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Baby Stuff Reviews

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I thought it would be neat to have a place for us to review/recommend certain things that are working great (or not) for us and our babies.

We bought a Happy Hangup Baby Hammock (ordered new from ebay) and are loving it! None of my newborns ever slept more than 30 minutes lying on our bed or in a bassinet or crib. Bjorn will sleep for 2 hours+ in his hammock! It hangs right next to my bed so if I'm needing some extra space at night I can put him in there for a stretch. I'll watch him sleeping in it, and he'll start to move and thrash around and then the hammock will start moving (it's on a spring hanging from the ceiling) and soothe him back to sleep. It is worth every penny!!

I bought a Moby Wrap this time around, and I hadn't used one before. I have found it super comfortable, and I wear it over a bra for walks (you can't tell!). I don't find that it's any less hot than our Maya Wrap ring sling. So I'm using them both lots. The ring sling is easier to get on/off if I'm going out, like to the store or the market or wherever. But for walks from home and in-home carrying, I like the Moby as it just for comfy for both of us, I think.

And I am glad that our Wonderoos/Haute Pockets are working great this time around, too. I wash diapers every third day, and that's about 21 covers and an assortment of inserts/prefolds. Drying them in the sun really takes out ALL yellow poop stains.

And I've just found these silicone nursing pads that stick to your boob and put enough pressure to stop leaking. Apparently you can wear them to bed and all day, but I like them to get a little air. But I'm super excited about using them when we go out as I leak for months and it's a much less messy and attractive system than cotton breast pads or stuffing my bra with diapers! They are called Lily Padz and I ordered them from One Step Ahead. You just wash them wish water/soap when needed and reuse them forever! They were recommended by a friend who used them for a couple of years as she didn't stop leaking til her son weaned.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Hopefully this thread will help someone out!
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Thanks for all the tips. I had 2 Karma baby carriers (one for me, one for DH) for a while & am hoping that we'll like them. I also have some bumGenius AIOs & some Bummis SWW with Under the Nile prefolds, so I hope those work too.

Now I just need Ian to come out so I can use all this stuff.
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Hmm ... my favorites

1) Arm's length co-sleeper - I am trying to keep the babe in the co-sleeper as much as possible at night as I sleep better (my key to sanity!). I love my co-sleeper. He does come into bed with me (and sleeps so well beside me) but I am trying to limit it.

2) Bumgenius bamboo fitted diapers (small) - loving these fitted diapers, they catch all the poop everytime. I also have the Bumgenius one size pockets (and bought hemp inserts for the newborn stage) - they are starting to work really well as Sean puts on a bit more weight (now over 8lbs.)

Those would be my favorite items thus far.

I still haven't gotten the groove of the craddle hold in my Hotsling (I do need to find my Baby Bjorn - don't really like it but I would like to carry the baby more with free hands!)
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We love our moby wrap...I agree it works great over a bra or cami top for comfort/nursing/coverage. I'm not up for a lot of walking yet, but the moby is great.

We like the arm's reach co-sleeper since even though dd is in the bed with us it reassures me that she wont roll off the side (our family bed order right now is toddler- dh- me- babe-cosleeper) and it's great for nightime dipe changes and to hold random stuff I may need at night.

Even though it feels very silly to admit this...I'm loving our pack n play. With dd1 we felt comfy setting her down anywhere but with a toddler "on the loose" we felt dd2 needed a slighty more "enclosed" place for those times when slinging/holding isn't an option. And it's been great...it has the changing table bit, holds lots of dieps/wipes/onsies/urp towels, and we can keep an eye on Rowan to make sure her adoring big sister doesn't sit on her while she sleeps!

mataji4- how are the lily padz working for you? I asked about them a month or two ago in the breastfeeding forum since I am a real milky mama and leak all the time and I got really mixed reviews... Some mamas said they worked great while others said that they might work for tiny leaks but would fill with milk during bigger leaks and then they'd get a massive "splash" all of a sudden. So I'm curious how you find them...
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My faves so far are:

Stretchy hotsling pouch. But DS doesn't like to be in the cradle hold except for nursing so I squish up his legs and place him facing in toward my chest. I hold his head with my hand for support.

Mei Tei carrier. Works great and DS sleeps in it while I get things done.

Baby papsan cradle swing :

Cloth mama pads by luna pads (is that what they're called? I'm having a pp moment ) and homemade mama pads

Gerber seal and lock milk storage bags with the ziploc seal.

The medela symphony double electric pump I got to use it in the hospital and miss it. It had let down simulation that worked well. I just don't have any reason to go out and buy one because I hope not to be pumping much anymore.

I'm having a heck of a time figuring out my ultimate baby wrap and it's driving me nuts. I think it's similar to the Moby.
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As far as the Moby goes....would you go with a regular Moby or a Moby D?
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Jilian- it's the same as the moby. What problems are you having? I used an ultimate with dd1 for about 8-9 months and am using the moby now...maybe I can help?

boheime- I went with the regular moby since the difference between the two is primarily cosmetic and I don't mind the "solid color/cotton fabric" look. I've got some glorious ring slings for dressing up (a great purple and green and gold batik leaf patterned sling I got from a local WAHM, and a stunning red satin with gold embroidery along the edges that I made to wear at a wedding).

And another review...lovin the Avent Isis manual pump. All mamas react differently to different pumps. I found that I actually had better luck with a single side manual pump than I did with the dual electric (I tried a PIS and another one but my brain isn't working right now)...I'd get 4-6oz from each breast in a 15-20 minute pumping session with the Isis and since it's a manual I could use it anywhere and it was easy to clean. And I pumped every day at work without any hand trouble.

I haven't had to start yet, but I bought a new Isis for my rerturn to work. So if you need to pump and either don't respond well to the electrics or just want a now and then pump that's not too pricy, try the Isis!
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i think the lily padz are great. usually if i apply pressure to my nipple i don't leak, so they do the job for me so i can have a free hand! i imagine how well they work has to do with your nipple/breast too in terms of how well the pad lies down etc.

i tried my moby on a ton when i didn't really need to use it, just to get the handle of wrapping it. i LOVE it and it's just so comfy for him.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Jilian- it's the same as the moby. What problems are you having? I used an ultimate with dd1 for about 8-9 months and am using the moby now...maybe I can help?
It is really stretchy and I'm having a hard time getting it tight enough, and the fabric gets all bunched up and twisted. By the time I have it on the first part that went around my belly (with the pocket) is too loose. I also can't seem to figure out how to get the baby in there. Maybe I should google some more pics to get the idea. I loved this wrap with DS, but he was around 5 mos when I sterted using it.
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Jane's Bra Top Heavenly to sleep in while I still can't stand the thought of the sheet rubbing me all night. It's so soft and easy to nurse in because of the cross-over front.

BSWW covers My DH loves how easy they are and he's changing most of the diapers now, including all the night tome ones.

Sleeper gowns No snaps and so much easier to work with at night.

Soothies These saved my nipples for the first couple of weeks. Right out of the fridge, heavenly. They got me through and kept me from wanting to give up altogether.
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Jillian - go to the Moby Wrap website and click on the Instructions link. They have step by step (and picture by picture) instructions that may help you.
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