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Originally Posted by zaner'smama View Post
Yes. My almost 27 month old is still nursing A LOT! I am ok with this so far, but am nervous about what it will be like if I have morning sickness again. I didn't have a horrible case last time, but felt nauseous for a couple of months on a regular basis. Seems like that would be hard to do while nursing all of the time.
And I hear you about night nursing. My son nurses many times a night. And I'm also worried about what happens when the new baby comes. Are you planning to tandem nurse? I figure I will, but am not sure how it will work -- especially in the middle of the night! Guess we'll figure it out....

I've heard that nursing will sometimes help prevent much morning sickness. So far that doesn't seem to be helping me but maybe you will get lucky.
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I'm nursing my 26 month old and I'm actually hoping he will nurse through the pregnancy. I nursed my older son through #2's pregnancy and he was SOOOO healthy for SOOOO long afterward, I assume because he got so much colostrum. I am hoping #2 will nurse through also. So far I don't really have much nipple pain and I actually seem to have more milk in the morning, I can hear him gulping. He has night weaned for the most part but has a really weird schedule because my husband works nights. He typically nurses last at about 2 am and then nurses again around 7-8. Up until about a month ago though, he was nursing ALL night. And then just magically at 2 and a month he quit and started sleeping better. My older son stopped nursing all night around 2 and a few months as well. I think that may have been why I got pregnant this month.
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Yeah, I'm still nursing my almost 2.5 yr old, but she only nurses once a day, before bed. I'd kinda like her to wean now as I am having that tenderness. DD#1 weaned herself maybe a month in my pg with DD#2, so I was kinda expecting the same again, but DD2 seems to be going strong in the nursing dept.
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I am still nursing my 2 1/2 yr old and have just found out I'm pg with #2. I had a hard time getting pg the second time and wondered if bf had something to do with it. Now I wonder if bf will affect my ability to have a successful pg. This fear may have to do with the fact that I had a m/c in Feb. and I am working hard to stay positive about this one. Ds usually doesn't nurse too much these days, but on some days it seems he wants "sips" all day long or just to be latched on for comfort. Luckily no nipple pain yet - can't remember how soon that kicks in. I am only 14dpo.
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I still nurse my 19 mos daughter on demand. Lately though she has started wanting to just tweak and hold my nipples instead of nursing them all the time. She will get a couple of nums, then put the breast away. It is so cute.
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I'm still nursing my 26 mo dd. My breasts are getting very tender, but I figure I'll go with the flow. I wouldn't mind if she decided to night wean, though. I bfd my first dd until she was 3 1/2, so I can't imagine dd2 weaning already.
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My breasts are sore now too .. i am going with the flow for now ..
i was impressed that my ob/gyn who saw me bf when she came into the room did not say you need to wean or stop ..she just said .. oh he is still bf : she did not seem concerned at this point
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Originally Posted by Jessmomto2 View Post
I've heard that nursing will sometimes help prevent much morning sickness. So far that doesn't seem to be helping me but maybe you will get lucky.
i did not get that lucky .. i still have it
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I'm still breastfeeding my now 2yr old dd, she still feeds on demend during the day but luckily mostly only wakes 1-2 times a night for feeding.
i don't have a clue about night weaning as have never tried my other 2 stopped night feeding when they stopped breastfeeding
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I am nursing my 3 YO. I kind of hope he continues nursing through the pregnancy, but I'm guessing he will wean, just because he's getting older. But you never know.

I'm not having troubles with soreness, but I do get VERY irritated when he moves while nursing or when he touches the other breast. Part of it is pregnancy, i'm sure, and part of it is the summer. (We don't have AC and I HATE being touched while I'm hot.)
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I am still nursing my 15 month old, she will only nurse a few times a day and still nurses most of the night. I am so sore and exhausted. I don't know what to do. She would not take night weaning well at all, not to mention I don't even know how one would do that. I don't want to wean her but I am so tired and with two other older kiddos its not like I can nap at all during the day.
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Ok, am I the weird one? I haven't felt any soreness with nursing...wondering if there are others out there that haven't noticed a change and are pregnant...
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I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old. She mainly nurses in the evening and early morning. Nothing has really changed so far. When I ask her if she's getting milk she always tell me yes, but I don't really know how much I have/have had.

When we told my mom I was pregnant one of the things she said was-"well you'll have to get her off of there now". Meaning my breasts I assume since I was nursing at the time.
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No change here. No soreness, plenty of milk.... but I am losing a bit of weight keeping up with a nursing toddler and having low appetite b/c of the nausea.
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kimmy: I just started noticing mine today. When pregnant with Riley it took a bit.

Grace has decided that nursing is top on her list again. I think it's the change in the milk. If she does the same as last time, she'll nurse like a champ for about three weeks, then want nothing to do with me at all.
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The soreness just started with me. I ask her to finish up quickly because Mommy is sore. Poor girl. It's also hot here and I am a grump in the heat...
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ready to wean

I would like to wean my 20mos old. I need some tips. I have started to not bring her into our bed in the mornings to snuggle. So we go have a bottle of milk downstairs instead. So am I trading one bad habit with another??

Also, I don't know how I am ever going to break the nursing to sleep issue.

I wouldn't mind, but I am so tired! And I'm not interested in tandem nursing.
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I'm nursing my 13 month old!
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I ma trying to hide my breasts form my fly by comfort nursing 14 month child. There is no milk but he is insists. Hopefully he will eventually catch on.
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I'm still nursing my 17 month old dd although my milk is definitely dwindling. I didn't have a lot before, and now it's not much at all.

I haven't been sore at all except for dd sucking harder trying to get more milk out

I'm hoping we can continue, but she seems to be getting a bit frustrated and wants to nurse a lot more now . . .
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