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Fertility monitor?

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So I finally went to my Gyn and she suggested a fertility monitor. And I'm supposed to go in for blood work as soon as I've ovulated. I've been doing the temp think but she thought the monitor would be better becuase it would tell me 24 hours before I ovlulated.

I'm too old to waste any chances - so, how do these things work?

Do they need a couple of months to calibrate? Do I have to start at a particular point in my cycle? I got my period about a week a ago, so I should O in the next week. Is it too late this cycle for the fertility monitor to work? I'll still do the temperature thing.

Does anyone have any brand recommendations? And what do they cost?

I'm 37, DH is 47 and we have a 4 year old, but haven't been able to get pregnant again.

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Ellien C~ Hi, there are a few diff fertility monitors, the clear blue easy fertility monitor, or the one I use from zetek. There are others but the CBEFM is the big one but it basicly what I have heard it reads the LH hormone when you pee on sticks(I may be wrong)

The one I use I really love. Here is the website

It reads your electrolytes. And warns you usually 5days or so before you O. I had been TTC for 2yrs 3months when I bought mine, after 4months of using it I was pg(sadly though it was a m/c) but I was finally able to get pg. Its only been 3months since my loss and I have been using my monitor since a month after my loss. I love it and it pin points my O so well and it does its own charting.

For when you can start using any monitor is the first couple days of when AF comes. And it usually picks up O the first time using it. Or at least it did for me. You still need to start at the beginning of your cycle even if you still temp.

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Thank you. That helps.

I checked the link - wow - $300! Do you think I we should have DH's sperm tested first before we spend all the money on the monitor? We're not THAT pressed for money - I'm just cheap!
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Hummm... Well I do feel you should get hubby tested for sure. For whether to do it before or after the monitor, Well myself I got it after hubby's sperm test. Just for my own peace of mind.
But having the monitor you can get a jump on when you are O'ing (and you can just time sex every other day to every two days around O, till hubby is tested). So I feel it is up to you what you feel more comfortable with.

For the price yeah, I about feel off my chair. (Oh also the monitor comes with the sensor for the mouth but you'll want to also get the vaginal censor also) I do feel the monitor is worth every cent I paid for it.

I'll answer as much as I can.

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I got the ClearBlue lent to me by a friend. In retrospect, it would have been worth the $150-180 they charge on amazon. We loved it! I had to program the thing during my cycle and then it told me when to test. The drawback is that the sticks cost $, too (it's not just the machine) -- the cheapest price I found was on amazon. It was worth every penny!!
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I had great luck with the ClearBlue monitor, which measures LH and estrogen. It is expensive, and the sticks are pricey too - but it worked extremely well for DH and I. Sometimes you can find deals on eBay...

If you have a sperm test scheduled anyway, I would probably hold off until you get the results back (I don't know what kind of time line that is).

If you want more details on the ClearBlue monitor (which, just to be clear is different from the ClearBlue ovulation predictor kits - it took me a while to figure that out ) please let me know.

Good luck to you!!
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Well - I went to Wallgreens and I bought 7 sticks. I can just pee on these every day for a week before expected O, right? They were around $20 and I figured that would be a good place to start.

Why did those of you go for the electronic monitor instead of the sticks? Did you feel you were wasting money or that the monitor would be more accurate?

In my heart I feel like we aren't timing things perfectly and we really need to now. DH is a bit older and on some medication that he has to stop taking when we're going to have sex. It stresses him out to go off the meds so I want to be precise. It is also exceedingly difficult to find time without our partially co-sleeping 4 year old. we have to wake up at 5 am, go to another room and hope she doesn't miss us. Sometimes we're just too exhausted to do it. And this isn't practical for the entire 2 weeks before O!

The women in my family have a long history of early 40s and late 30s pregnancies, so I feel like it just "can't" be me.

I think the sperm test for DH will be problematic. He has to ejaculate in the cup (so more time off meds) while having abstained from sex for the previous 5-7 days (so it can't be around O) and then we have to get it to the lab within 30 minutes (so we'd be looking at a weekend, I guess). And I haven't even brought this up with him.
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For the OPK's that is what I would do if I knew when O should be here, if I didn't well I actually had bought a month supply for a cycle LOL. But that is a good place to start. Between temping and those it should help a lot. Do you check your CM also? And your CP? Those would also help.

For the CBEFM I can't say maybe one of the other gals could tell you more about it?

For hubby's SA, if you live to far from the docs office to get it there in the time allotted then they can also give you a room to do it(like my poor DH had to do)
Usually they say it is best not to BD for two days before you test DH SA. But we didn't know that so we did it a day before oppss. Hubby was A'OK. We had results back within a day or two(but it depends on your clinic) Cause they have to test it right away so you get results fairly quick. I definitely bring the SA up to hubby just so he knows it might be something to do and see what he feels.

For when to BD, my monitor tells me 5days prior so we do it every other day till the first day of the peak and then everyday till O. We usually don't do to much till closer to O.

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Originally Posted by Ellien C View Post

Why did those of you go for the electronic monitor instead of the sticks? Did you feel you were wasting money or that the monitor would be more accurate?

I had been charting for a while, and found it helpful, but not as precise as I had hoped it would be My circumstances are a bit unique, as my DH travels a great deal for work, and is frequently not home, so we felt like we REALLY needed to be extremely precise about the fertile window.

As I understand the OPKs, they tell you each day if it's a good day or not. For me, that wouldn't work, as I would confirm a fertile day, and DH would be across the country. The electronic monitor allowed us to plan a bit better. And at least in our case, it did work. I used the monitor for 2 cycles - we were late in the window for cycle 1, which wasn't a big surprise, as I was still getting the hang of things, and then right on target for cycle 2. And DS arrived exactly (like to the minute ) 40 weeks later.
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Thank you all so much. This has been very helpful. Wish us luck this month with the sticks. I tried the first one this morning, an no-go yet. (But I wasn't expecting it). I should O in about a week.
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