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Originally Posted by vannienicole View Post
DD was born at 38.5 weeks, so as I round out 42 weeks here, I am getting impatient and miserable. (A bit anxious to meet my new little one too!)
Feel free to vent. Sending labor vibes your way!!! I hope your little one comes out on his own!! My baby didn't have a name until she was 4 days old so I'm afraid I'm not much help on that front, but man can I sympathize with previous early deliveries making it that much harder to go later this time around -- dd1 was 38 weeks, dd2 was 37 weeks, dd3 was 41 weeks and felt even later. FWIW, I had my membranes stripped the day before I went into labor with Lucy. I hope that's all you need too!!
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hang in there mama! Any chance you could "forget" your induction and just stay home? Blame it on pregnancy brain "Oh! You meant THIS week? Oh gee! How silly of me!". As long as the babe seems to be doing okay and you're feeling kicks and wiggles (and you're comfortable) then it's probably okay...

I know dd1 was 42wks 3 days and I was VERY confident on the dates. I had my membranes swept at 41 weeks and then at 42 weeks and then labor started on it's own a few days later. We were going to start NST at 42 weeks...actually, I was in labor when I would have been going to my first NST! So see if your care provider might be willing to back off?

But I totally understand the 42 week misery moments! Babe will be here soon!

And...I think Erik goes really well with Allison, and it's a great name. I also like Rhys but it doesn't have great nickname potential and it would probably mispronounced a lot? Do you have a favorite?
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I'm sorry mama!hope all goes smooth and you have your little boy soon!i like the name Braden,its one i was thinking of too.but we are having a girl! good luck sending a hug your way
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Maybe when you meet the baby, the name will seem more apparent. You have a lot of good choices. Don't worry, the name will definitely come to you.

I'm at 41w4days so I feel your pain. Bummer about the twisted ankle. Are you sure you have a cold & not allergies?? Allergies can make you feel awful & you can have them if you've never had them before. Benedryl is safe to take while PG. I use it to sleep at night.

I'm probably trying the membrane sweep on Friday. NOT looking forward to that.

I am prepared to hold it out until my MWs say it's time to induce or Ian shows sign of distress. So far Ian is perfect, so I & my MWs are ok with the wait. I like the "forgetting" your induction idea.

All I can say is hang in there! You're probably sick of hearing that, but at least it's coming from a fellow overdue Mom.
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when i was induced with lexa i was trapped in the hospital for 2 nights and zach spent the night with nana and had a great time..made him feel special. we came home the night after she was born, but let zach stay at nanas again since it was late and it was such a good decision! i missed him so much, but that first night the extra peace was nice. he was the first person in the family to meet her at the hospital...we made sure everyone else waited in the hallway while they had a couple minutes to bond. that meant a lot to him.

i hope the stripping works for ya! would she consider breaking your water to send you into labor? thats what they did to get zachs labor started...worked great, although i know a lot of people disapprove of this method....but when facing the alternative, i think its a good one

hugs from one post date to another!
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Vanessa- I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I don't think I've had quite so many complications from PG, but I did go thru IVF which was tough, was very sick during T1 & have had a lot of unexpected issues come up. Not to mention that I'll be 42 wks on Monday. I feel like there is something wrong with me for not having this baby already, even though I know that's not true.

I think letting DD spend time with her g'parents sounds like a great idea unless you think she'll feel left out.

Everybody wants their ideal birth to come true & induction certainly doesn't appeal to me, although it may become a reality sooner than I think. In the end, all that matters is that you & your baby are healthy & happy. If it takes some medical intervention, then so be it. Chances are that everything will work out just fine. Plenty of Moms have had some issues with birthing & everything has worked out in the end.

I really feel for you. You will be holding your baby soon. Good luck tomorrow morning.
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Not in your DDC but your post caught my eye. I hope everything is going to turn out ok for you and tomorrow won't be too rough.
As for names I like a lot on you list but best Patrick and Nicholas. We picked the name Niklas for our boy ourselves.
Good luck, mama!!!
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yayy bloody show!!

I' ll be thinking of you good luck!
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Yeah! I hope you had baby & avoided induction!!!
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Ohhhh, bloody sign is a good sign! I hope you are holding your babe right now.
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