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Originally Posted by Isaacs_mom View Post
meaning that moms who are bf when they concieve have a higher likely hood of twins : uh oh
Yep. I participated in the study. I emailed the doctor who published the study and will post it when I get it from him.
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Originally Posted by 1Plus2 View Post
FYI...there is a study linking moms who conceive while bf'ing and twins.
so what does that say for us moms that were on clomid and are still nursing.

It's been killing me when she nurses. Thank goodness she's down to 1-2 times a day.
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Originally Posted by 1Plus2 View Post
Yep. I participated in the study. I emailed the doctor who published the study and will post it when I get it from him.
uhoh .. and twins run in my family and have skipped the last 2 generations
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If it's any consolation...I was bfing and on Clomid when I conceived my last dd and she was a singleton.

However, number of pregnancies and age also increase your chances of mulitples, right? In that case I'm in trouble all over the place! lol Can't wait to see that study!
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I've been Bfing the past 3 times I've gotten pg. Luckily the last 2 were singletons. I'm really hoping this one is. I'm not sure I'm ready to go from 4 to 6 kids.
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The doctor emailed me the study. I can send it to anyone who is interested. Either email (kketterman@hotmail.com) or PM me and I'll pass it along. It links bf'ing and monozygotic (identical) twins (which is what my girls are). There is a theory that bf'ing moms have less calcium in their bodies while nursing so the "shell" of their eggs is thinner and can split easier. Age and number of pregnancies contributes to dizygotic (fraternal) twins so bf'ing does not up your chances of DZ twins.
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my 20 month old is nursing strong and my 3 year old is nursing occassionally. i just found out #4 is due March '08
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still nursing my almost 3 1/2 year old... he nurses maybe twice a day, except on weekends when I m home... when he wants to all the time. I didn't mind at all before, but, oh, am I achy! I asked him last night to try to latch on again (surely that was the issue, right? ) but no, it was just me... like his latch was going to change after 3 1/2 years of nursing. He shows no sign of stopping, though he does say he will share his milkies with a baby!

We are also expecting on the same EDD! Excited about tandem nursing, but don't know if he'll continue with age/milk changes/new baby... we'll see!

Twin stuff... YIKES!
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I am glad to see that some other mama's are still nursing a lot. DS is 25 mo and really wants to nurse constantly. I plan to nurse through pg and then hope to tandem nurse. So far there is some nipple pain and I have been itchy but it hasn't been too bad.
I really wouldn't mind having twins, but I was hoping for fraternal. I was wondering if I could have released 2 eggs because last month my body totally geared up to o and then never released the egg. Then this month, obviously, I released at least 1, maybe 2?
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Still nursing my 3.5 y o and he is nursing a LOT at night lately! I am not sure whether to encourage him to wean. He has health issues and still gets a lot from the milk. But I'm getting so tired and it hurts! I cannot be up all night with BOTH a newborn and a 4 y o with reflux who won't drink any other form of milk and who wants me by his side all night!
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I'm also still nursing my 3 1/2 year old and he, too, seems to want to nurse more lately, especially at night and in the early morning.
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i am starving all the time! it is really tricky to eat enough for 3. i find i am shaky andlight headed a lot, i think my blood sugar must be crashing throughout the day.
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It hurts so much when she latches that I am in tears. I guess it's a very reassuring sigh...with Riley it didn't hurt hardly at all, and I ended up m/c him.
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I'm nursing my 19-month-old. The pain is driving me nuts but she's showing no signs of letting up and I firmly believe in child-led weaning.
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I'm still nursing my 18 month old. I think my supply must be going down or something because he starts hitting my boob saying ni-ni (His word for nursing) and signing it and then he says more. So, maybe he'll be weaning before the baby comes? I kind of hope not though.... I was hoping to nurse until about 2. Well, I was originally hoping to nurse him to 18 months but now that we're there I'm hoping until he's 2.
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DD still nurses quite abit during the day. We nightweaned a while ago. I'm not sore yet and would love to tandem nurse, but we'll see how it goes.
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Has anyone noticed a difference in dc poop yet? Maggie had some runny ones today; TMI I know; but just wondering when this happened. I remembered it being later with my oldest. But my memory is not so great!
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I am nursing my daughter who will turn 3 years next month. She nurses whenever she wants to day and night, more often lately than before I got pregnant. Maybe because the milk supply has gone down?
It hurts as she latches on, but gets better after a few seconds (except for when she does gymnastics while nursing : )
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I am nursing my dd who turned 2 yesterday. *sniff* She LOVES to nurse still and I don't see her stopping. The nipple soreness seems to be worse when I'm more tired and haven't been drinking enough, so I'm trying to take better care of myself to hopefully keep it to a minimum. I really want her to have the chance to tandem if she wants to. Part of me really wants to because I didn't give ds the chance- I weaned him when I was about 11 wks pg with dd. He had a ton of food allergies and I just couldn't take being pg and only eating the 10 foods I could to keep my milk safe for him. : I still feel really awful about that. So I'm hoping this time will be different!

Funny story- dh asked ds if he thought dd would share my "boob-boobs" if we had another baby. Ds looked thoughtful and said "no, I think we'll have to get another mama." Totally cracks me up!
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I'm tandem nursing my 3 year old and 2 year old and nursed straight through my previous pregnancy. I don't plan to stop this time, either - although I fully expect to lose my supply like I did last time and then have far fewer nursing sessions or maybe have them self-wean. They're much older than my first was when I was pregnant and nursing last (she was 4 months old when we conceived). So, I guess we'll just see? Triandem nursing anyone?
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