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My son, 5 months old, is a kicker.
He kicks his legs at the normal times, like when he's on his back playing, or in the tub. But he also kicks while he's nursing, while he's falling asleep, and (most problematically) while he's trying to sleep.

I can't figure out why. It used to be that he seemed most likely to be gas-related. But now the quality of his kicking has changed and I don't think it's gas anymore.

We think he had been getting a foremilk imbalance, but we've been block nursing for a few days and all the other symptoms have gone away (arching, greenish poops, etc.) The kicking remains.

Sometimes if we rock him a little harder than normal, or squeeze his legs, he'll stop for a bit, but then he starts back up.
The past few nights I've been up with him from 3 or 4am while he intermittently kicks. If I put him in his hammock or on the bed, he'll kick himself awake and cry. If I hold him/sleep with him, he half-sleeps, but I get no sleep.

My partner suggested today that maybe he needs some special yoga or massage, that maybe he's not organizing properly. Or maybe he needs more sling time (it's super hot here lately, and he's sensitive to the heat, so we can't use the Moby unless we're in A/C and we only have that in one room).

Any ideas of what might be going on and what we can do to help him (and us) sleep better and be more relaxed?