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alexandra osa is here!

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alexandra osa watson (osa was adam's grandmother's name, means little girl bear in spanish) was born at 1:05 am on June 25th in Brooklyn, New York. she came into the world weighing a mighty 9 lbs 8 oz, 21 inches long, with a full mullet to dark brown hair (hence the heartburn!). she is fiesty girl with super long limbs, fingers, and toes. she ressembles a cranky old man, and as the 90 year old man who sat with me in the hospital as adam waited for the car service said, at times she, "looks kinda irritated" but we are crazy in love with her.
dear ladies,
here's the birth story i sent out to friends on thursday. i knew i could do this from all your stories and support. xo! lori

the short version of the long birth story:

my water broke at 5:30 saturday night while fixing dinner at our apt with our friends susannah, brian, and their 5 month old son ezra. it just felt like someone kept turning a faucet on and off between my legs. called the midwife and doula and we were advised to go to bed and if labor didn't begin, drink castor oil at 5 am. no labor, drank castor oil, no labor....

off to the hospital at 9am sunday morning. i never thought she'd be born on monday! i was planning for a nice 8 hour birth like my biological mother, but that didn't happen!

our awesome midwife abby swept my membranes (ouch) to find i was already dialated 4cms. i thought, "sweet--she'll fly out!" (insert Borat "NOT" here). the sweeping got the contractions going. had full blown back labor all day. i have NEVER experienced so much pain in my life. nor did i anticipate i'd be such a screamer. i was yelling, moaning, and crying like someone was murdering me. in fact, it kinda felt like someone was...

it took until around 10:30 pm to get to 10 cms (fully dialated and when you can start to push the baby out). i had no natural urge to push, so abby had to "teach" me. we pushed for over 2 hours...again--OUCH. but thanks to abby's dexterity, i was able to birth this huge girl, with no drugs, and only needed one stitch from tearing. abby has magic hands. if anyone lives in nyc you have to go to our midwives. they are complete rock stars. i'm totally in love with them...

and, like they say, she came out and the hormonal bliss fest took over. i was in heaven. she was so cute...adam cut the cord. all was happy and lala until my placenta decided it wanted to stay in me. it never came out. abby tried tugging on the umbilical cord to get it out (normal practice) and the cord snapped. blood everywhere. i was still totally blissed. others were freaking. i had to go into emergency surgery and have a D & C to get the placenta out. abby came with me. she said they had to pull it out piece by piece. dont' worry, i was FULLY drugged. pretty high on laughing gas. i don't remember a thing.

that's why we were in the hospital until wednesday. since so many folks were all up in my girl parts i needed IV antibiotics as well as pitocin to make my uterus contract to avoid to much bleeding. but i feel great! pretty much normal. everything is healing nicely. i have full energy. my milk is slowly coming in. we're having to supplement with formula b/c she's so big and needs more than i can make right now. that's got me irked, but i'm trying to be zen about it.

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awww, congratulations!!! welcome little alexandra!!
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Congrats mama! Lovely birthstory!
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What a cutie...not grumpy at all!

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I love the beer and sushi picture with the "FINALLY!" look on your face. Great job mama! What a gorgeous baby!!!
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what a story! congratulations mama, she's beautiful.
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She's beautiful! I love the smushed-face picture
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