. Wouldn't that be crazy!!
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Originally Posted by fyrebloom View Post
How quickly does the second twin come? Is it usually right after the first (like within 5 min) or does it take a while?
I have read in a few places online that the average interval between twins is 17 minutes. I never saw a reference, though, if that was an average of vaginal deliveries or of all twin births. With half of twins born by c-section, and so 1-2 minutes apart, if that average includes ALL twin births, then a LOT of the vaginal ones would have to be a good while between the two (ie. 40 minutes or more).

Curiously, my twins were exactly 17 minutes apart. No inductions, versions or other interference. The attending doc really wanted to a) c-section b/c twin B was breech, and b) (when I refused the c-section) perform an external version after Twin A was born. I permitted her to check his station after his brother was out ONLY b/c I knew if he was engaged, she would have to give up trying to force the version on me. So she checked me very soon after delivering Twin A. I'm thinking it was within 1-2 minutes. Twin B was engaged at that point.

Interestingly, he was double-footling. Just a little bit of waiting around, then contractions resumed well. He was born quickly, smoothly, easily in 2 pushes. I mention the quick engagement, time interval, and easy birth b/c ALL of that is what so many doctors say "doesn't" or "can't" happen with breech second twins.

I hope you have a fairly short interval between your twins. Simply because a lot of doctors get panicky about waiting around - even if there are no signs of distress. Then you know what happens!
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Oh my baby B was also a footling breech. I remember that my water broke with him as I was pushing and some doc yelled, "is that a FOOT?!?!?!" yep.
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Mine were 14 minutes apart, but I think that is actually on the short side. An OB I interviewed when I was pregnant had just delivered a set that were 6 hours apart (how's that for an awesome, patient OB!). I've heard that after a certain amount of time the cervix will actually close up a bit and then have to re-dilate back to 10 cms. My mw said that as long as Baby B was in no distress she was happy to wait for however long it would take.
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I had triplets. Baby A and baby B were 10 hours apart, but baby B and baby C were 10 minutes apart
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Mine were six minutes apart. Both were vertex. It took two hours of pushing to get my daughter out (she was first) and then just a couple of pushes to get my son out.
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Mine were 13 minutes apart--11:58 p.m and 12:11 a.m, so they have separate birthdays. Not much pushing involved with either one--one, maybe two pushes, tops (they were preemies, and small). I was in the Operating Room, on a narrow metal table, so I was kinda in a hurry (there was an anesthesiologist, two doctors, and a host of other people, I knew they were ready and waiting to start a c-section). I'd heard that doctors get anxious if more than 20 minutes pass. My doc wanted to stitch a tear while we waited, which seemed nutty to me at the time (it still does). Luckily, Baby B (Ira) came on out.
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Mine were 19 minutes apart, but would have been sooner. Baby B (Riley) had a nuchal hand and they were working to get her hand down from her face.
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Mine were 37 minutes apart. Both vertex. Baby B needed two contractions worth of pushing to join us. I was really glad to have the time with baby A first.
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Mine were 17 minutes apart.
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Wow, Kathryn! I was about to post about my grueling 2 hours, until I saw your 10 hours between A and B. Do you know what may have caused them to be so far apart?

My sweet baby B was 1 hour 58 minutes after baby A because she was posterior and asynclitic. Ouch!
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My body just needed to rest and regroup. I didn't contract for all that time. I slept, ate, just chilled with my first little baby, nursed.
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Originally Posted by Kathryn View Post
My body just needed to rest and regroup. I didn't contract for all that time. I slept, ate, just chilled with my first little baby, nursed.
Nice! It's great that you were able to take that break.
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