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What is Reggio Emilia anyway?

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Hi Mamas, We love our Waldorf playgroup but have been told that we might also like Reggio Emilia education too. All I know is it started in Italy and places value the physical space children are in, as I do too. She's still young and I want to make educated decisions regarding the path we decide to take. Any thoughts?
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Hi there-

This is just a very basic description from Wikipedia. I'm sure doing a bigger search will yield you more results. Hopefully others that actually are using this model will show up!!

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I've also taught at a Reggio inspired school and truly love the approach. It opened my eyes to a whole new way in which to view children and their learning. Now, my friend and I are opening a home based center using Reggio Emilia as our focus. A great website is www.boulderjourneyschool.com This is where I did my Masters internship and also taught. It's a gorgeous school and the website has a lot of information about Reggio Emilia. A great book to read if you're interested in more is "The Hundred Languages of Children". It's edited by Carolyn Edwards, Lella Gandini, and George Forman. George Forman does a lot of work at the Boulder Journey School.
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