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help rust stains

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I have rust stains of some of my shirts. I reaaly ned to get them out I can't aford to ger new shirts.
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Try Barkeepers Friend, powdered in a cardboard can, make it into a paste and treat the spots. You should be able to find it at the hardware store or BedBath and Beyond type store.
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I wasn't aware that bar keeper's friend can be used on clothes, can it?
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Sure!! I have and its also suggested on their website by another customer.http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/CustUses.htm

I made a paste with it and water and used an old toothbrush to apply. worked well!!!!!

Also, I try to wear gloves when I use it to clean pots and pans because I find it to be drying to my skin.
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Originally Posted by aradia View Post
Try Barkeepers Friend, powdered in a cardboard can, make it into a paste and treat the spots.
Now, I'm looking forward to a rust stain just to try Barkeeper's Friend! I never thought to use it on clothing. I've been using this really nasty, toxic, works fantastic rust remover ... after everyone else goes to bed and I pull the curtains closed, so no one will see this crunchy momma doing what shouldn't be done : . (Glad for the anonymity of MDC )
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I had almost every cloth item in my home contaminated with rust stains.

I was undergoing treatment for cancer. H was running the laundry and just didn't notice that everything was coming out of the washer with rust spots. Ugh. Every tshirt. Every towel. Every sock. You name it, it had rust.

I experimented with every rust remover technique out there. This is what worked the best. Seriously, it was amazing.

Put lemon juice on each spot. The cheap big bottle of generic lemon juice from the store will suffice.

Sprinkle each spot with salt.

Then lay the item in direct sunlight. If there are spots on multiple sides, each spot will need some time in direct sun so you may have to flip items.

Every single item with a rust stain was cleaned beautifully and without any apparent damage to the fabric.

And we had to buy a new washing machine because it was cheaper than repairing the rust contaminated barrel which is what was causing the rust stains in the first place.
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I have used the lemon juice technique as well. We seem to have a lot of rust in our water here. I was so discouraged to see my little newborn clothes (not to mention everything else) all stained, but lemon juice and sunshine did the trick. I'd caution you to keep an eye on them, because the lemon juice can start to bleach any other colour in the fabric if left too long. After the stain is out, wash them again to get the lemon juice out, then enjoy your clean-again clothes!

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