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Planning meals for one year olds

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Hi there-

I am having a really hard time keeping up with my one yo twins taste in food. They seem to be picky. Like I can't give them the same thing more than a couple of times. They really like flavorful food...spices and spicy but I am running out of ideas of what to feed them. They are totally self feed and refuse anything from a spoon so apple sauce and yogurt and that type of stuff is out. For the moment they love beans as long as I change the kind and flavor often. They like grilled cheese, sautéed tofu and sometimes pasta. We haven't done meat yet but I am thinking I might try chicken. With veggies it is 50/50 sometimes they love them and sometimes they don't. I understand this is normal toddler behavior but I am feeling totally discouraged and am starting to dread meal time because half the time it isn't very pleasant or I end up making a bunch of different food just so they eat something (which is something I really don't want them getting used to!)

I need new ideas for healthy finger foods and sauces for veggies or other ways to make the food interesting and flavorful. I would really like to make bulk and freeze stuff so I have snacks on hand. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Or if anybody know of a good cook book... Thanks!
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Do they like spaghetti type sauce? If so make a big batch (or used jarred) and add in veggies like cooked carrots, spinach, zucchini, etc. Then you can blend it all up and they will never know the veggies are in there. They probably will develop a taste for the sauce like this and when they get older they'll just eat the veggies and you won't have to blend it.

Have you tried things like spinach tortellini, etc? They usually like things like that where they can pick them up easily, or at least my son did.

As for stuff they need to be spoodfed, I say let them go for it. My DS is almost two and can use a spoon and fork just fine but sometimes he just likes to use his hands and has done so m any times with applesauce and yogurt. Messy, yes, but they are toddlers, everything is messy!

If you do oatmeal you can sneak stuff in like canned pumpkin or applesauce and even very small diced fruit or another puree you have.

What about avocados? Those are a favorite here.

Have you tried making the veggies differnt ways with different flavors, etc? Like maybe a little lemon or olive oil or something? What about sweet potatoes just baked with some cinnamon?

One of my DS's faves is red beans and rice, he loves it. So I started steaming mixed veggies and mixing them in for him or sometimes broccoli anad he eats all of it because it tastes all like the red beans and rice.

If you need more ideas let me know I'm just not sure what you have tried and what you haven't.
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Hi! Just bumping cause I'm interested in this too!
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